Performers of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden and Mark Grossman!

Performers of the Week are Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden and Mark Grossman (Victor Newman and Adam Newman) and Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady) get the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

What is happening family?

Summer is basically over and the fall is almost here! Before you know it it will be Christmas. Time is just racing by. We hope everyone and theirs are doing better than well.

Recaps and Winners;

Young and the Restless

Kola returned from their honeymoon. Celeste left to go home. Summer agreed to keep Kyle's secret. Are we getting a Theo/Summer/Tessa/Mariah quad? It's hard to believe YandR will go there. But let's see. There also appears to be a possible Nate/Elena/Devon triangle plus MM's character on the horizon. Devon received papers about Katherine's will being contested. Phyllis was all "up in arms" while Abby/Chelsea and Theo were all smiles and gearing up for the grand opening of The Grand Phoenix. Michael wielded his DA sword and Chloe is a free woman (with probation and therapy). Chloe sensed that Billy is headed along the same dark path that she was. She told Billy she knew that dark place where he was. And even though it was very difficult for her to push through that he could find the peace and resolve to move past Adam like she had. Chloe convinced Kevin to help her help Billy.

Adam declared war on the Newmans, again lol, with the exception of Abby unless she gave him a reason to come after her. Adam dropped his petition for custody of Christian. Adam didn't want Christian to get caught in the crossfire. Nick was awarded custody. Chick celebrated and they are back together. But before she hit the sheets with Nick, Chadam had some nice moments and Adam shared some touching moments with Connor. Chelsea realized and told Adam she knew that it hurt him to give up his son. And that she knew what it was costing him. Adam promised to prove himself to Chelsea that he can be a good father.  Chelsea "ran into" an alive Chloe at Crimson Lights. Not exactly a BFF reunion given the history between those two. Chelsea told Chloe had she had been blaming herself for contributing to Chloe's suicide. Chloe apologized and told Chelsea she was sorry for all that had happened. Billy told Victoria he was going on business for Jabot, which was a lie and Victoria found out it was a lie. But "Willy" (gum chewing Billy) was planning to run Adam down in the ultimate act of revenge. But "Willy's" plan was thwarted when Chloe pushed Adam out of the way. It was close but Chloe escaped unscathed. But Billy did sustain injuries from him crashing the car. Adam told Phyllis someone tried to run him over. They went through the list of possible suspects. Phyllis settled on Victor. Adam thought it could be true and confronted Victor. Victor vs Adam. It never gets old. It is always great soap. 

Bold and the Beautiful

Bill told Wyatt and Justin that things with him and Katie are progressing but there aren't any wedding bells in the near future. This is BandB so we don't believe it lol. We wished Sally would have made Wyatt grovel and beg but she wanted her man back so who are we to judge? Wyatt and Sally reconciled kind of quickly. So is Flo preggo? Probably but one thing is for sure, Flo is in the clinker. She is in jail. Shauna is worried sick and asked Quinn for help. Quinn took the moral high ground, um that's a no with us. Quinn told Shauna what Flo did was an attack on her and her family and she wouldn't help Flo. Now that's perfectly acceptable. Ridge was fearful that he would lose another child and that Douglas would lose another parent. He also questioned if Brooke pushed Thomas on purpose and if Brooke wanted Thomas to pull through. Brooke insisted she didn't mean to push Thomas over the cliff she was just trying to protect Hope and of course she wanted and believed Thomas would pull through. Brooke, Hope, and Liam individually gave their own bedside soliloquies over Thomas' comatose body. Neither was all warm and fuzzy. But Brooke and Hope wanted Thomas to wake up even if they never forgave him and even though they despised him. Liam despised Thomas and was good if he never woke up.

Vincent Irizarry made his debut as Dr. Armstong. Welcome, Vincent! He told Thomas' family that there was a lot of pressure on his brain. And that he may need emergency surgery. Hope told a shocked Brooke that she had misread the entire situation with Thomas that she didn't feel like she was in danger. Thomas was only trying to talk to her, explain why he did what he did and trying to apologize. The detective was sniffing around the hospital trying to find out how Thomas ended up on the wrong side of the balcony. Was Thomas deliberately pushed? But the Logan's and Forrester's closed ranks as always. And then Thomas woke up.

