Performer of the Week: Days of our Lives' Robert Scott Wilson! For the Week Ending 10/4/19

Robert Scott Wilson (Ben, Days of our Lives) is the Performer of the Week and Days of our Lives' Chrishell Hartley (Jordan) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

Hello Peeps!

On Bold, there is a new "slut" in town. Victor and Adam brought us to tears in Genoa City. The stork is working overtime in Salem. And Hayden and Dr. O are slipping lol.

Performers of the Week and Recaps!

Bold and the Beautiful 

Thomas and Brooke finished up their epic fighting at the beginning of the week. And that was only the beginning for Thomas. He declared that Bridge was gonna end. Danny, who in that line of work should be a lot more discreet, had some loose lips. Shouldn't a bartender be sort of like a therapist, a priest or a pastor? Shouldn't there be some element of confidentiality?  LOL. There was zero. So between bartender Danny and Thomas' day player friend, Vinny Thomas learned that Ridge and Shauna "spent the night together." Thomas didn't waste a second goading Danny into calling Brooke with the premise of returning Ridge's belt. All with the intention that he would drop the Shauna bomb on Brooke. Danny did hesitate but that hesitation evaporated faster than Ridge's booze from his glass that night he was in there getting wasted, once Thomas told him he would make it worth his while i.e. he could model at Forrester. Danny did Thomas bidding which meant Brooke found out who "we" was. Brooke found out that Ridge and Shauna spent the night together upstairs at the Binki Bar. Thomas looked on smirking the whole time. While all this was going on Ridge was at home preparing a romantic dinner at home for him and Brooke to reconnect and to have some alone time to steal away from all the craziness that had been going on. Well um yeah that didn't happen. Brooke told Ridge she knew everything about that night. That opened pandora's box (not that it was ever really closed) so Bridge fought over Hope, Thomas, Douglas, etc with Shauna mixed in. Ridge told Brooke nothing happened between him and Shauna. Brooke said she believed him. But too much had happened and Ridge had to go get it together. He had to make a choice. He needed to choose her, Hope and Douglas over Thomas. That's what she said. And Ridge needed to get Thomas to sign papers to give Lope custody of Douglas. That's what she said. It was the only hope for their marriage. Ridge moved out.

Shauna got the cold shoulder from Bill when she went to check on Katie at the hospital. Bill told her to stay away from Katie and the rest of the family. She got the total opposite when Thomas came to see her. He encouraged her to go after Ridge. We are pretty sure Shauna was going to do that regardless but we guess she didn't mind an amen from the amen corner. Ridge brought Thomas over to Steffy's unannounced for Thomas to try to make amends. Um, that wasn't a good move Ridge. Thomas told Steffy he didn't want to be the one to rip her heart out and to mess up her happy home with Liam and the girls. Steffy wasn't moved. And we can't blame her. Brooke did her own drop by and it was not to make any kind of amends. She went and told Shauna to keep her "slutty" paws off her husband. Shauna was like who you calling a "slut", slut. It takes one to know one. I Googled you. You have slept with every Forrester man, plus Deacon and this one and that one. Slap! Brooke slapped her! Brooke told her Ridge knows you are trash, stay away from my man. Thomas, Ridge, Brooke, Shauna all this craziness going on with poor Katie in the hospital bed waiting on a miracle and a donor so she could live.

The Young and the Restless

Listen. Monday's episode was what soap operas were meant to be. The scenes between Victor and Adam were phenomenal. If I wanted to do a recap to give their performances the justice it deserved, we would need to do a separate article. Eric and Mark just ripped us to shreds, epic, heartbreaking and simply mesmerizing. In summary, Adam admitted he switched the pills. He told Victor he was sorry. He was leaving town because there was no way back from that and Connor deserved a better father. It was too late. Victor told him it was never too late. There was always a way back. He hadn't always been the best father. He would forgive Adam. He needed to stay. Connor needed him. But Adam left and Victor let him go. LISTEN. That was among the best you will ever see. Period. End of story. After his conversation with Adam, Victor let the world know that the Black Knight was still among the living. Summer, Phyllis, Sharon, Faith, and Chelsea were all mad because Nick and the Newmans had lied to them. Victor told Michael he would not cooperate if he pursued charges against Adam. None of the other Newmans were happy to hear that or happy that Victor let Adam go. Billy told Jack that gum chewing Billy almost killed Adam and that he hadn't been in rehab. Billy told Jack he was back in therapy and focused on getting his life in order. Jack is stepping back to focus on his project to tell the Dina/John/Abbott story so he named Billy and Kyle co-CEO's of Jabot. That should be fun!

