Performers of the Week: General Hospital's Genie Francis and Maura West!

Genie Francis and Maura West (Laura & Ava, General Hospital) are the Performers of the Week and Bold and the Beautiful's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>

Photos: ABC

The Bold and the Beautiful

The week started off with a bang as the Logan family dealt with the aftermath of discovering that Flo was the donor that saved Katie’s life. Brooke and Hope couldn’t see past their anger about her involvement in the baby swap and told her that it didn’t matter what she did. She would NEVER be part of their family again. Katie, however, was grateful for the second (third?) chance at life. Ridge was surprised by his wife’s behavior towards Flo. thinking that she should have shown more gratitude. This inevitably led to yet another argument for the pair. Between his newfound loyalty to Shauna and Flo, and his supporting Thomas over spidey senses are tingling. Does anyone else sense divorce in Bridge’s future? Speaking of Thomas. He was gifted more ammunition in his plan to break up his father and Brooke when he overheard Shauna telling Ridge about their drunken night together. Shauna let Ridge know that the two had shared a spark-filled kiss and that she felt “something” between them. The girl was certainly laying it on THICK! LOL. 

Thomas also got an interesting surprise when he discovered that Zoe lived in the same apartment building that he has stayed at. The two connected over their woes since the babygate fallout, and it looks like the two might become more than co-conspirators. Roommates! Our sweet couple, Wyatt and Sally, spent the week babysitting Beth. Well, with the help of Douglas! They talked about their upcoming nuptials and, of course, the topic of Flo came up. Wyatt wanted to make it clear that Flo was his past and Sally was his future. BUT! And there always seems to be a but when it comes to Wyatt. When Wyatt discovers that Flo had been Katie’s donor he practically rushed to her side to make sure she was okay. And that leads us to Liam, who took Beth to see Steffy for the first time since the truth came out. Steffy and Liam enjoy their time with the girls before the topic of them being a family came up. Steffy wondered if they could make things work again, and later on, sent Hope off the deep end when she texted Liam. Hope stormed over to Steffy’s place and laid into her. Hope wanted to make it clear that Liam and Steffy are over for good. But from the looks between Liam and Steffy, we’re not so sure that is true! 

Days of Our Lives

We had an interesting week in Salem! Gabi continues to mourn the loss of her husband and deals with her nemesis Julie getting his heart. Julie and her family are grateful for the gift of life, but that doesn’t mean much now for Gabi. Kayla discovers another complication for Julie and wants to do a new and less invasive pacemaker procedure as soon as possible. Hope is having some complications herself after being injected by lord knows what from Dr. Rolf. She is having extreme headaches, losing time and moments where she is not acting like herself. In other words, Gina is working her way out! Lol. Hope runs into John at the hospital and the two share a not-so-pleasant walk down memory lane while talking about their past with Rolf. At the end of the week, we see who we are to believe is Gina, sneak into the DiMera mansion and steal Stefano’s portrait off the wall. While in town, Ben has an unsavory run-in with Jordan and Rafe. The two seem to work things out later in the week with Jordan inviting Ben and Ciara to baby David’s birthday party, but from the recent spoilers that invitation may not be with the best of intentions. We finally got to see the reunited lovers, Tony and Anna, for the first time in a little while. Anna wanted Tony to propose to her, but he refused. Only because he wanted to use a different ring that he picked out and not the one she bought for her fake engagement to Roman. In agreement, Anna gives the exciting news and the ring to Roman to do whatever he pleases with it. Unfortunately for her, while she gushed over their plans to jet set out of the country Tony was being appointed the interim CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Over at the Kiriakis mansion, things were a bit hostile. Brady moved Kristen into the home much to Victor’s displeasure. And Xander had plans to try and stop Sarah from leaving town. He sent word of Sarah’s pregnancy via Dr. Rolf to Eric’s apartment. Though, it was not Eric who received the message. Nicole now knows about the baby but struggled to tell Eric. Xander let it slip to Maggie that Sarah was leaving, and mama Maggie was able to convince her to stay at least until Lani and Eli’s wedding, which is two weeks away. 

