Performer of the Week:The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson!

Matthew Atkinson, (Thomas, Bold and the Beautiful) is the Performer of the Week and Young and the Restless' Mark Grossman (Adam) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

What's happening family?!

Shauna locked and loaded her sights on the West Coast. Mark Grossman made talking to a tablet must-see TV. Vivian and Gabi are gold. Shiloh has passed on to that part of soap heaven reserved espeically for cult leaders in the sky.

Recaps and Winners!!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally accepted Wyatt's impromptu marriage proposal which was to serve as proof of his commitment to her. Quinn who hasn't given up on Wyatt and Flo wasn't happy about the engagement at all. Sally was so happy she couldn't keep the news to herself and told Flo. We loved the pettiness of it.  It's not Katie's heart it is her kidneys. She needs a kidney transplant. Dialysis will help to keep her alive until she can get one. Due to the risk of infection, she needs to stay in the hospital and couldn't go home. Bill, Donna, Ridge, Eric, and Brooke all gathered at the hospital. Shauna was fantasizing about her and Ridge. She thinks Brooke doesn't appreciate him enough and Ridge could be her Prince Charming. She felt the energy between them. Say what? Say who? Flo looked at her like we did lol. She popped up at Forrester to see Ridge at work and let's just say she's zoned in on him. Oh my.  Bridge had their same fight on repeat about Hope and Thomas. Brooke laid more groundwork on her theory that Douglas needs to be with Lope until/if Thomas gets better. Ridge gave Brooke a phonics and lineage lesson. She was a L-o-g-a-n and they, including Douglas, were Forresters'. Douglas needed to be with the Forresters. Douglas didn't belong with Lope. Thomas slinked over to Bridge's house to see his son. He told poor little Douglas that he was bad and unloyal. He told that kid he was the only parent he had. It's true but still Thomas really? He was mean mean mean to Douglas. Ooops wrong show lol. Douglas told his dad that his other family, Lope told him he was a hero. Ridge came into the room and rescued Douglas. Thomas tried to explain his actions again to Ridge. Yes, he was wrong but he shouldn't be exiled from his family and especially not from his son. And Thomas reminded Ridge that he had chosen Brooke over them before surely he wasn't going to do that again? Brooke vs. Thomas. Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!  More on that later.

The Young and the Restless

Kevin got his old job back at the police department. Nate saw Amanda first. Then Elena, Mariah, Tessa all got a chance to see Amanda at Elena's birthday celebration at The Grand Phoneix. Mariah understandably was shook. Amanda was more than a little snarky and Elena was none too happy she was there. Amanda told them she would leave but first, she let them know that her client's version of who Katherine left her billions to, my words, would arrive the next day, by courier not by Chance. Chance was still MIA and not responding to any of Jill's calls or texts. Tucker wasn't responding to Devon. What is really going on? Billy is serious about getting help and went back to therapy. Dina was lucid long enough to hear and understand Jack's heartfelt apology for all of his anger and unforgiveness toward her for all these years. She told Jackie she loved him and our hearts melted.

We saw a very much alive Victor at the beginning of the week. Yet the Newmans told anyone who would listen, their theory that Adam killed Victor; Rey, Jack, Sharon (overheard), Chelsea. Although Victoria was arrested nobody believed she was guilty. All this was a part of the ploy to trap Adam. But Victor still held out hope that Adam could be saved. Summer was having a hard time dealing with her grandpa's death and only Kyle could make her feel better. Victor and the rest of the family said they felt bad about lying to Summer but they didn't trust her not to tell Phyllis. Is Summer the new Abby/outcast of the family? LOL. Adam felt the full weight of what he had done and couldn't deal with it. He talked to himself, he talked to his tablet, he talked to Sharon, to Phyllis, to Chelsea, to everybody. He made the decision to leave town. Chelsea begged him to stay for Connor's sake. A very upset Connor begged him to stay. But he had made up his mind. Before he left he got a text. The next thing we saw was Adam walking into the Ranch where he saw the very much alive Victor, "Well played Pops."

