Performer of the Week: Days of our Lives' Camila Banus! For the Week Ending 10/12/19

Camila Banus (Gabi, Days of our Lives) is the Performer of the Week and Bold and the Beautiful's Heather Tom (Katie) and General Hospital's Cynthia Watros (Nina) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

Photo: NBC

Hey family!

We received an embarrassment of riches this week! Each soap had its own soapy standouts!

Recaps and Winners;

Bold and the Beautiful 

Steffy and Hope individually expressed their displeasure to Ridge about his new affiliation with Shauna. Brooke who was thought to be Katie’s last hope wasn’t a match. The doctors informed Katie and the family that the damage to Katie’s kidneys was much worse than they initially thought and dialysis wouldn’t be enough. Katie needed a transplant STAT. The family particularly Bill and Brooke encouraged Katie to keep the faith in spite of the doctor’s prognosis and the fact that the chances of Katie’s survival became bleaker with each passing second. When Shauna and Flo found out that Brooke wasn’t a match, Shauna encouraged Flo to find out if she could be a possible donor. She told Flo she could be the one to save Katie. Of course, it wasn’t lost on Shauna that maybe Flo donating a kidney could change things for Flo with the Logans and Wyatt. Flo said if she would be able to donate her kidney she would do so because she needed to prove the mistakes she made doesn't reflect the person that she is. She’s not that person. 

Katie was emotional at the thought of dying and not being there for her family and especially at the thought of not being around to see Will grow up. But those tears of despair turned to tears of joy when Katie and, Bill, Will, Brooke and the rest of the family were told the good news, praise the soap gawds, Katie had a donor. Katie would live! The family was so grateful for the donor’s sacrifice. Hope was glad that there were still good people in the world. Bill called the donor a hero and Brooke said she was a brave and generous angel. The transplant was performed and it was successful. Katie was so happy for her gift of new life. She requested to meet the donor face to face to say thank you. Flo changed her mind about staying anonymous and agreed to reveal herself to Katie and the family. Shauna came in Katie’s room uninvited. She introduced Katie to the donor. She was wheeled in and turned around and Bam! It was Flo. 

Days of Our Lives

The only person Kristen had to turn to during her high-risk pregnancy is Dr. Rolf. After she almost fainted in the Horton Square talking to Brady, Brady decided to move his baby momma into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor threatened to fire Brady if he brought Kristen upstairs. But Maggie talked him down (for now). But Victor still gave him the dire warning that we all knew to be true. Kristen will lure Brady back into her life and her bed and Brady will regret it. Ben had a dream. A bad dream. He dreamed Jordan made good on her threats to kill Ciara. And in reel life, Jordan continued to give Ben veiled threats about her hurting Ciara. Ben decided to take his problems to a higher power, Victor. He asked Victor if he could get rid of his sister for Ciara’s sake. They had a different take on what to “get rid of” meant. This softer Ben wanted Victor to ship Jordan off somewhere. Victor reminded Ben that things can get messy and he just might have to take Jordan out and he wanted to make sure the former serial killer was okay with that. If Ben would have seen the camera footage of “crazy eyes” big sis and Ciara when they were stuck in the elevator; he wouldn’t have hesitated. Dr. Rolf seized his opportunity to avenge his employer and long-time partner in crime, Stefano Dimera. He lured Hope to his lab under the guise of him having whipped up something to help Julie. He said he hadn’t forgotten what Hope did to Stefano. Why would Hope believe him? He injected something that is going to make Princess Gina appear soon. Sigh. She should have stayed in the chapel praying with her rosaries. 

Julie didn’t want to die in the hospital. Doug took Julie from the hospital and brought her to Doug’s place where Julie became worse even to the point where they thought she had died. Hope begged Doug to bring Julie back to the hospital and he did. There were mixed reactions and emotions to the news about Stefan. Victor was happy there was one less DiMera in the world. Kristen even though she didn’t know Stefan long/very well was sorry about what happened to her brother. For Ben, Stefan was one of the few people who were willing to give him another chance when no one else would. word what a week she had. She went through. She pushed back at Kayla’s medical diagnosis that Stefan was brain dead and had zero chance of recovery. Rafe tried to be there for Gabi and help her accept what no one would want to in her position. Dr. Rolf echoed Kayla and told Gabi there was nothing he could do to help Stefan. But Gabi didn’t want to give up on the man she loved. Who would? Just when Gabi was trying to come to terms with having to unplug Stefan’s machines, Eli, who said there was never going to be a right time and because Julie (who was in a coma) didn’t have much time left, asked Gabi for Stefan’s heart for Julie. Wow. To summarize she told him hell no. Wilson tried to get her to change her mind. Rafe tried. Doug, who had overheard that Stefan was a possible donor, told Gabi he understood why she didn’t want to donate Stefan’s heart to Julie. He would forgive her and wouldn’t judge her. Heartbreaking. Gabi did decide to let Julie have Stefan’s heart on one condition if Lani begged on her knees. Lani did. No further comment. 

