Performer of The Week: Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves!

Our Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). And the honorable mention goes to General Hospital's Lisa LoCicero (Olivia).

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Recaps & Winners

The Bold and the Beautiful
Liam dropped by Forrester to clean out his belongings before making his final move to Spencer Publications. While there he tells Steffy and Ridge that Thomas had signed the adoption papers. And then he took the heat of the situation from Ridge. Apparently, he should have said don’t shoot the messenger! He has to defend Hope against Ridge’s anger. After Ridge storms off to confront Hope, Liam and Steffy get a moment alone to talk about them moving forward in their lives despite all of the drama surrounding them. We find Hope once again crying. Sidenote: Can we please give Annika a happy storyline? She’s been crying on-screen since she debuted! Lol. Brooke pleads with her daughter to not turn herself in. But Hope’s guilty conscience is getting the better of her. It doesn’t help that Ridge comes barreling in accusing her of manipulating Thomas. The girl literally told Ridge that his son was dead! But thank goodness for her momma’s quick devious thinking. She covered by saying that the Thomas they all knew and cared for was gone. And the pair told Ridge about Thomas’ indecent proposal for Hope. Ridge quickly changes his tune after hearing that his son was willing to hand over his child in exchange for sex, and thought that he took off in shame. Back at the office, Steffy learns some interesting news from Quinn when she says that Thomas and Douglas never returned home the night before. That night Hope got a shock when Thomas walked through the door. She was full of happiness and confusing to see him standing in front of her. Thomas revealed that the acid had already been removed before he fell into the vat. What he landed in was a cleaning solution. Hope realizes that Thomas had let her believe he was dead. He apologized for messing with her, but he wanted to prove that even good people keep secrets sometimes. Thomas hopes that they can now move forward as Douglas’ parents. Brooke, on the other hand, reaches out to Ridge wanting to come over and talk about Thomas. But he is a little busy at the moment talking with Shauna about his situation. And this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think Shauna is good for Ridge. Somewhere deep below all of her flirting I believe Shauna really cares about Ridge. It’s been nice seeing him have someone there to talk with! More, please! 

General Hospital

Sam’s trial starts and even though she had a strong start with the case Diane presented things did not go the way they hoped. The judge ruled that Sam was guilty of manslaughter and sentenced her to two years in prison with the possibility of an early release. Jason goes to Carly for support after Sam was taken away. Anna calls Jason to help answer some questions she had about why he was on the pier the night of the Cassandra debacle, and the two end up sharing a heartfelt moment after Anna learns about Sam. She tells him that the best thing he can do for his kids during this time is, to be honest with them. Monica repeats the sentiment when he stops by to tell Danny. She also tells him that he is the only parent the kids have at the moment, and asks him not to do anything that could get him killed or sent away. Stella came back to town from London for a visit. After a chat with Jordan and Curtis, she stops by to check on Mike. She quickly realizes that he has gone downhill since she last saw him. He had no clue who she was or where he was at. 

TJ’s hunch about the rat poison paid off after Finn ordered some tests. They finally know what Alexis was poisoned with and how to treat it. Now it’s just finding out how and by who! Kim is left heartbroken by “Frew” when he tells her that he cannot go with her to San Fransico. He explains how Franco saved his life once and now it is his turn to save him. The two say their goodbyes and Franco heads to the hospital to tell Liz that he is going to have the procedure to try and bring Franco back. Kim packs up the rest of her belongings and shows the place to its new tenant: Hayden. Brad and Lucas’ reunion is short-lived when Lucas has a run-in with Liesl. He confronts her about messing with Brad and tells her to stay away from his husband. Tired of Brad’s drama, Liesl tells Lucas that he is naive and his husband is a liar. She has proof Brad is involved with something revolving around Wiley’s father. Over at Charlie’s, Brad has a failed attempt of making a deal with Julian when he offers to get Lucas to forgive him as long as he doesn’t interfere in their relationship and keeps the Wiley secret. Tune in next time on will Michael ever know his son is alive! Later at the hospital, Lucas confronts Brad about Liesl’s confession which does not end well for Brad! After his fight with Brad, Julian gets a new friend in Brook Lynn Ashton, who is back in town! 

Olivia received a package from the WSB that she believes is from Dante. She calls Sonny over so they can open it together. She is broken when she opens it to find all over her letters she sent him...unopened. There is a note from Dante inside telling her to stop writing him. Ned and Sonny do their best to console her. Finn and Anna have a romantic night in. Anna tells Finn that she came back to town for him. Later in the week, Anna has a chat with Hayden about their newfound predicament. Hayden compares her situation to Anna’s when she gave up Robin. To protect their children. Chase confronts Finn for not telling him that he has a daughter. The two talk about how Finn’s life has changed this year. He is engaged and has a daughter. Valentin on a mission to get Helena’s portrait visits Ava at Shadybrooke. Knowing that the portrait is a hot commodity at the moment she plays coy and tells him he was not getting a hold of it. 

