Nia Sioux Talks B&B, Exciting New Projects, Role Models, and Much More! (EXCLUSIVE)

Photo: CBS

Soap Opera News got the opportunity to chat with recent The Bold and the Beautiful alum Nia Sioux! We had a lovely chat about her beginnings in the entertainment industry, her exciting new projects and much more! 

Nia was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She started dancing around the age of two years old. “I’ve always loved being on the stage and performing. I was a very dramatic kid,” Sioux laughed. When she was nine she became part of the cast for Dance Moms, which followed the early dance and show business training and careers of children in the Abby Lee Dance Company. Nia credits her time there for helping her grow into the person she is today. “That [show] has really guided me into things that I love to do now like singing and acting.” Nia was always interested in acting and participated in several musical theatre productions. “I’ve always wanted to be on Broadway.” At 13, she was spending more time in Los Angeles for the show and she began going out on auditions. She fell in love with the world of acting and wanted to improve her skills. A couple of times a week after filming would wrap on Dance Moms, she would go to acting classes. 

She landed a four-episode guest spot as Emma Barber on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful in 2018. “I was so excited. This was the first scripted show that I had ever done.” Nia recalled walking into the studio with her mother, who was an avid soap watcher. They walked down the hall looking at all of the pictures of the cast on the wall. “My mom was having a fangirl moment,” she laughed. On her last day of filming, she got the call offering her a contract as a regular on the series. “They tied me to the show. I have an uncle now! It was great!” Her character, Emma, started out as an intern at Forrester Creations and they built a story around her. She became the niece of Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) and an integral part of the latest Hope for the Future line. Sioux recently left the soap to do other projects, but she loved her experience and appreciated what she learned at the show. “It was such great training, because now when I get on a set I can learn my lines very quickly. I loved being a part of it. It was such an amazing experience.” 

Sioux has been hard at work on several new projects! She has been working on new music this year including a new song on the soundtrack for the new film Next Level. The single “Girl Code” was inspired by the movie which featured girls sticking up for each other instead of tearing them down. Nia also has two movies coming out in 2020: The Code and The Lies I Tell Myself. The most exciting news is that she has been cast as the lead in Sunnyside Up. The series premiering tomorrow on Brat TV “follows Lily (Sioux), and her newfound friends as they form an unconventional girl gang on Sunnyside Court. The girls attend a wacky new-age high school where all kinds of fantastical, colorful characters come to play -- and where the tea never stops flowing.” Nia also mentioned that she has something really exciting coming that she can’t mention just yet, but we are excited to see what it is!

Nia has had quite a career already, and she is taking her stardom and using it for good. Every Monday on social media she shares the story of someone who inspires her. “I have a ton of role models and people that I look up to. What I wanted to give my fans is a place where I can promote people who may not have the same platform.” These role models motivate and inspire her and she hopes that she can do the same for her fans. Her biggest inspiration comes from her parents. “I am very blessed to have the family that I have.” Noting that her mother has been a guiding force in her life providing her with many life lessons. She shared “I feel like so many times we always think so negatively of ourselves, and we let other people shine in our lives. We don’t focus on ourselves enough. Don’t let others control you. You are the star in your own life.”  And with a message like that, I can guarantee that Nia Sioux is going to encourage so many young fans around the world. 

Thank you, Nia, for a fantastic interview. It is wonderful to see people doing great things and changing the world for the better! 

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