Performer of The Week: General Hospital's Maura West!

Our Performer of the Week is General Hospital's Maura West (Ava). The Honorable Mention goes to The Young and the Restless' Mark Grossman (Adam).

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Recaps & Winners

General Hospital

Brook Lynn’s presence back in town causes some animosity during the holidays, especially with Olivia. Monica told Olivia that Brook Lynn is like her grandmother and that if she didn’t stand up to her she will get trampled. Things take a turn off the cliff for the worse when Lulu shows up at the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving dinner. The tension between the girls reached a boiling point when Brook Lynn tells Lulu she abandoned her marriage to move on with Dustin. Lulu yells out in front of everyone that Dante abandoned her. Monica in the hopes of keeping Quartermaine tradition for “Frew,” donated their Thanksgiving dinner to the hospital...without telling anyone. Brook Lynn confronts Monica about the missing dinner and decides to take the fall for it when Olivia ponders who did it. But Monica is smart and knows that favors from her will ultimately result in a returned one of her own. Ned, who is suspicious of his daughter’s behavior, reaches out to Lois to see what is going on with her. Anna confronts Robert about his ongoing need to protect her and that even though she appreciates it he needs to stop. But this is Robert...that is not going to happen. He tells her that if she doesn’t want to drop Finn than that is on her, but he warns her against her relationship with Peter. 

Julian and Neil start to piece together who Kendra is and what a danger she is to Alexis. Somehow Kendra was able to get an unconscious Alexis into her car and drove her to the road where she hit Kiefer. When she wakes in the backseat, Kendra injects her with a paralytic and tells her that she found out through Shiloh that Alexis had killed him on purpose. She goes on to tell her how good of a person he was and how he didn’t deserve to die...and that she was going to run her over the same way she did him. Lucas begs Brad for the truth about what he is hiding, but Brad just doesn’t have the courage to tell him. Their fight is interrupted by a call from Carly asking them to stop by for dinner to help Sonny after Mike’s episode. The two continue their argument in the car and Brad finally yells out the truth about Wiley being Michael and Nelle’s son. Kendra is about run over Alexis when Lucas comes down the road trying to slam on his brakes. Unable to avoid her they slam into her car. Alexis wakes and gets to Kendra’s window as she made a dying vow that death would find Alexis. Julian and Neil tell Kristina what they know about Kendra and she tracks Alexis’ phone. The two men discovered the wreckage and call 911. Julian is shocked to see Lucas with Brad inside of the other car. Kristina, blaming herself for Alexis’ incident, calls Sonny to the hospital for support. Brad and Lucas are rushed to GH. Brad only has minor injuries while Lucas is suffering from significant head trauma and is in a medically induced coma. Lucas’ family gathers at the hospital by his side as he fights for his life. Julian is distraught with the fact that he might be the reason his son dies. Bobbie tells him that their son needs all of the love and support they can offer. Carly, wanting the best care for her brother, calls Griffin back to town to check his scans. Griffin assures them that he is getting the best care and they are just in the waiting game. He also checked on Mike’s scans as a favor for Sonny, but he confirmed Sonny’s fears that the end is near for Mike. Sonny tells him that he will do anything for more time with Mike, and Griffin mentions an experimental treatment in Sweden. Sonny begs him to see if they can get Mike into the treatment. 

Jordan and Curtis talk about trying to spend more time together as a couple before she gets called away to the scene of the wreck. She finds it suspicious that there were no skid marks at the scene. Maxie and Peter spent the holiday with Finn and Anna. Andre made a surprise appearance and Peter took the opportunity to get the details on Franco’s memory map reversal. The day of Franco’s procedure has arrived and “Drew” wanted to finish Oscar’s treehouse before going to the hospital. Jason shows up and helps him finish the job as he prepares himself for Sam’s parole hearing. Sam, on the other hand, is dealing with her new cellmate Nelle. Sasha, wanting to know if Willow is pregnant or not, brings her a pregnancy test. And after a long day of helping Michael take care of Wiley after the accident, she tells her that the test was negative. She is not pregnant. The scare leads her and Chase to have a conversation about having children. They decide that they would like them in the future, but they are not ready at the moment. 

Nikolas pays off an employee at Shadybrooke to switch Ava’s medication and to let him in her room. He proceeds to torture her by saying she betrayed him and now he is in Hell with Kiki. He wears her down and gets the location of the portrait of out her. Jax gets a talking to from Carly about risking his relationship with Joss if he keeps up his scheming ways. And after he gets a call from Finn and Anna asking about Hayden he starts to think she is right. It might be time to end this plot against Valentin. He meets with Nikolas, who tells him that he was the reason behind Hayden’s exit and that he knows where the painting is. Valentin ropes Martin into breaking into the gallery looking for the portrait, but they are interrupted by a masked Nikolas. He and Valentin fight and Nik gets away. After hearing about Valentin’s thoughts on the portrait, Nina visits with Ava. She finds an upset Ava spouting off about ghosts. She thinks that Ava is being over-medicated until she finds Nikolas’ Cassadine ring on the floor. She tells Ava that she thinks Nik is alive and messing with her. They are going to team up to take down the Cassadine men that are ruining their lives. 