Nina drops by Jax’s to hand him an invitation to her upcoming wedding to Valentin. Jax tells her that he won’t go and that he actually believes she is there so he can talk her out of it. She informs him that she has no plans to marry Valentin but to destroy him. Jax tells her that the most effective way to hurt Valentin would be to move on and don’t get caught up in hatred and revenge. She starts to think about forgiving Valentin for what he did, and Jax offers her a better alternative...maybe even with him. But she doesn’t take him up on her offer. The wedding is still on. Nikolas, who is probably the worst person at playing dead, sneaks into Wyndemere only to be caught by Charlotte. He works to convince her that he was hired by Valentin to be her bodyguard and to not tell her father she saw him. Valentin returns home before he could escape the house. Nik gets the opportunity to listen to Valentin’s attempt to pull Hayden onto his side in the Helena portrait mission. He offers her a quarter of a million dollars to reveal any info she has on the portrait. 

Days of Our Lives

Marlena is back in town and got a huge unwelcomed surprise in “Hope” being her new houseguest. Wanting to spend some quality time with John...and a little confused by what she walked in on...she told Hope that she would have to leave and stay with Doug and Julie. The tension between the two women was palpable. John was confused by Marlena’s reaction to her friend and asked that Hope continue to stay, and Marlena reluctantly agreed.  Princess Gina makes a call to Stefano to tell him that his Queen of the night is back in Salem. Chad received a response from Stefano about reuniting. He would have to beat him in a game of chess. Abby is more than a little wary of the idea of having Stefano back in their lives. Chad and Stefano play their game via phone and miraculously Chad beats him. Not one to go back on his word Stefano sets up a meeting with him. Gina is furious that he would try to do something reckless and ruin their plans and tries to stop him. Kate visited Will in prison and we find out that Will asked Sonny to stop visiting him because it was just too hard. Back in town, Sonny runs into his new friend Evan. The two have dinner and Sonny reveals that he isn’t sure he can forgive Will for killing Adrienne. 

Ciara is playing detective like her parents back in the day and looking for evidence to get the charges dropped for Ben. But Xander is already suspicious of her motives. She finds a locked case in Xander’s office and tries to open it...almost getting caught in the process. Ben got a visitor of his own. His father! Clyde paid off a guard to let him in the room with Ben. The two catch up and Ben tells him of his suspicions of Xander being the one who killed Jordan. Clyde quickly comes up with a devious plan to get his son out of prison. He uses his contraband cellphone to set up a plan to make Xander confess. An old friend of his kidnapped baby Mickey at the park. Sarah is inconsolable and Xander tries to comfort her, but after he receives the first “ransom” text he becomes angry. Maggie takes Sarah back to the police station for an update. Clyde tells Xander that Mickey will be returned once he signs a full confession about what he and Victor did and turns it into the police. Victor tells him not to be stupid and wait this out, but Xander is unwilling to wait. Clyde then informs Ben that he has no plans on giving Mickey back anytime soon. He wants to use her as leverage to secure his own release from prison as well. Ben is shocked by what his father has done and calls Ciara to tell her what has happened. He gives her what he knows on MIckey’s kidnapper and asks her to put in an anonymous tip. BUT we all know Ciara. She doesn’t do that. She goes on her own to the guy’s hideout pretending to be sent by Clyde to take care of the baby. It works for a little while until he overhears her telling Mickey she was going to get her back home. So to summarize...Ciara is in danger. Again. Will, who already had an uncomfortable run-in with Clyde returns to the room to find an upset Ben. Ben fills him in on the kidnapping and Will wants to tell the guards, but Ben stops him. 

Eve took some advice from her new friend Hattie and reached out to Abby offering a story. Abby unable to resist comes. Eve tells Abby that she is being set up and swears on her daughter’s grave that she didn’t try to kill Jennifer. Sonny and Chad spend some time together and talk about his “date” with Evan. Sarah starts to believe that Mickey being kidnapped is karma for her keeping her from Eric. Eric, who is at the station tries to comfort her, and she almost slips letting him know that he is her father when Xander walks into the room. Eli offers Sarah the full cooperation of DiMera resources to find Mickey. And when Eli returns to DiMera he is keeping his eye on Chad and Abby for Gabi. He gets busted trying to go through their computer by Abby. Eric finds Nicole at home and the two talk about Mickey. Then Eric chooses the oddest time to propose to Nicole!  Kayla and Justin have a nice dinner thanks to Julie’s Place. They reminisce about how she helped him out of dark place after Adrienne died. And we find out via flashback that Kayla sent Steve divorce papers with the hope of sending a message that he needed to come back. But instead, she received them back signed without a word from Steve. Steve also didn’t even show up for his own sister’s funeral...which should have been a sign! 

At the hospital, Kayla asks Jack how he really feels about her new relationship. He tells her that he wants her and Justin to be happy and he thinks that Adrienne would be glad that they found each other. Jack is furious with Steve over not being there for his family once again. And the two think it best that they hold off on telling Jennifer about Adrienne. Unfortunately for them, Justin is delivering the bad news to Jennifer as they spoke. Jennifer, who is already struggling with her accident and the missing time, is finding it hard to deal with the news of her friend’s death. And when Justin added in the part of his rebound relationship with Kayla....the woman flips her lid! She goes off on Kayla and Justin and has to be calmed by Jack. Justin tells Kayla that everything will be okay and that she just needs time to process the news. Justin may not “give a damn what anyone says” about them, but Kayla sure does. 