Chelsea hired Chloe as the Marketing Director of The Grand Phoneix. And she hired Kevin as her boy Friday to do her laundry and "clean" the dirty money that her dead husband left her. That should be fun as well. Later on, during the week Victor and Nikki and the rest of the Newmans got all dressed up for a dinner party. It was a bust. The conversation focused on Adam. Victor told them that they needed to clear the air which meant them telling Victor and us what we already knew. They are mad at Victor because they feel Victor chose Adam over them. Ponder this. They are all mad at Victor but they all want everyone else to forgive them about being a part of Victor's scheme? Mkay. Moving On. Amanda came to Devon's house with a copy of the "real" will. Now sis, you didn't even bring the original? Come on. Nonetheless, Amanda read the document and Cane allegedly is the beneficiary of Katherine's "real" will and the 2.5 billion. A flabbergasted Cane or at least he appeared to be was in shock. He said he didn't know anything about it. Jill believed him. Devon at first thought Cane might have had something to do with it. I mean it's not like he hasn't conned before. But Devon backed down. We don't know what to believe. Nor do we intend to spend a lot of energy on it. All we know is Devon better keep his cash. Better. Cane who volunteered to go hunt down Chance to get to the bottom of whatever was going on headed to Vegas where Adam/Spider had escaped to.

Days of Our Lives

JJ and a Jack with his memory had some very nice scenes. Kate herself was about to have a heart attack when Lucas told her he was going to give her heart to Julie. Kate went off on Lucas and she accused Kayla of malpractice and threatened to sue Kayla and the hospital. She decided not to lol. Julie and the family were happy that Kate was going to be okay but distraught that Julie wouldn't get the heart she needed. Julie's fate appeared to be sealed.

Brady got the news that the stork had visited him and Kristen. He didn't believe her. Who would? But Sarah just happened to be there so the preggo woman took the blood of the other preggo woman. Nic overheard Sarah talking about her doing a blood test. Nobody pisses on a stick in Salem anymore?? Anyway, Nic incorrectly thought Sarah was talking about her blood and asked if she was preggo. Sarah lied and said no. She told Nic/Eric it was Kristen's blood. Aren't there HIPPA laws that should have prevented Sarah from telling all of Salem that Kristen was preggo. Just asking. So basically Sarah and Kristen are preggo moving on. Eve came to the decision that there is nothing left for her in Salem anymore espeically now that Jack has his memory back. 

The Salem PD was hunting down Vivian after Kate named her as the person who tried to kill her. Vivian escaped from the DiMera mansion with the help of Stefan and Gabi who distracted Rafe to allow Vivian to escape. Vivian went looking for help from some of her old cronies. She held Kristen at gunpoint. We firmly believe Kristen being pregnant and not wanting to risk getting into a physical struggle with Vivian was the only thing that kept Vivian alive. Vivian tried to get Dr. Rolf to help her too but it was a no go. She contacted Stefan who promised her a plane out of town all she had to do was get to the Salem airstrip. Why Vivian went through the public Horton Square is a question for another day. But Marlena recognized her and told Lani. Lani saw Vivian and pulled her weapon. Vivian pulled hers. No one would withdraw their weapon. Shots fired. Stefan dove in front of the bullet from Lani's gun in an effort to protect his momma. Stefan is brain dead. Whew, that's all we gonna say on here. You can always check our individual Twitter Timelines to find out what we think as a soap fan. Bossman will not let us not partake in the Twitter wars on here LOL. Ben and Jordan played an electric game of cat and mouse. And we saw that Ben come out to play and OMG, how we have missed him so. Jordan masterfully spoke in double talk veiled threats to Ben which he said was her way of letting him know she could get to Ciara at any time. But Ben let her know in plain English if she did anything to hurt Ciara it would be on and "necktie popping." Ciara almost got run over in the Brady Pub parking lot. Was it Jordan? Ben says yes. Oh my.

General Hospital 

Joss ran across Nelle and they sparred a bit. Michael E. Knight is playing Nelle's attorney. Hey Tad!  The new psycho of PC, female Shiloh, gave Jordan a doctored up tape of Sam saying she wanted to kill Shiloh. Didn't everybody? So, Sam got arrested. Jordan told Curtis she had no choice regardless if she didn't believe Sam killed Shiloh on purpose.  Based on the evidence she had no choice but to arrest her. Jason and Diane are working together to clear Sam's name and to prove it was self-defense and not payback. It's puzzling Shiloh kidnapped a child, knocked Dev out but Sam was arrested. Mkay. Franco is still chained up. He still wants Kim. Kim still wants him. Liz is still fighting for her man. 

