Performers of The Week: Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey!

Days of Our Lives’ Sal Stowers (Lani) and Lamon Archey (Eli) are the Performers of the Week and General Hospital's Brad Maule (Tony) gets the honorary mention! Read more here --->>

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Recaps & Winners

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam was upset with how much time Hope has been spending with Thomas and Douglas. To fill the void of his MIA love Liam has been bringing Beth to hang out with Steffy and Kelly. During one of those visits, he learned that Steffy has signed up for a dating app. The thought of her bringing another man into her and Kelly’s lives made him a bit uneasy, but he understood that she needs to move on with her life. He also tells her that he is considering going back to work for Spencer Publications, which she encourages. Ridge is suspicious about Hope’s motives with Thomas and talks with Shauna about the situation. She is there as a supportive - and flirty - friend. The two end up sharing a goodnight kiss. 

Thomas propositioned Hope with sex in exchange for him signing the adoption paperwork, and when she said no he told her that he was onto her plan. Hope insisted that she wanted Thomas in her life and they could raise Douglas together. After the night didn’t go as he planned it, Thomas continued to obsess over Hope. A fact that his new roommate, Zoe, didn’t really care for. She tried to make him see that there is more to life than Hope by kissing him. Hope fills Brooke in on Thomas’ scummy offer. Steffy visits with Douglas and Thomas. She calls Thomas crazy for ever considering signing the adoption paperwork. Ridge stops by the house to see Brooke. The two of them try to talk about their relationship and how much they miss each other, but it ended up in an inevitable fight about their kids. 

Thomas set up a dinner in Ridge’s office for him, Hope, and Douglas. The night started off civil as they enjoyed their meal, but afterward, Thomas whisks Douglas away to chat about the adoption with Hope. Hope continues to play on his obsession with her by telling him they’re going to be in each other’s lives and raise Douglas. Thomas signs the papers and Hope tries to bolt to find Douglas 0.2 seconds after he signed them. LOL. But Thomas tells her they need to talk about them. Hope freaks out on him and starts screaming that she wants to see Douglas - who apparently is chilling in a storage closet - and runs out of the room to find him. Thomas follows her and the two end up in a maintenance room. Thomas apologizes again for his part in the baby Beth situation and leans in to kiss her. Hope shoves him over the balcony - a la Brooke style - and he falls into a vat of hydrofluoric acid that was in the building to clean the industrial washers. The girl doesn’t even stop to see if he is all good...just runs out the door. LOL 

The Young and the Restless

Jack shares the news with Kyle and Lola that Theo is officially related to them. Kyle is upset and takes his anger out on his father much to Lola’s surprise. The two end up in a fight and she scolds him for his treatment of Jack and wants him to give Theo a chance. When Theo finds out the news his first instinct is to meet his grandmother. Jack arranges for him to see Dina. The two of them share a touching moment after she hears the name Vanderway. She believes that he is the baby she gave up. Lola runs into Theo at the restaurant and he tells her about how even though he had a good life he can’t help but feel like he has missed out on something. Kyle warns Jack about Theo’s intentions, but that doesn’t stop him from getting the family together to welcome him. Everyone seems to be having a great time minus Kyle, of course. An annoyed Lola calls him out on being a jerk and excuses herself from the party. Theo tells the Abbott clan that while he appreciates the warm welcome, he had a good life and doesn’t need anything from them. He is having a hard time adjusting to the news and calls Summer asking her to come home to talk about everything. He also sees a vision of his father and asks him for advice. And what he got was “follow your gut.” Theo also has an interesting run-in with Adam. Adam is interested in Theo now that he is the newfound relative of a high-powered family. The two do have some things in common. Will this be the newest partnership that we’ve been dreaming of?!

Simon Black continues to make Chelsea’s life hell by hanging around all the time. He gives her 48 hours to return his money, and she calls Kevin for assistance. Kevin’s plan was to dress up with Chloe as federal agents and pretend that they were looking for Simon. Obviously, this did not work. LOL. What it did do was set alarm bells off for Phyllis, who was watching them on her spy security system that she installed. Simon then shows Chelsea a picture of Connor from that morning on her phone and threatened to do the unthinkable if she didn’t do what he wanted. Chelsea worried for her son’s safety goes to Adam and tries to convince him to take Connor on a bonding trip to Hope’s farm. He is instantly concerned by her actions and tries to get the truth out of her. She insists that she is just overworked and wants them to spend some quality time together, but he knows her too well. 

