Performer of The Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle!

Annika Noelle (Hope, The Bold and the Beautiful) is the Performer of the Week and General Hospital's Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) gets the honorary mention! Read more here --->>

Photos: CBS

It was a crazy week in soaps! Unfortunately, a lot of the episodes were pre-empted! Take a look at what was shown and get ready for this week!

Recaps & Winners

The Young and the Restless

Cane was surprised to see - and get punched by - Chance. Chance, who had been wrapped up in a mission was left in the dark about the drama surrounding Katherine’s will.  He tells Cane that he did not hire Amanda and wonders if Cane himself is involved. The two men come to the conclusion that it could be Colin who set everything into motion. But before they could dig any deeper into the situation they are interrupted by Phyllis and Amanda. Things turned dangerous when Simon Black took several hostages at the Grand Phoenix: Chelsea, Abby, Adam, and Connor who had stopped by to ask Chelsea to come with them to Hope’s farm. Upstairs Phyllis and Chance work with the security system to take down Simon, who just happens to be the man that Chance was searching for on his mission. The two work with Abby, who is downstairs and kept her phone to set up a distraction as Simon grabs Connor away from Chelsea and Adam. Simon was just about to shoot Adam when Abby screamed and Chance dropped down from the vent above to take him out. Chelsea and Adam were reunited with their son and Nick make it inside in time to see the family together. 

After their crazy day at the hotel, Abby and Phyllis are left trying to salvage the reputation of their hotel. While Chelsea deals with her traumatized son and media storm surrounding Nick’s campaign. Jack and Nicki work to save Nick’s campaign the best they can. Victor, on the other hand, is more worried about what this could do to Nick and his reputation, not his candidacy. Nick asks Adam about what kind of trouble Chelsea was involved in. And surprisingly Adam went to Chelsea telling her that Nick is worried and to tell him the truth. Chelsea goes to Nick and explains the situation and apologizes for putting his political career in danger. She offers to go to the media with the truth to make things right, but he tells her that would just lead to more trouble for her. Nick ends up calling Jack to inform him that he is dropping out of the race. 

Theo stopped by the Abbott home and was surprised to meet Ashley there. The two of them talked and bonded over feeling like outsiders in their own family. Ashley was also impressed by Theo’s business savvy mind and offered him a job with her in Paris. To which he said he would think about. Jack, though, wasn’t too happy with the offer. He was just getting to know Theo and didn’t want him to leave. Summer made her way back into town and her first stop was to see Kyle at Jabot. They catch up and talk about Theo’s newfound status within his family. And Lola comes in to see the two being a little too friendly. Later on Summer and Theo reunited. Wink Wink. Chance meets with Amanda to discuss the will. He wonders if maybe his target, Simon, could’ve been involved. But he believes that Amanda was definitely chosen for her resemblance to Hilary as a distraction. Abby is onto Phyllis and her sketchy security system. She then gets the opportunity to catch up - and get a little flirty - with Chance. Billy and Kyle are back at the fighting over how to run Jabot. Jack stops by to see them fighting and gets upset. Billy dropped by Newman to see Victoria. He is growing concerned about her trying to push him away the last couple of times he came there. She tries to reassure him that she was just busy with work. Phyllis makes an unannounced and unwelcomed stop by Adam’s while Chance is there. She tells them that she saw them together in Vegas. She wants Chance’s help getting information on Chelsea so she can take her down. Adam kicks her out of the apartment, but he is confronted by an overly concerned Chance. They are hiding something. 

Days of Our Lives

Jennifer Rose woke up from her coma, looking as fresh as sleeping beauty, and was surprised to learn that she had been out for a whole year! Her love, Jack, never left her side the whole time. Soon the news of Jennifer’s awakening spreads. Kayla, Abby, and a rough-looking JJ come to visit her. Jennifer still struggling with her missing time tells Jack that she doesn’t remember what happened on the balcony the night she fell. Which is not good for Eve, who is sitting in prison. Jack informs her that Eve was arrested for pushing her, and “Hope” confirms that Eve was seen on the security camera going to the balcony. Eve’s lawyer, Justin, stops by the hospital to see how Jennifer is. “Hope,” tells him about Jennifer’s missing memories. Jack and Jennifer have a few moments alone together as he finally puts her wedding band on her finger. While his parents are celebrating, JJ is battling a ton of demons, He has turned to prescription pills to numb the pain of losing his girlfriend, Haley. Eric wanting to help asks him to come to a meeting with him at the Horton Center. He reluctantly agrees, but things turn sour when Maggie shows up at the meeting with Brady in tow. The anger that JJ was projecting to Brady was confusing. Brady stood at the meeting and began to talk about the day that his baby girl with Kristen died. When he started talking about losing Kristen too, JJ snapped at him and took off. He tells Eric and John that his life was ruined by Brady. And it’s not until Brady comes to talk with him that we find out why. Kristen killed Haley! How? Why? We don’t know yet, but apparently, her grief of losing her child was involved and she did not face charges. Brady apologizes to him, but it’s to no avail. JJ vows to make Kristen pay. 