Nina's bachelorette party was a bust because Chillow was in their booked sauna and the party bus broke down. Valentin's was basically a bust because he has no friends and the only people that came were the ones who felt obligated to come. But it was all good because Kevin and Laura had more than enough time to play sleuth at Wyndmere regarding the mystery of the codicil. The answer may lie in a portrait of Helena. However, the question that still remains is if Spencer is Hayden's client, Nikolas' or someone else's. Wasn't Hayden good at lying at one time? She isn't anymore. Finn overheard Hayden talking to her daughter who she called honeybun. She told Finn she was talking to her dog. Mkay.  Lulu overheard Dr. O and Sasha talking about how Sasha' isn't Nina's real daughter in the bathroom of the Floating Rib the night of the Bachelor and Bachelorette party. We will never believe Dr. O wouldn't check the stalls before she started talking. NEVER. Lulu knew the secret and didn't know what to do. Um, Lulu you tell. LOL. And hurry because Sasha isn't going to make it much longer. Joss fessed up and told Jax the truth about Dev. Donna Corinthos was born mommy and baby are doing well. 

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is Robert Scott Wilson! (Ben Weston, Days of our Lives)

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Chrishell Hartley! (Jordan Ridgeway, Days of our Lives) 

Honey. Honey. Honeychild. Jordan vs. Ben. Ben vs Jordan. Honeychild. This sibling rivalry was lit!

Jordan went to Ben's house (When he wasn't home. Planned or not?) to return the gift he bought for David. Honey. When Ciara told Ben he made a beeline for Rafe's place and walked right in. Jordan got her cell phone as if she was calling Rafe. From thee moment Ben snatched her cell phone out of her hand and threw it, yep we know that that Ben was making an appearance and we were more than here for it.

Ben told big sis oh, I know what you trying to do?

Big sis, was like, do?

Ben was like message received. You wanna show me you can get to Ciara whenever you want to.

Did you all see that ever so slight cock of Jordan's head as if mocking Ben? We did. Jordan started pushing Ben and told him he didn't know what love is and just because a doctor gives you a clean bill of health doesn't mean you are well or that the same evil can't resurface. Well, now Jordan who were you really talking about there? 

Anyway, Ben flipped the script and got the upper hand when he reminded big sis he wasn't the only "killer" in the room. And when big sis tried to act like she didn't know what he was talking about or like she had forgotten, Ben recited every single detail of how Jordan plotted and killed their mother. And just when Ben thought he had Jordan on the ropes she flipped him. She told lil bro "My only regret was me failing to get you put away for good. If Ciara gets hurt now, it won't be my fault." Big sis said that with a full-blown "psycho" look. That veiled threat was about as unveiled as you can get.

And that's when that Ben came out to play. He grabbed (neck popping veins on tap) Jordan with that "necktie" look in his eye, "If Ciara gets hurt again God help you I swear-" Then big sis and her "crazy eyes" taunted him and asked him what he was going to do. Strangle her? A pretty bold move on big sis' part cuz yeah that pretty much summed up the look to us. LOL. But big sis must have really looked into his eyes and thought he might be serious because she told him Rafe would be home soon to get him to leave. Ben gave her a final warning and left. Jordan smirked as he walked out the door.

Applause. Applause. Applause. Electric. Robert and Chrishell they were so darn good! The underlying tones and tension made the screen sizzle. 

Robert did an excellent job of portraying a man on the edge of the edge of returning to his dark place. He was so good at showing us a man struggling to keep his rage and emotions from taking over. You could see him wanting to show big sis he wasn't playing with her but at the same time doing his best not to give into the temptation to drag her to Rafe's bedroom with all the neckties. Too much? Well, you get the picture. Robert gave us that Ben back and we missed you!

Chrishell sis, you got the best "crazy" eyes in the game right now! Chrishell used her face and body motions to perfection mocking, teasing and toying with Ben and his emotions. Oh my, just the slightest move of Jordan's neck, corner of her mouth, an eyebrow was Jordan's way of acknowledging what Ben was saying was absolutely true while her mouth was unequivocally denying it. Goooood stuff. 

We got face-offs, an eye-off, pushing, grabbing, threats. Daddy and step daddy Clyde would have been so proud to see you two serving it up! LOL. This thing between Ben, Jordan and Ciara will end badly which is good for us soap fans!. We are ready!

Robert and Chrishell, Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! 

Great Work!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: Days of our Lives' Robert Scott Wilson! For the Week Ending 10/4/19
Performer of the Week: Days of our Lives' Robert Scott Wilson! For the Week Ending 10/4/19
Robert Scott Wilson (Ben, Days of our Lives) is the Performer of the Week and Days of our Lives' Chrishell Hartley (Jordan) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
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