Mariah and Tessa celebrated their anniversary with their friends, but are things as happy as they appear? Mariah tells Sharon that they are both so busy with work that they never get to spend any time together. She then tries to blow off plans with Tessa to help Sharon study for her final exam. After Sharon sees the text messages between the two of them she lies and tells Mariah she is finished studying so she could go be with Tessa. Rey then shows up to help her study. Anything to spend time with her! Jack and Nikki run into each other at Society and catch each other up on all of their drama. There’s a lot! Victoria fills Nikki in on the drama surrounding Katherine’s will and she isn’t convinced that Katherine would have given the money to Cane. Victoria also talks with her mother about her concerns for Billy having another break from reality.

Devon returns from Thailand, where he tracked down Tucker at an ashram. Tucker told him that he had nothing to do with the will forgery. Elena catches him up on Jett, who thankfully did not have cancer. Nate tells Cane after he overhears him making plans for his new money to be more sensitive to Devon’s situation. Cane fills Nate in on his past with Katherine and why he thinks that she willed him the inheritance. Amanda sets up a GPS tracker on someone and gets startled by a man, who she thought was someone else in the hotel. It looks like we’re about to find out who she is running from! And Nate will be there to help her out! Cane gets a big surprise as he waits in Amanda’s suite to set up a trust for his kids. Chance Chancellor in all of his glory busts into Amanda’s room and punches Cane. 

General Hospital

Sasha and Michael talked about her future in Port Charles. He offered her a job at ELQ, but she declined wanting to make it on her own. Curtis confronts Sasha about the deception against Nina and tells her that he doesn’t believe that she acted alone and wants to know if Valentin was the one who helped her. A back from the dead Nikolas recounted how he was rescued from the waters and reached out to Jax to help take down Valentin. Jax is worried about Nikolas’ carelessness and that he will get caught. Maxie and Peter have a chat with Liesl, who is worried that Maxie is upset with her and won’t let her see baby James. Maxie forgives her and tells her she can see James. Liesl then surprises Peter when she tells Maxie that it was Peter that convinced her to stay in Port Charles. And after Peter’s offer for the new apartment is turned down Maxie asks him to move in with her. Julian and Laura talk about what Ava’s committal means for her ongoing custody battle with Sonny. Laura goes to Sonny and asks him not to take advantage of Ava’s situation. 

“Frew” comes to say goodbye to Liz and Cam before he leaves town with Kim to get her the help that she needs. Cam’s pleas and Liz’s kiss falls on death’s ears though and he leaves. In a move of desperation, Liz calls Scotty to inform him that Franco is leaving. Scotty meets with “Frew” to try and convince him to stay by telling him how Franco saved Drew from Jim Harvey when they were children...and now it’s Drew’s turn to save Franco. While this is going on, Kim came to try and fix her relationship with Liz before leaving. Which obviously does not go well. Nina is met with animosity from Curtis and Dr. O when they both learn that she is still with Valentin. Nina visits Nathan’s grave and talks with him about the drama in her life. Valentin finds her there and asks her if she wants to continue her search for her daughter. She explains that she doesn’t believe that she really has a daughter out there and that he has already done enough. Ava, who is not doing so well in Shadybrooke, gets several visitors throughout the week: Laura, Julian, Scotty, and Jax. She tells Jax that she is being haunted by lost souls after trying to contact Kiki. And then she remembers overhearing Laura’s call to him about Helena’s portrait. She calls Jax out on his motives, says he will never get the painting, and kicks him out of her room.

Carly and Jax talk to Joss about the dangers of drinking. Carly suggests that Joss split her time between her house and Jax’s. Jax, who has a certain houseguest at this time, says that he thinks that uprooting Joss might not be the best thing for her. While Jax is away Laura stops by to see him about their Cassadine fortune mission. Unbeknownst to her was the fact that Nikolas was standing on the other side of the door. He desperately wanted to open the door, but he couldn’t. And Laura felt this strange sensation that she explain to Robert felt like someone had walked over her grave. Luckily for Jax, he comes home in time before his secret was discovered. Martin visits with Nelle and tells her that he discovered while going through her records that she has a husband! Or had a husband, who is now deceased. Martin explains that he is tired of her secrets and will no longer be willing to represent her pro bono. She informs him that if she gets out in time she will have a large sum of money waiting for her and whoever represents her. He takes her up on her offer and makes a call to Valentin. 