General Hospital 

It was a busy week in Port Charles as the fallout from Valentin and Nina’s failed wedding continues! At the beginning of the week, Valentin and Liesl are both preparing to leave Port Charles. They have a somewhat friendly conversation as Valentin explains to Dr. O why he lied about Nina’s child. Then Liesl has a chat with Peter before she heads off to Switzerland and tells him that even though she is not happy he is with Maxie she will not interfere. Maxie is happy with him, and her happiness is what matters. However, she might change her mind when all of Peter’s dirty dealings come out into the open. We see Peter as he pays a sketchy lawyer to represent his hired hitman Henderson, who is being interrogated by Chase, Jordan, and the feds. Henderson lies and says that it was Sam who had been the one to hire him! And before we know it Sam is being arrested and on her way to Pentonville. Ms. McCall is not having the best of days considering she had found out earlier that Drew had been officially declared dead after his plane had crashed during a storm. Jason finds out from Diane that it seems like the feds are pressing the issue against Sam, because of him. But he is onto the person who has set her up. Peter! He goes to AndrĂ© to show him a picture of Henderson, and AndrĂ© IDs him as his attacker. Jason tries to make a deal with Henderson to give up Peter, but unfortunately for them, he is murdered by his new cellmate: Ryan Chamberlain. 

Back at the hospital Carly and Sonny are getting ready to go home without baby Donna, who has to stay a little while longer. The whole Corinthos family is struggling this week because it is the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Joss takes her emotions out on her friends. Carly blames herself for the choices she made that led to Morgan’s death, and Sonny visits his grave. Carly, the definition of a helicopter parent, is also upset with Michael when she finds out that he stayed with Sasha after she had lied about her identity. Michael and Sasha had been getting looks from everyone in town as they tried to move on from what happened. He tried to convince Sasha to tell the truth about Valentin’s involvement, but she didn’t want to. Nina went to speak with Valentin and discovered his plan to leave Port Charles. He lied and told her that he had no idea Sasha was a fraud, he didn’t want to hurt her, blah blah blah. And NINA FORGIVES HIM!?!?! Well, at least that is what it seems like. A small part of me is hoping that she is playing him, but who knows?! Nina also took it upon herself to get Sasha arrested for fraud. I’m guessing the girl is going to have to spill the tea about Valentin at some point to save herself, and Michael knows it. He confronts Valentin and threatens to go to the DA with the truth if he didn’t get Nina to drop the charges. 

This was the week that Kevin had to make his decision about whether Franco was able to make his own decisions. Liz and Kim have an awkward run-in and argue about the situation. Cam even pleads to Kim to stop this madness and let Franco get the memory procedure. Finn, who is missing Anna like all of us, talks with Alexis about his suspicions about Hayden. He tells her that he believes she lied about having the miscarriage and that his baby is somewhere out there. Alexis advises him to look into it further and reach out to Anna for support. On the other side of town, Jax and Hayden are working on their plan to get the Cassadine fortune. Jax also lets her know that she is making a mistake by lying to Finn about their daughter. Then we have poor Lucas who is worried about Brad after he continues to have nightmares and anxiety. Brad informs him that he is seeing Dr. Neil Byrne for his anxiety and notes that he suggested he come to a session with him. This, of course, is not something Julian wanted to hear. He wants Brad to fire Neil and find another therapist. Nelle didn’t get the news she wanted at her first parole hearing and was advised by her lawyer, played by the wonderful Michael E. Knight, that this could take several tries before she is released. 

Alexis runs into her new life coach, Kendra and asks for more of her recommended protein powder. We then see Kendra visiting the grave of Kiefer, Kristina’s abusive ex-boyfriend that Alexis ran over several years ago. Looks like Kendra is out for revenge as she mixes something sketchy into the protein powder. In some great scenes, we see Laura trying to comfort Ava after her visit with Ryan. Laura lets Ava know that they share some common ground having both lost children. Their nice talk turns sour when Laura gets the call from Jordan letting her know that Ryan had killed again. Our two biggest cliffhangers of the week are that someone was watching Ava and Laura as they talked, and Sam has a mystery cellmate after she gets locked up in Pentonville! 