General Hospital

Michael E. Knight, Tad, Martin Gray is taking on Franco/Drew’s case for Kim. Kim said just because Liz lost Franco does that mean I have to lose Drew? What in the…..Moving on. Jasam and Sonny were trying to connect the dots between Shiloh and Peter. They deduced that Peter was working with Shiloh but they don’t know how and/or why. The police brought in the rouge sheriff for questioning that Peter hired to help Shiloh escape. Drew was declared dead in absentia. Nelle asked well kind of blackmailed Brad into speaking up for her at her parole hearing. Say Brad what do you think is going to happen if Nelle gets sprung? We think Brad has a pretty good idea because he asked Julian to help him take care of Nelle and when Brad didn’t like Julian’s response he tried to push up on Julian. Um, Brad don’t get yourself hurt, son. Spinelli initially saved the day by proving the tape with Sam’s confession could not be authenticated one way or another. So the charges against Sam were dropped. But the FBI came by and told them Shiloh died in international waters so it was their case thank you very much. And they would investigate and draw their own conclusions. Jax agreed to keep Dev's secret as long as nobody in any official capacity came knocking on his door. He wouldn't perjure himself. 

Will she? Won’t she? Those were the questions we asked as to whether or not Lulu would blow up Nina and Valentin’s wedding. She did! It was good soap! Cynthia Watros came out to play! Yes! It was a beautiful wedding up until that infamous line if anyone can show just cause…...At first Nina didn’t believe Lulu. She thought Lulu was just being a spiteful little b*tch. But Lulu insisted she knew what she heard on the other side of the bathroom stall. Sasha had lied about being Nina’s daughter. When Nina had had enough of Lulu she asked Sasha to shut Lulu up once and for all. She asked Nina to tell her and everyone in the church that she was her daughter. Sasha cracked. Lawd. Nina went in! In! In! She went in on Sasha like she was Reva Shane Lewis. Sasha tried to explain but what could she really she say? Well, she said yeah I lied but then I really started loving you like my mommy. Lol. Mkay. Nina told her she wasn’t smart enough to come up with this elaborate scheme, including faking three DNA tests, on her own. Nina knew Valentin and Auntie O was in on it too. She went in on Valentin next. She told him she was done with him and his lies and stormed out of the church right into Jax. Jax was on his way inside. He rescued Nina and took her to his new digs. Nice digs. Lulu and Maxie were upset to find out Michael already knew the truth and had kept his mouth shut. Maxie was upset to think Nathan’s mom could have been a part of that. Does Maxie remember who Dr. O is? Charlotte was upset the wedding didn't happen and then even more upset when she learned Sasha wasn’t Nina’s real daughter. Valentin was ready to rip Lulu’s head off her body. Curtis couldn’t believe they got over on him. Lucy was like wow all that sounds horrible but um Sasha you gonna work for me or what? LOL. And now after all that Sasha was willing to throw herself on the sword and say it was her and her alone that deceived Nina and that Valentin and Dr. O were “innocent.” My goodness. 

Young and the Restless

Kyle and Billy aren’t going to be long for this world as co-CEO’s. Book it. LOL. Billy wanted Victoria to work at Jabot. Jack was in agreement. But Kyle and Victoria weren’t. So that settled that basically. Abby and Phyllis working together was going just about as smoothly as Kyle and Billy working together. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Skyle kept bonding in and out of work. And Theo has Lola all smiley and giggly. It might not mean that much to Lola but Theo’s got the Lola bug. Connor was still acting out. VICTORia told Billy that she loved him for wanting her to work at Jabot but she wasn’t done with Victor or Newman Enterprises quite yet. VICTORia told dear old dad you got two choices you can be Spike Lee and do the right thing. Or you can spend the rest of your days looking over your shoulder waiting for me to come and get you and rest assured I AM coming and I’m gonna get you. Victor told VICTORia this day you truly have become my daughter come and take your rightful seat on the throne. He made her CEO. Yes!

Phyllis went to Las Vegas to see Adam and tried to convince Adam to come home. She told Adam he needed to fight for what was his and his son needed him. Adam was like I’m done. I have no secret plan. I don’t have ulterior motives. I am done. Next Cane showed up looking for Chance. Chance had blown up his family and Cane needed to find him and find out why. And since Adam was the last person known to have seen him he was there to see what Adam knew. Adam said he didn’t know anything. He didn’t know anything about Chance blowing up his family or why. Phyllis wanted to know what Chance had done. She wanted to find out the connection between Adam and Chance to possibly use it as leverage to get Adam to come back to Genoa City. What is Phyllis up to? Why does she care so much if Adam is in GC? Cane got a text from “Chance”. When he went to meet him he was knocked over the head and dragged away. Devon is having all kinds of issues now that Hillary’s doppelganger and the "missing pages of Katherine’s will" are in town. The prescription has expired on the enforcement of the will which would pretty much settle it for me. But Devon wants to honor Katherine’s final wishes whatever they are. Devon, you are better than me. LOL. 