Robert literally runs into Violet and quickly puts the pieces together. He confronts Finn on Hayden’s intentions and him keeping the truth about his child a secret from Anna. Alexis gets a visit in the hospital from Julian and Kendra. On their way out Kendra asks Julian not to tell Alexis whenever she was at Charlie’s because the food there was not on her health plan. Finn has to run more tests on Alexis when she starts losing her hair and the sensation in her hands. Later on Julian finds a dead animal in his dumpster, who we can only assume ingested the poison that Kendra dumped there. Jason visits Sam in prison and they talk about Alexis and Sam’s cellmate Cassandra. Ms. Pierce got a surprise stop by Robert, who offered her a deal. He would stop her upcoming extradition in exchange for the name of whoever helped her escape from WSB custody last year. She refused to tell him, but then made a desperate call to Nikolas. She will spill all of that tea unless he breaks her out of prison. Nik sets up for Cassandra to get on a work detail outside of the prison. She gets paired with Sam to plant a tree in the park. When she sees Nikolas pull up in a van she makes her move and knocks the guard out with a shovel and takes off. A shocked Sam tries to get help for the guard and is thankful when Jason stumbles upon them and calls for help. Detective Chase shows up to work the case. Cassandra soon learns that she might’ve been safer in prison when Nikolas informs her that she is a liability and their partnership is over. She jumps out of the van and takes off through the woods. Nikolas calls anonymously to Chase to give him a description of what she was wearing and where she was headed. But unfortunately for Charlotte, they may not catch Cassandra in time. Charlotte was working on school work at the bar at Kelly’s when Cassandra spots her through the window. She makes her way inside cornering the child. She explains that her beloved Nina will be in a lot of trouble unless she does what she tells her to do. 

Brad and Lucas had an explosive fight about Brad’s supposed cheating. Brad goes to Julian for assistance and realizes that he is the one who was setting him up. Julian threatens Brad and tells him to leave town. He would later return to give Julian one more chance to stop this mess, but it’s a no go. Brad meets with Lucas who lies once again to Lucas about the true nature of the situation. He explains that Julian was setting him up because he had gotten anxiety drugs illegally from Dr. Obrecht and Julian found out. And how Julian always was awaiting the day that Brad did something bad again. Luckily for him though he taped his last conversation with Julian to prove that he was being set up about the affair. A conflicted and confused Lucas goes to visit his father Tony’s grave seeking advice. Brad Maule makes his GH return as the spirit of Dr. Tony Jones and talks with his son. Julian, who is looking for Lucas, stops by the hospital to ask Bobbie if she knows where he is. The two chat about Lucas and Julian expresses his gratitude for her and Tony raising Lucas. And at the end, we got a touching moment between Bobbie and Tony’s spirit. Can we please bring him back full time?!?!

Days of Our Lives

The week started off with a bang with the #Elani wedding! Lani interrupts the ceremony to apologize to Gabi again for her part in Stefan’s death. But it’s clear that Gabi is not going to let it go. Lani then pulls a runaway bride and rushes away from the alter leaving their guests and Eli shocked. Eli follows her to the one lonely bench in the park and asks her why she doesn’t want to marry him. She tells him that they got together out of grief for their son and that she doesn’t love him enough to marry him. A shattered Eli pleads with her to no avail. Tamara and Abe go to their daughter’s side while a smug Gabi finds Eli to provide some comfort. Justin and Adrienne, who missed all of the wedding drama for a steamy night on the Kiriakis couch in front of Maggie’s figurines, show up to the party late. Both thinking it a shame that the wedding set up would go to waste Jack and Adrienne call dibs on the wedding. Ultimately deciding to do a double wedding for Jack/Jennifer and Justin/Adrienne performed by Marlena. And of course, as things go in wedding is complete without some kind of drama. A drunk Eve shows up and announces that she is pregnant with Jack’s child - she’s not thank goodness! After Eve humiliates herself she leaves to cry alone in the dark. 

Before the wedding reception began Jennifer took the downtime to use the computer set up on the balcony to check out Dr. Rolf’s decrypted flash drive. Gina finds Jennifer as she discovers Rolf’s plan to turn Hope back into Gina. Gina informs Jennifer that it is too late and pushes her off the balcony to keep her secret. Jack, JJ, and Haley are horrified as they watched Jennifer’s body fall from above. They quickly called for help getting her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Jennifer lapsed into a coma after surgery. Abe visits with Lani and doesn’t believe her reasoning for leaving Eli at the alter. Lani later runs into Gabi. She tells her off and punches her knowing good and well Gabi won’t give up her power over a punch. Gina stops by the hospital to see what was happening with Jennifer. She was surprised to know that she was alive after the fall. She felt bad for pushing Jennifer but knew that she couldn’t risk her waking from her coma. She is also worried about Rafe, who is on the case, finding out that she was the culprit. However, Jack has his own suspect in mind. Dr. Rolf. He is on the lookout for the missing flash drive - that Gina took - and enlists the help of John to find it. John also gives Jack an hourglass that helped him get through the time when Marlena was in a coma. 

