Days Of Our Lives Celebrates GRAND Milestone!

Photos: NBC

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

Fifty-four years ago today Ted and Betty Corday’s Days of Our Lives debuted on NBC.  Five decades and over 13,000 episodes later and the soap is still one of the most recognizable and beloved daytime programs around the world. 

On November 8, 1965, the world was introduced to the Horton family. The original supercouple Alice (Frances Reid) and Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) are considered the heart of the town of Salem not only with the characters but with its cast and fans as well. The show’s family-oriented drama and relatable characters proved to be popular with the audience and the show expanded from a half-hour to an hour in 1975. 

Days of Our Lives’ has gone through many changes throughout its time on the air, but it still resonates with fans because of these reasons:

The Supercouples

Every soap opera has its “supercouples.”  The ones that have been put through hell and still always seem to come out stronger together at the end. BUT in our humble opinion, nobody has done it like DAYS! Each decade has had its defining couples, many of who are still around today. And every one of them has a special place in our hearts. From Doug and Julie’s enduring love and Shawn and Belle’s teenage romance to Chad and Abby’s perseverance to Bo and Hope’s epic adventures. So many great love stories! 

The Vixens & Villains 

It wouldn’t be a soap opera without a little drama! And these vixens and villains sure know how to crank up the dramatics! 

Under every vixen’s evil plan is just the desire to be loved, right?! At least that is what they say! LOL. Either way characters like Sami Brady, Nicole Walker, Kristen DiMera, and Gabi Hernandez always know what they want and just how to get it. If that means doing something shady or devious then oh, well! From baby swaps to blackmail and even attempted murder, these girls are not to be messed with! 

Days of Our Lives has arguably the best villain in daytime television history with Stefano DiMera. Even though he is gone the evil legacy he created still haunts the residents of Salem. The town has dealt with many other villainous characters through the years like Orpheus, Victor Kiriakis, and Xander Cook! The badder the better! 

The Weird & Wacky

It is safe to say that Days of Our Lives has the flair for the unusual! Doppelgangers, time machines, alien twins, possession, and the literal Garden of Eden! You think of something weird and I’m sure DAYS has done it! Some of our “favorites” are Princess Gina, Marlena turning into a panther, Calliope’s dog wedding, and the entire existence of Susan Banks and her siblings! 

The Families 

When asked what fans love the most about Days of Our Lives the overwhelming response was the sense of family the show brings. Whether that be from the tradition of watching the show with your parents or grandparents or from the relatable relationships between the families represented on-screen. The legacy of Days of Our Lives is deep-rooted in family, and today those family ties have grown to include so many wonderful and memorable family units. 

Thank you to Days of Our Lives for 54 unforgettable years!! Here is to many more!

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