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is Camila Banus! (Gabi Hernandez, Days of our Lives)

Camila showed up and showed out! Gabi had finally found the happiness she had wanted and craved for so long only for it to be ripped away. Soap life fate can be just as cruel as real-life's. Stefan stepped in front of a bullet to save his momma and was brain dead. The same momma who despised Gabi and had conspired to steal her company from her. Gabi hadn’t had a second to let any of this register before Eli was asking for Stefan’s still-beating heart to save Julie. The same Julie who had treated Gabi like a sub-human, and that’s putting it mildy, for years. And then there was the string of people who came to Gabi and asked her to change her mind and let Julie have Stefan’s heart. Whew. Whew. Whew. Gabi lit into everybody. She took no prisoners as her husband’s advocate. Rafe was there for his sister and tried best as he could to help her “accept” this cruel twist of fate. Our favorite scene of the week was with Gabi and Doug when Doug told Gabi that he understood and wouldn't judge her no matter what she ultimately decided. There was not a dry eye to be had. Shout out to Bill Hayes. Great stuff, Mr. Hayes. Camila put on a show in every single episode! That was leading lady stuff right there in every single scene. A vulnerable vixen. OMG when Gabi crawled in the bed with Stefan and cried on his chest. That’s the stuff soaps are all about. Fantastic. Riveting. Must See. Powerful. Captivating. Steller. Phenomenal. A standing ovation over and over and over again, Ms. Banus!

Our Honorable Mentions of the Week are Heather Tom (Katie Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful) and Cynthia Watros (Nina  Reeves, General Hospital)!

Katie faced one of a parents’ worst nightmares. A parent facing death and knowing they won't be alive to see their kid(s) grow up. As a mom, it's difficult to even type this. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl's gotta do. LOL. So let's do this! For the last couple of weeks, Katie has been hospitalized waiting on a miracle. She needed a kidney transplant STAT. Dialysis was thought to have bought her some time but her condition was worse than originally diagnosed. As the prognosis grew dimmer, Katie began to lose hope and the reality of her not being around to see Will grow up sent her to the brink. Katie broke down thinking of Will growing up, attending his prom, his graduations and him getting married; an entire lifetime of events that she wouldn't experience. Katie wanted to be there with her son. She couldn’t leave him. He needed her. There was still so much she needed to share with him. Furthermore, she loved Bill, her family, her life. She was so scared. We could all relate to Katie's feelings and fear regardless if we are parents or not. And to be a mom, no shade to all the great fathers out there, but to be a mom and thinking about leaving your young child. My goodness, that’s rough. As Katie lay in that hospital bed crying, I cried with her thinking of being in that position. Ms. Tom made us feel the depth of Katie's despair and hopelessness. And like we always say thank gawd it was only fiction so we were able to enjoy each soapy second! Ladies and gents; a STAR, soap royalty, multi Emmy Award Winner, Ms. Tom! She did it AGAIN and she will do it AGAIN and AGAIN! Yes, Heather werk!

I was sitting eating at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants when we heard that Cynthia Watros had been cast as Nina. As I sat there eating my nachos and sipping on my margarita I thought of how awesome that Sasha reveal was going to be. I smiled remembering the greatness that is Cynthia Watros. For y’all who were fortunate to know Annie Dutton, like me, knew what was coming! And for our fam who wasn’t familiar with the greatness of Ms. Watros, now you know! Nina was standing there at the altar looking beautiful all ready to remarry the man she loves. But Lulu had heard a secret in the bathroom! After will she or won't she, Lulu stood up and told it. Sasha wasn’t Nina’s daughter. Sasha had lied. A trusting Nina defended Sasha up until the very moment Sasha admitted the truth. Lulu, Valentin, and Sasha all got it in the soap gawds house no less. LOL. And then…..chile, chile, chile. Nina read Sasha for lying to her. Lawd. She accused Sasha of wanting to be her daughter for her money. She also told Sasha she wasn’t smart enough to have done all this herself. So then Valentin got his lashing. Valentin got it the next day at Wydmere too. Sasha got it again at Crimson. It was Hurricane Nina on a tear and we were rooting her on! Get em, tiger! Fierce taking no prisoners Nina plus the forlorn distraught Nina the morning after at Jax’s house still in her wedding dress; we loved it all. Ms. Watros is back and better than ever! We missed you! Bravo!



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: Days of our Lives' Camila Banus! For the Week Ending 10/12/19
Performer of the Week: Days of our Lives' Camila Banus! For the Week Ending 10/12/19
Camila Banus (Gabi, Days of our Lives) is the Performer of the Week and Bold and the Beautiful's Heather Tom (Katie) and General Hospital's Cynthia Watros (Nina) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
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