Kristen has another pregnancy scare, but Sarah assures her that everything is fine. She was just spotting. Maggie and Xander then give Sarah a proper send-off (lemon bars and a framed picture of Xander) as she prepares to leave town. On her way out the door, she is met by Nicole. Nicole tells her that she knows about the baby and begs her not to tell Eric. They come to an understanding that it would be best for both of them if he didn’t know about the baby. Little did they know that Kristen was baring her soul to Eric at the same time and thought it fit to tell Eric that Sarah was pregnant. Eric rushes off to confront Sarah and was surprised to find Nicole there who finally tells him the truth. Kristen talks with Brady about really wanting to make amends for all of her dirty deeds, and Brady kisses her. 

Ben continues to have the nightmare where he kills Jordan, and Ciara is there to comfort him. When Ben returns home later that day he discovers that his window was unlocked and someone - Jordan - had been there and broken a picture of Ciara. Rafe sets up for him and Ciara to go to a safe house. Ben returns to the apartment looking for Ciara and discovers the place had been trashed. Underneath the rubble, he finds a body that he believes is Ciara. The final scenes see Jack turn over the hourglass and when the time ran out Jennifer wakes up. Jack is surprised to see her and tells her that she has been in a coma for a year! Time jump time! 

Performers of the Week!

Performers of the Week are Sal Stowers (Lani Price) and Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) from Days of Our Lives!

It was obvious to us by fan support on social media alone who should get performers of the week. I was already expecting to see some pretty amazing performances from Sal and Lamon for the dramatic #Elani wedding, but what I was given was two heart-wrenching powerhouse performances that are destined to end up on an Emmy reel! 

Thanks to Gabi’s devious plan to blow up Julie’s heart, Lani has to do the unthinkable and leave her love at the altar. She agonizes over the situation and makes one last attempt to apologize to Gabi for her part in Stefan’s death. Unfortunately, her pleas fall short and she has to pull a runaway bride. Eli follows her and finds her crying on the ground in that gorgeous dress. She begs him to leave her alone, but he won’t until she tells him what is going on. Lani tells him that she doesn’t deserve a husband after taking Gabi’s away (Gabi’s words). Eli tries to reassure her that the shooting was an accident and that she needs to forgive herself. Lani apologizes to Eli for letting him fall in love with “a woman who is not worthy.” Eli pleads desperately for Lani to stop this and go back to the wedding, but Lani stops him - and us - in his tracks when she tells him that she doesn’t really love him. He doesn’t believe her, but she paints the picture of a couple who found each other due to grief not out of love. She breaks his heart as she tells him that she hoped one day she would fall in love with him, but that day never came. After she walks away from him, Eli gets comfort from Gabi. And in some beautiful and heartbreaking scenes, Abe tends to his daughter’s broken heart. 

Sal and Lamon’s emotional portrayal of Elani’s break up had us in tears. The heartbreak. The desperation. UGH!!! AMAZING! It’s fantastic seeing these two dynamic performers getting the chance to shine! They do anguish well, but we’re already planning for the #Elani reunion! Whenever that may be! 

Our Honorable Mention of the Week is Brad Maule (Tony Jones, General Hospital)!

General Hospital fans got an emotional treat this week with the return of Dr. Tony Jones! Tony was killed off the soap in 2006 and has missed out on some major moments in his son, Lucas’ life. Lucas, who is struggling with his marriage and relationship with his biological father Julian, goes to Tony’s grave seeking advice. Tony’s spirit appears to him and the two have a touching chat. We teared up instantly when Tony told Lucas that he was proud of him! It was lovely to have Brad Maule back for such a beautiful set of scenes. And Tony’s final scene with Bobbie! It. Was. Too. Much. For. Our. Hearts! 



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Soap Opera News: Performers of The Week: Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey!
Performers of The Week: Days of Our Lives' Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey!
Days of Our Lives’ Sal Stowers (Lani) and Lamon Archey (Eli) are the Performers of the Week and General Hospital's Brad Maule (Tony) gets the honorary mention! Read more here --->>
Soap Opera News
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