Sarah was seen with her adorable little girl named McKenzie. Mickey for short. She, Nicole, and Xander have continued to lie to Eric about the baby. Everyone believes that Xander is Mickey’s father, and those three are happy to let it stay that way. Eric, though, is still surprised by the news. Nicole is running Basic Black with Brady now, and Xander is using Nicole’s knowledge about the baby against her. He wants the company to work with Titan, which he runs now. Chad and Abby are back living in the DiMera mansion. Unfortunately, for them....the mistress of the house, Gabi, doesn’t want to make it comfortable for them. Though their living arrangement isn’t ideal there relationship is. Chad and Abby talk about how they overcame the odds and found their way to forgiveness and trust again. And that is where Chad reveals that he has been in contact with his father, Stefano. Chad tells her that he and Stefano are working together to formulate a plan to take down Gabi. Abby isn’t so sure that the man on the other side of the instant messenger is Stefano and sends him an ultimatum. Either they meet in person or no more contact. Gabi still wanting to avenge Stefan’s death has taken things to the next level. She and Eli are dating again and he works as her head of security after quitting the police force. Gabi tells Eli that she believes her houseguests are up to something and wants him to look into it. Whatever job Gabi gives Eli it still doesn’t truly distract him from missing Lani. Who we find is in as a nun...with Kristen DiMera! What?!? The two of them have bonded over the loss of a child and are going to team up! 

Ben is in prison after being found guilty for Jordan’s murder. We flashed back to Ciara finding him over Jordan’s body and seeing that she had been strangled. He claims innocence and is going through the possible true suspects of the crime with his cellmate...Will! Ben believes that Victor Kiriakis set him up to get him out of Ciara’s life. And to help discover evidence against Victor, Ciara has taken a position at Titan and a room at the mansion. She tells her grandfather that she should’ve never taken Ben’s side against him and she wants nothing to do with Ben. Of course, this is just a ruse. Ciara later goes to visit Ben in prison and promises to work to get him out before his last parole hearing. She believes that Victor hired Xander to kill Jordan in exchange for putting him in charge of Titan. While Ben is getting visits from Ciara, his cellmate isn’t so lucky. We find out that Will is in prison for an “awful mistake” that led to the death of Adrienne. He leaves behind a husband and child who are struggling with him being gone. Sonny meets Rafe’s “manny”, Evan. Evan offers to help Sonny with Arianna if he ever needs him. He also might be offering a little more after asking him to lunch. 

Kayla stops by the newly opened Julie’s Place to get dinner for her and her new beau. Julie seemed happy with the new pairing, but fans were left shaken by the reveal of her new man, Justin! Princess Gina, who has been living life as Hope for an entire year, chats with her Steffy about their plans as she paints a new portrait of him. She gets John and he gets his queen. And so far, her plan seems to be working. She set up to send Marlena away for a spot on a prestigious psychiatric panel out of town. Then after Hope’s house flooded moves in with John. The two have really bonded during their time together as she did her best to keep the contact between John and Marlena at a minimum. She was putting on her best moves to seduced a wine drunk John when Marlena came through the door! Surprise!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope tosses Thomas over the balcony and takes off looking for Douglas. She finds him chilling in a room with a snack and a video game perfectly fine. She hears Charlie talking about the acid and freaks out because she thought it was water below them. She tries to go down and look for him but is told by the crew to get out of the room. Brooke and Ridge continue to struggle with wanting to be together and their constant fighting over their children. Hope eventually makes it home with Douglas-and without calling for help. Brooke could tell something was wrong and offered to put Douglas to bed before asking her what happened. Hope is distraught as she tells her what happened and how she was just defending herself. Sure. Brooke comforts her daughter, who wants to confess, and tries to keep her quiet. The next morning Liam can tell something is off with Hope, and she plays it off like she was just surprised that he signed the paperwork to let her adopt Douglas. Ridge and Steffy talk about Liam’s visits, Hope’s obsession, and wherever the heck Thomas is after he didn’t show up for work. 