Days of our Lives

Kristen dropped the dime that it was Tony who killed Ted not her. Tony told Anna how he killed Ted and that he stayed with Kristen because she was threatening Anna's life. Tony, with Anna right by his side, turned himself into the police. Tony told Elani that him killing Ted was an accident and he was forced to stay in an alliance with Kristen. But the new/old DA, Trask, wasn't in the mood to be lenient on anybody with the last name DiMera so Tony is still in jail. No deal and Trask considered Tony a flight risk so she asked for no bail. Tony figured out that Kristen put Stabi in the DiMera tunnels. He thought about holding onto the info in exchange for his freedom but he told Wilson and Stabi were rescued. Kate told Victor he needed to demote Brady and promote her or she was going to accept Shin's offer to be CEO of DiMera. Victor told Kate, "See ya." Tripp left for medical school in CA. Good Luck Lucas! Xander told Brady, Maggie, and Sarah that yes he wasn't the best person but he was no monster. He didn't kill Holly, he cared about Holly and Holly was alive. Eli had a Ted Talk with Grandma Julie about some of the words she uses. He explained how they can come across as racist and how she needed to choose her words more carefully. It was a tough-love talk. But those are sometimes necessary. Julie took Eli's words to "heart" and tried to apologize to Gabi before the spirit ceased to move her. Gabi told the "old racist" to drop dead. Then Julie had a heart attack. 

Kristen told Brady that not only was Holly alive but Nicole was too. After Kristen saved Nicole she made Nicole an offer she couldn't refuse. Nicole's child in exchange for Kristen to be able to use Nicole's identity. Kristen told Brady he could lie to himself all he wanted but Kristen knew deep down Brady knew it was her and not Nicole. And that Brady still loved her and wanted to be with her. She would tell him and anybody else where Nicole and Holly were but she wanted complete and total immunity first for all of her crimes. Brady told Eric what Kristen said. Eric didn't believe Nicole was alive. He talked to Kristen himself. When the "demented freak" tried to play coy and was still unwilling to give any information without a deal, Eric choked Kristen! Kristen still didn't budge. She is a DiMera. Chloe found out the good news that Holly and Nicole were alive and Brady convinced her to move forward and accept the job in NYC. Chloe left Salem. We will miss you Nadia! Sarah mulled over what kind of person was she that a part of her hoped Nicole wasn't alive. Maybe she and Xander had more in common than she would like to believe. Sarah, you are correct now please go get Xander! It occurred to Jennifer that Dr. Rolf must be alive to have helped Kristen with the mask. He could help Jack get his memory back! So just like Dorothy, the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man went to go find the Wiz, Eric, Jennifer, and Jack left to go find Dr. Rolf, Nic, and Holly. Kate told Stabi she was the new CEO. She was the lesser of the two evils between her and Kristen so they should just swallow their pride and fall in line. Oh yeah, she was moving in too. Um, Kate, next time keep your piece in your purse. Stefan went snooping around in Kate's things and found a gun, Vivian's gun. The gun Kate "killed" Vivian with. Stefan pulled the gun on Kate! 

General Hospital

Chase asked Willow to move in with him and she accepted. Carson renewed their wedding vows. Jordan got the all-clear sign and returned to work as the Commish. Mac won't be returning to Felicia's side at the Floating Rib he will be the new Chief of Detectives. Good job GH. Nina saw a pic of Cassandra, Michael, and Sasha in Puerto Rico just around the time Dr. Finn figured out that the strain of Bird Flu Sasha had was deliberately inserted in food eaten by her. Nina knows Cassandra poisoned Sasha. She told Valentin to bring her Nina dead or alive. Valentin solicited Curtis' help who said his integrity prevented him from getting involved in something where someone else would be harmed. But Jax fired him when he found out that Curtis was spying on him for Valentin. Curtis and Jordan are in a financial crunch because of Jordan's medical bills; so Curtis will help Valentin. Sasha promised Michael to tell him her secret once she was out of the hospital. Peter had a nightmare of what would happen when Maxie and everyone else finds out he has been in cahoots with Helena. We found out that Jax and Hayden are looking for Mikkos Cassadine's will so that the rightful heir could be given their rightful inheritance. Neil and Alexis are still engaged in foreplay."Kendra" is now Alexis's "wholistic" trainer. We got a Shiloh the female version coming down the pike. 

Franco, Drew, Dranco, Frandrew whatever you call him doesn't want to be called Franco. He is Drew. He doesn't want anybody's help so he can become Franco again. Why would he want to be a killer? The world doesn't need Franco back. He's good being Drew. He just wants everyone to leave him be and let him go on with his life as Drew. And that's what he planned to do once he was free of his ankle monitor. Dr. O tried to "slap" Franco out of his Drew fog. Cam told him he needed to suck it up and come back home. Scott is a wreck worried about his son. Kim is shaken by Franco/Drew. She proposed to Julian to try and get Franco to accept her life is with Julian. We think she needs to accept it herself first. Cuz um the way she looks at Franco/Drew makes us wonder. Liz took Ephihany's advice that she needed to follow her heart when it came to Franco. Liz said her heart was telling her to fight for her man. She and Scotty agreed that as Franco's wife she would go to the court and argue that Franco isn't in his right mind. And that she needs to given authority to make decisions for him. Liz wants to have Franco committed and force him to have the treatment to try and reverse his condition and have him committed so he can't leave town. 