Days of Our Lives

Will practically begged Gabi to tell him the truth about Vivian shooting his grandmother. But Gabi was firmly Team Hubby. We thought Xander was going to hold his ground against Kristen our mistake. He did Kristen's bidding and was all set to let Kristen take Sarah's baby when surprise surprise Kristen is preggo herself!  Brady gonna really need Sarah's help not to drink real soon. When Sarah woke up at the clinic and realized she was still pregnant after all because the doctor had "an emergency" she decided to keep the baby. She said she had been so concerned about Eric's feelings she didn't take the time to think of what she wanted. Lucas had Kate's heart tested and she was a match for Julie. Lucas and Will weren't in agreement with Lucas giving Kate's heart to Julie. But Will deferred to his daddy. They were on their way to cut Kate open when she woke up! It's a soap miracle! Well, it was really Dr. Rolf but we guess that's about the same thing these days. Kate remembered it was Vivian who shot her. Gabi vs Vivian is soap gold! Too bad we only got it for a short time. Maybe the soap gawds will shine on us and we can have us some "h*es vs b*itches" again! LOL. 

Rafe tried to put in a good word about Ben with Jordan. But Jordan said no no no Ben cannot see David. Ben asked Marlena to put Jordan back in Bayview. Jordan tried to convince Ciara again that Ben was dangerous. These two sibs had us cracking up. When Julie found out Jennifer had been kidnapped she had another heart attack that damaged her already fragile heart even further. Jen tried to untie herself to get away from snapped Shah before he returned but it didn't work. Then Jennifer pretended that she was interested in Snapped Shah to try and get away. Not sure how she thought she could outrun him. But hey she tried. Snapped called Jack and told him to get over there or he would kill Jennifer. Snapped said he wanted the last thing Jennifer to ever see on this side of soap heaven was Jack's empty eyes that didn't know or care who she was. Snapped had the knife at Jennifer's throat and Jack sprang into action. He saved Jennifer and he got his memory back! Jack rememberered "Ms. Horton" and they kissed! Great stuff from Days, Missy and Matthew. Those reunion scenes were so well done. Congrats JnJ fans!

General Hospital 

An escaped Shiloh in cop's clothing just happened to pull over Bobbie who had Wiley. He took Wiley and Bobbie's car. Bobbie passed out from a diabetic incident on the side of the road. Port Charles were all on edge waiting on news of Wiley's safe return. Dev ended up at the Haunted Star and in the path of Shiloh. He got a call to Sam before Shiloh knocked him out. Sam showed up and convinced Shiloh to let Wiley and Dev go and keep her. Dev, the hero, saw Peter at the docks who took them to the hospital and to safety. Laura and Maxie wanted to know what was Peter doing at the docks. Maxie also was especially curious since she had found a 35K in Peter's room. Peter did some dancing trying to outwit Maxie because he was bringing that loot to Shiloh as a payoff. But Maxie hopefully knows better. Jason rescued Bobbie then went to rescue Sam. It would be Sam not Jason who killed Shiloh. She shot him with a flare gun and then he fell overboard. We saw him. He's dead and hoped the storyline was as well. Sam and Jason gave their statements to the police. Then GH's latest psycho talked to Jordan about something Sam said so Jordan called Sam back. So yeah, it ain't over. 

Julian came over to Kim and got the surprise of his "Dear Charlie" life. She knocked the boots with Franco, Drew, NotDrew, Dranco, Drewco, whoever. But really Julian, you shouldn't have been surprised. Kim has been unraveling since Oscar passed away. Needless to say, Charlie and Kim ain't moving to the city that never sleeps. Franco was still tied down in the hospital. Franco and Sam tried to talk Liz out of forcing the memory restoration procedure on Franco separately. Franco wants to stay Drew and said Liz couldn't make him do it and no court would make him. Sam told Liz if the worse happened to Franco she would never forgive herself. Laura found out about the codicil from Mikkos' will that could take the Cassadine estate away from Valentin and revert it to Spencer. But there sure has been a lot of Nikolas' mentions lately. Carly went into labor.