General Hospital 

Laura got Jordan to bring Valentin in for questioning about his involvement with Cassandra. It was while they were there they found out about Charlotte being missing after Lulu calls Jordan. Valentin is convinced that Cassandra is the one who has Charlotte and doesn’t want the cops to interfere. Nina sets up a distraction with Lulu to get Valentin out of the station. Back at his house, he receives a call from Cassandra and tries to bargain with her. She could have him in exchange for Charlotte. But that is a no go. Nina consoles him the best she can as he struggles with the fact that his past is hurting his child. Anna Devane comes across Cassandra and Charlotte and tries to convince her to let her go. Cassandra counters by bringing out her goons to take care of Anna. Charlotte takes the opportunity to bite her abductor and take off. Jason discovers one of them chasing after Charlotte and beats them up. He and Anna team up to take out the rest, but Cassandra gets away on a boat that Valentin sent. What we didn’t expect was the boat exploding! Lucas confronted Julian about setting up Brad. Julian confesses to him and says he only did it to protect him. Lucas tells him he doesn’t want anything to do with him and takes off to find Brad after he finds out about Charlotte. Brad and Lucas then share a sweet moment at Kelly’s. 

Nikolas fills Jax in on Cassandra’s escape, but what he failed to mention was that the van rented to aid her jailbreak was purchased using Jax’s company card. Jax is pissed and feels like he is setting him up and wants him to turn himself in. Their conversation is interrupted by Carly, who is worried about Jax’s actions regarding letting Joss stay with him. To save him from any more damage, Nikolas reveals himself to Carly. She is in shock and tells him that Laura has to know he is alive. Nik pleads with her not to say anything and fills her in on their plan to take down Valentin. She agrees for now, but all that work may be for naught. Because Charlotte saw him on the docks after Cassandra’s boat exploded. Anna reunites Charlotte with her parents at the police station. She shares a sweet moment with a very appreciative Valentin. Charlotte lies to Lulu about why she left the restaurant not wanting Nina to be in trouble like Cassandra told her. Valentin, Nina, Lulu, and Laura decide that they are going to have to put aside their differences to help Charlotte. 

After a rough welcome home, Anna makes her way to her house excited to see Finn. But what she got was a shock as she finds him, a half-dressed Hayden, and Violet playing house. Violet introduces herself to Anna and Hayden grabs her for a quick exit. Finn tells her that nothing happened and fills her in on the last couple of days. She is upset that he didn’t bother to tell her over the phone. He apologizes and makes it clear that he wants his life to be with her, not Hayden. In a surprising move, Sonny brought Avery to visit Ava at Shadybrooke. He wants to be a good role model for his daughter and show her that it’s okay to ask for help. Ava then gets another visitor later in the day after taking her meds. Trina wanted to tell her that she couldn’t make it to her internship and a drug-induced Ava called her Kiki. Liz drops Cam off at Sonny’s to get a lecture about how to handle his anger. 

Kim comes by the hospital to say goodbye to Monica before leaving town. “Frew” talks with Jason about his dilemma and ultimately comes to the realization that this is Franco’s life and not Drew’s. Neil and TJ go through Alexis’ home to find anything that could be making her sick. While there they talk about TJ wanting to ask Alexis for Molly’s hand in marriage. Julian stops by the hospital to visit Alexis and tells her about all of the dead rats in the alley behind Charlies. He believes that Olivia did something in response to him backing out of selling the place to her. Neil and TJ stop by her room after dropping off their evidence at the lab. When Alexis makes a joke about rats, a lightbulb goes off for TJ. He thinks that she has been poisoned by rat poison.

Our Performer of the Week: Annika Noelle (Hope, Bold and the Beautiful)

Annika pulled out all of the stops this week on The Bold and the Beautiful! Hope was distraught after finding out Thomas fell into acid and not water after she pushed him. Annika’s emotional performance as Hope told Brooke what happened the night before was just devastating to watch. All of Annika’s performances this year have been moving and powerful.  We cannot wait to see what else this storyline brings us as it continues. And we’re hoping for a Daytime Emmy nomination for this amazing actress!

Our Honorable Mention: Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte, General Hospital)

Our honorable mention for the week goes to Scarlett Fernandez! Charlotte was taken hostage by Cassandra Pierce. It was great to see Scarlett getting some material that she could really shine with. Her performance of a child willing to go with this evil woman to protect someone she loves was believable and amazing to watch. And when she got sassy with Cassandra! LOVED IT! Here’s hoping that we see more from this young actress!


  1. Sure if you like an actress who should have been in tears but shed none ����



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Soap Opera News: Performer of The Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle!
Performer of The Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle!
Annika Noelle (Hope, The Bold and the Beautiful) is the Performer of the Week and General Hospital's Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) gets the honorary mention! Read more here --->>
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