Performers of the Week!

Performers of the Week are Eric Braeden & Mark Grossman! (Victor and Adam, The Young and the Restless)

Listen. Victor vs Adam never disappointments and this newest version hasn't missed a step. Let us take a moment to say how much we are enjoying Mark and his portrayal of this complex, layered, sometimes love to hate character,  Adam Newman. How long ago was it that Victor asked Sharon to help him talk an amnesic Adam (we still aren't sold that Adam actually had amnesia) into coming back home to Genoa City? It really wasn't that long ago. But it sure seems like it could have been eons ago. Things were never "good" between Victor and Adam since Adam returned. But there was a certain civility at least. But that went out of the window when Adam filed a petition for custody of Christian. Victor considered that a line too far and the chilly air between father and son went cold. But Adam did have a change of heart and dismissed his petition. However, at the exact same time, he declared war on the Newmans (minus Abby). Well, we know how Victor is going to respond to something like that which we think Adam would expect. But then Phyllis put the bug in his ear that it might have been good ole dad who tried to run him over. Of course, Victor would pay someone he wouldn't be behind the wheel lol. Adam thought that wasn't out of the realm of possibility and went to confront his daddy. Whew. Victor and Adam. Victor told Adam he gave him a chance to reunite with his family and he blew it. Adam told Victor I was trying to reunite with my family (i.e. his son Christian). Adam told Victor he always disappointed his children and whatever alliance he had with them was only in unity against him and would fail soon enough. But it was a line too far that Victor would use the memory of his dead mother against him (Hope's handkerchief the real culprit, 'Billy' used to lure Adam out). Victor told him he would never use Hope's memory and furthermore she would be ashamed of the man he had become. Those words stung Adam. When he told Victor "I despise you"; we felt that. It chilled us to the very core of our soap bones. 

Eric and Mark play off each other as if they have been doing it for years. There is a natural energy when they play opposite each other. Eric is soap royalty. He is one of the best to ever do it. Period. So for Mark to more than hold his own with Mr. Braeden that tells you all you need to know. We are biased we love the character of Adam and think he brings an additional dynamic to the already dynamic Newman clan. So we ate up those scenes between Victor and Adam. Eric and Mark were beyond stellar. The anger, fury, accusations were all there on full display through their words, eyes and expressions but Eric and Mark also played the underlying wounds and regret that are always there between these two characters brilliantly. Victor vs Adam lives on! Eric and Mark you two did the darn thing!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Greg Vaughan! (Eric Brady, Days of our Lives)

Listen. We know Eric is one of the good guys. But we like our Eric with his angry edge. Yes, we do. And Eric had every right to be fired up last week. He started off his week with the realization Nicole hadn't been invaded by the body snatchers after all when John snatched that mask off Kristen's face. It wasn't Nicole. Nicole was dead. Crushing. But good news Holly was alive. Then Brady told him Kristen said that both Nicole and Holly were alive but she wasn't saying anything else without immunity. Eric was like, we will see about that. Kristen wouldn't budge (oh and Eric tried) when Eric "talked" to her. So Eric asked Trask to give Kristen immunity. But Trask was like, no not on my watch. No more free passes for the DiMeras. Eric looked like he was ready to explode. But even with all that Eric was going through; he stepped outside of himself to give Sarah as much support, comfort, and understanding as he could given the circumstances. And then he left with Jack and Jen to go find Rolf, Nic and Holly lol. 

Eric had to go to confession a few times after last week. Eli stopped him from doing who knows what to Kristen at Jarlena's party when Eric lunged at her. But at the police station, there was no one to stop him from trying to choke Kristen when she wouldn't say where Nicole and Holly was. Look Eric reached his brink. Kristen raped him years ago and now he was basically holding the woman he loved and her child hostage. Hmmm yeah, he choked her. Kristen was playing ping pong with his emotions. We loved every minute of our fired up Eric. Greg nailed Eric's frustration, rage, doubt, relentlessness, determination and whatever else he felt during that roller coaster emotional week. Yet he still gave us caring, compassion and understanding in Eric's scenes with Sarah. Greg gave us that Eric we love to see! Thank you Greg!  Awesome work!

I AM KP Smith




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Soap Opera News: Performers of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden and Mark Grossman!
Performers of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden and Mark Grossman!
Performers of the Week are Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden and Mark Grossman (Victor Newman and Adam Newman) and Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady) get the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
Soap Opera News
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