Performers of the Week!

Performer of the Week is Matthew Atkinson! (Thomas, Bold and the Beautiful)

We have chosen those two young men more than once lately. But they are deserving so what can we do? LOL. They are slaaaaying.

We're putting a disclaimer right at the onset because I'm running out of words to describe the mastery of these next gen fabulous soap actors so bear with us.

Look we just gonna put it out there. The Beth/Phoebe baby caper storyline was fading until Henry and Matthew breathed life into it. It's just the truth. And we are telling you Matthew has not stopped. His brilliant performances just keep on coming. It didn't matter if you were team Lope, Steam, Taylor, Brooke, none of them, you had to appreciate Matthew's performance when Thomas went up against Brooke. We know the history. For many years Ridge chose Brooke over Taylor (and his kids). So we had that layer. We know what Thomas did to Rick (scorched his house and car), Brooke's son. So we had that. Now we have Thomas not telling Hope Beth was alive. And Brooke snuck in a slap in the face! This confrontation was years in the making and it did not disappoint!

Brooke read Thomas. You are dangerous. You are sick. Go to Paris and let your mommy hold your hand. You don't care about Douglas. He needs to be with Lope. Thomas exploded. Oh my oh my. He got in Brooke's face and did his own reading, I am not my sister or my mom. Thomas don't play that. See that stuff you pulled all those years ago? It ends today right now with me! Oh and I'm not my dad either. You might have him wrapped around your "slutty" little finger but yeah like I said, Thomas don't play that. Douglas is my son and the Logan domination it ends NOW! You have met your match. Fire. Fire. Fire. Dialogue, Katherine and Matthew, all of it was Fire. 

Matthew, sir you been serving it up! Daytime needs a "villain" like Thomas. You have been magnetic, riveting, intense, ruthless, humane and absolutely spellbinding. What can we say that we haven't been saying? Brillant. Whistling Applause!

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Mark Grossman! (Adam Newman, Young and the Restless)

Adam is indeed a chip off the old block. How many times have we seen Victor take no prisoners in a war against his family only to lose what really mattered? Mark played that angle of Victor, Jr. to a tee. It took some heavy chops to pull off those solitude scenes with only Adam, his tablet, his thoughts, his regrets, and the air.  Mark's present-day wordless communication with the audience as those flashbacks went in and out of a younger Adam with Victor and Hope was as good as you will ever see as well as Adam crumbled up on the floor sobbing wrestling with himself and his own demons. And when Adam said to, himself, "I really didn't want you gone or did I?", It was a food for thought soapy question. But did we get the answer? LOL. And then later on during the week, Adam's scenes with Connor were just as powerful. What we love the most about Mark is that he uses every muscle from the edge of his hairline to the bottom of his chin when he acts. Every single muscle. Sometimes we don't even hear what he is saying because we are mesmerized by his face. (Well, he's good looking too so there is that! LOL) Seriously, this young man is an acting powerhouse. Powerhouse. He's an actor's actor. Again, we feel like we are saying the same thing. Well, we can someone help us out and create some new words? Send us some. Mark, you slay. You Rock. You are Magnificient! (Oh that might be a new one!) You are a joy to watch. Adam Newman is one of the most complex layered characters in daytime and you have made us fall in love with him all over again. Whistling Applause.

Matthew & Mark, the future of soaps is in more than capable hands fam!

I AM KP Smith



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week:The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson!
Performer of the Week:The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson!
Matthew Atkinson, (Thomas, Bold and the Beautiful) is the Performer of the Week and Young and the Restless' Mark Grossman (Adam) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
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