The Young and the Restless

The game is afoot for Jack and Traci! While working on their family history book they find out that Dina may have had a connection to Stuart Brooks. Traci reaches out to Lori and Leslie Brooks who had found an old letter from Dina to Stuart. The letter seemed like a normal conversation between two friends until the last part which turned into a cryptic message. The rest of the Abbott family and Chloe spent the first part of the week honoring Delia’s life on the anniversary of her death. Phyllis was frantically trying to find an MIA Cane without any luck. We, however, got to see Cane as he woke up in an empty room alone with an envelope containing the original copy of Katherine Chancellor’s will. Devon, who is trying to convince Elena he is not worried, continues to dig into Amanda’s past. His suspicions are good though! Amanda let it slip that she was hired by some “old jerk.” Collin maybe?! Whoever is behind this has connections, considering that Cane, Tucker, and Chance all went missing. Sharon was asked out on a proper date by Rey, who just became an uncle after Mia and Arturo’s baby was born. Hopefully, she will have time to date between her visits with Connor! Chelsea is worried that Connor will turn into Adam if he continues down the path he is on. And I for one cannot blame her! This week Connor lashed out at everyone, broke a lamp, got into a fight at school, and locked Christian in the garage. They become so desperate about his behavior that they reach out to Phyllis for help getting in contact with Adam. She gives them Adam’s addressin Las Vegas and Nick tells Chelsea he will go get him. I don’t foresee that going well at all! Nick is also getting a lot of support from family and friends to run for the open seat on the city council. Kevin let Chelsea know that her dirty money is now clean and in an offshore account but advised her to leave it there unless it was necessary. 

Nate broke up with Abby and spent some quality time trying to get to know Amanda. Phyllis decides to take advantage of Abby’s distraction by implementing a new security system that she has a sketchy plan for. Theo tried to apologize to Summer, but his constant need to diss Kyle messed that up. Papa Rosales also showed up in a rough week for Kyle and Lola. They had an argument over Lola’s newfound friendship with Theo and a pregnancy scare. Adrian showed up with a black eye asking for help, and Kyle gives him a check and tells him to leave. We later see him at the bar as Traci comes for a drink. The two start chatting, and all of those flashing red lights are going off. Run, girl! And probably the most shocking thing of the week was Victor’s talk with Billy. He sent Billy a text stating that they needed to talk about him trying to run over Adam. When Billy arrives Victor lets him know that his actions led to Adam trying to kill him. Billy took responsibility for his actions and told him that Victoria and their family is the most important things for him. Victor then, shockingly, said that he believed Billy deserved another chance. Who is this man? And where is Victor Newman?! 

Performers of the Week are Genie Francis and Maura West! (Laura Spencer and Ava Jerome, General Hospital)

Laura and Ava’s scenes from Thursday and Friday were standouts! Laura saw that Ava was suffering and, like the good-hearted woman she is, reached out to her. Ava, of course, didn’t want anyone’s pity especially Laura’s, but that provided the scenes with depth. Maura plays the grief and fear that Ava is living in so perfectly. Laura let her know that even though they have their problems they also share some common ground. They both have lost children, and they were both victims of Ryan. When Laura told Ava that she refused to give Ryan the power to enter her thoughts I clapped! Yes, girl! Laura explained to Ava that she wasn’t always as strong as she is today. It took time and overcoming so many obstacles that made her the strong queen she is now. She told Ava that she is a strong woman too and that she will one day overcome her own demons. To see these veteran actresses play opposite each other is always a treat, but to see them in this setting was a wonderful surprise this week. More, please!

Our Honorable Mention of the week is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood! (Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)

Honestly, JMW could make our POW list every week. She is just that good. This week we saw Steffy as she got to see Beth for the first time since she was taken away from her. And after talking with Liam about the possibility of them becoming a family again she was confronted by Hope. Steffy stood strong in the argument letting Hope know that she was hurt by the situation and that Hope didn’t seem to care. And when Hope demanded that she stay away from Liam she didn’t back down. Hope and Beth might be a family with Liam, but she and Kelly are too! 



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Soap Opera News: Performers of the Week: General Hospital's Genie Francis and Maura West!
Performers of the Week: General Hospital's Genie Francis and Maura West!
Genie Francis and Maura West (Laura & Ava, General Hospital) are the Performers of the Week and Bold and the Beautiful's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) gets the honorary mention. Read more here--->>>
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