The Young and the Restless

Chance and Devon come face to face and talk about the will drama. Chance tells him that he had nothing to do with it and wants to help make it right. Cane pleads his innocence with the two men and gets a call from Jill letting him know that she has tracked down Colin in the Maldives. After another round of you shouldn’t be here between Kyle and Billy, Billy stops by his therapist for another session. There he discovers that the root of his self-destruction and anger isn’t losing Delia as he thought. Wanting to find what really makes him happy he apologizes to Kyle and tells Jack that he wants to resign from Jabot. Victoria and Nick talk about Chelsea and his campaign. She suggests putting a little distance between him and Chelsea. Chloe does her best supportive friend and listens to Chelsea as she blames herself for hurting Connor and Nick. She also tells her how great Adam has been throughout. Nick overhears her telling Chloe that she is worried about retaliation. So, he sets up a meeting with Simon Black in jail to threaten him. After their meeting, Simon makes a call to his rep wanting to talk to the feds about Colin. 

After a failed therapy session, Adam asks Sharon to come over to speak with Connor. She tells Adam that the best thing for him would be having his parents working together to support him. Adam takes her advice and invites Chelsea over. While she works to help her son her relationship with Nick begins to unravel. She wants to make things like the used to be, but Nick isn’t so sure that can happen. And with him hanging out with Phyllis more and more is the end of Chick inevitable?! Phyllis keeps bugging Chance trying to get info on Chelsea’s involvement with Simon. He refuses to give in to her demands and discovers that someone had reinstalled their new security system the night before erasing all the past data. Abby is convinced that it was Phyllis and she covers by saying it was a scheduled update. Abby does not believe her, obviously. Nate and Amanda prepare to plead his case for the medical board. She gives him some great advice about how to speak with the board and it worked! Nate gets to keep license! The two celebrate by having dinner together when the topic of conversation turns to them. Amanda makes it clear that she is not in the market for a relationship at this time, but she was sure giving Nate come and get me eyes. Elena continued to support Devon as he struggles with his confusing situation. 

Kyle goes to Mariah about his current dilemmas. She is curious about why he is speaking with her and not his wife. He doesn’t think Lola will understand what he is going through. Mariah tells Kyle that she thinks he is treating Theo the same way that Billy has been treating him by judging him for his past mistakes. Mariah is also concerned when he tells her that Summer has been supportive of him during his ongoing battle with Theo. She thinks Summer is using this as an opportunity to get in between him and his marriage. Theo fills Summer in on his job offer from Ashley. She thinks it would be a great move for his career and doesn’t want to hold him back by asking him to stay. Theo goes to Lola for advice on how to handle and embrace his new life of luxury. She tells him that he has a strong sense of who he is just like she does. Theo calls Ashley and takes the job, but Jack says not so fast. Jack, who is almost finished with his project with Traci, doesn’t know where to go next. And the fact that Billy resigned and Theo is leaving town before he got the chance to know him doesn’t help anything. He goes to Theo asking what he could do to make him stay. Kyle gets a shock when Jack informs him of some position changes at Jabot. He will now be co-COO with Lauren. Summer is being promoted to Head of Marketing, and Theo is taking over Summer’s social media position. 

Our Performer of the Week: Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, Days of Our Lives)

My favorite thing is seeing veteran actors and characters leading a storyline! And Missy Reeves alongside Matt Ashford, Mary Beth Evans, and Wally Kurth made me so proud this week! Jennifer has been struggling with how to cope with her accident and her missing time while she was in her coma. I can’t imagine waking up a year from now and everything and everyone around me had changed. Jennifer gets another shock when Justin has to be the one to tell her that her friend, business partner, and sister-in-law Adrienne has passed away. In Jennifer’s mind, she just saw Adrienne and Justin getting married yesterday and now she is gone...and has been gone for over six months. Things hit hard when Justin also tells her that he has begun to move on...with Kayla. The heartbreak and emotion that Missy gave as Jennifer laid into Justin and Kayla had us all choking up. It’s going to be a long road for Jennifer...and the she continues to learn about the events of the last year. Thank goodness for her she has Jack right at her side to comfort her. 

Our Honorable Mention: Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, General Hospital)

I will NEVER stop saying that Lisa LoCicero needs more material on General Hospital! The woman can act!! This week she received a package from the WSB that she believes is from her son Dante. Olivia has written letters for months to her MIA son telling him how much everyone loves him and will do anything to support him. She heartbroken when inside of the package is all of the letters she sent...unopened. With them was a note from Dante telling her to stop sending him letters. Ned and Sonny do their best to comfort her, but the feeling that she is losing her son and has no way to fix the situation is too much for her. It’s a mother’s worst fear not being able to help your child. Lisa had me crying and wishing that I was in the middle of that hug between her and Ned! 



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Soap Opera News: Performer of The Week: Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves!
Performer of The Week: Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves!
Our Performer of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). And the honorable mention goes to General Hospital's Lisa LoCicero (Olivia).
Soap Opera News
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