The Young and the Restless

Billy Abbott is STRUGGLING! Unsure of himself and what’s next he makes his way to his comfort zone. The bar. While there he meets Amanda and introduces himself. Later when she is being harassed by a drunk patron he steps in. The two sit down for a drink and a chat when the power goes out thanks to a storm. The blackout also leads to several others being trapped together. Phyllis and Nick spend some time chatting about Chelsea moving in with Adam before they fall into a place of familiarity with each other. Victoria gets locked into her office with Rey thanks to her fancy door lock system. The two get to know each other better as they work together to get the door open. Chelsea and Adam work to calm their son’s nerves during the storm. Adam begins to wonder if the darkness that he possesses inside is the monster that Connor is afraid of. During Connor’s latest session with Sharon, he tells her that he has found a “spell” to stop the monster away. “You can’t beat three. Mom, Dad, and me.” He informs Sharon that his mom and dad are the ones helping him and that he doesn’t need her to visit anymore. And when he overhears Chelsea talking about setting up another session he starts chanting for Sharon to go away! Yikes! 
Nate and Amanda talk about the possibility of her staying in Genoa City. She is hesitant to stay with how much Devon and Elena want her out of his life. Nate tells Elena to back off of Amanda and stop taking her frustrations out on her. Elena confronts Devon about his obsession with fixing everything. She tells him that something has to give and lately it has been her and their relationship. And after he has a dream about Hilary, he apologizes and later sets up a date night for them. Chance and Abby team up to find out who has been robbing the hotel. In his investigation, Chance discovers that Phyllis had implemented a backdoor into the system that allowed her to spy on Abby, Chelsea, and their guests. Abby fires Phyllis afterward, but it’s never that easy to get rid of Phyllis. She tells Abby that she believes she is pulling the damsel in distress act with Chance, and she might be right. After chatting with Chance about the possibility of the robberies being an inside job, she literally runs into him in the lobby. Dumping her bag full of the missing jewelry. Summer shows her cards when she flips after thinking that Theo wanted them to get a place together. He comes to her later and explained that they are just going through the motions of a relationship. He also doesn’t want anyone to think that he is resting on the DNA results or his relationship with her. So, he breaks up with her. 

Days of Our Lives

Ciara visits with Ben in prison again. She shows him the little piece of Xander’s confession she was able to save from the fire. When he makes his way back to his cell he interrupts Clyde as he tries to stab Will. The two fight over the knife and Ben gets injured. Clyde warns Ben not to say anything, but he tells the guard everything. Ben tells Will that Clyde will be gunning for them now. Ciara finally gets into Xander’s case to find...nothing. Justin asks Kayla to move in with him, but she isn’t too keen on the idea. She doesn’t want to rush things or take over a space that he shared with Adrienne. But later after the two of them decide to start their own Thanksgiving tradition of watching classic romance films, she asks him to move in with her. “Stevano” is revealed as he sees his portrait for the first time. Stefano isn’t too happy to have his mind inside of the body of his enemy. He and Gina talk about how Stefano had Steve imprisoned to do the transfer. He tells her he has a new plan to break up John and Marlena to get his Queen of the Night. John and Marlena argue over who could have sent her the flowers. He believes that it could be Stefano, and she randomly counters with how she thinks Hope has a thing for him. Sonny comes by Rafe’s to return Evan’s scarf that he left behind. The two chat for a while and end with Evan kissing him. He apologizes for being so forward as Sonny tells him not to worry about it. 

Nicole pleads with Eric when he packs a bag to move in with Roman. Eric tells her that he doesn’t think he can forgive her. Not even a heartbreaking talk with Brady can sway him. That she didn’t have enough faith in him or their relationship. He leaves and goes to see Mickey. He tells Sarah that he is willing to split custody 50/50 if Xander stays out of their lives. When Xander returns home to find that Sarah let Eric take Mickey he is upset. Sarah fills him in on Eric’s demand, and instead of fighting him on it...he packs a bag. He tells Sarah that he loves her and that he is willing to walk away if that meant she and Mickey were protected. Sarah realizing the depth of their feelings pulls him in for a kiss. The two are about to make love when Eric calls letting them know that Mickey is sick. They rush to the hospital to find that Mickey is lethargic and has an extremely high fever. Xander is devastated when he is barred from her room by Eric. Kate, who is working at the pub now, reminisces with Roman about how she left the ruthless business world behind to work with him. Abby asks for Roman’s help on where to start investigating Jennifer’s accident. He sends her to the evidence room at the police department. When “Hope” finds out what she wants to do she does her best to deter her from looking into the incident. When Rafe butts into the conversation and it looks like her plan isn’t working, she gives in and lets Abby have the evidence. Rafe confronts her about her behavior recently and she tells him they aren’t married anymore and to focus on his job. 

Lani calls Abe to tell him that she okay and is moving on. Kristen asks her if she is really ready to take her vows and forget everything she knew. After hearing from Lani that Jennifer is awake, Kristen calls her. She apologizes for what she did to Haley. And during a flashback, it is revealed that her baby was born healthy. Her talk with Jennifer is interrupted when a high JJ grabs the phone demanding where she is. Rumors start circulating that someone is about to dump a significant amount of DiMera stock and everyone wants it. It is soon revealed that Kristen plans on donating her stock to the church once she takes her final vows. “Stevano” sends Chad to try and get to her first, but he is beat to the DiMera jet by Eli, who was sent by Gabi. JJ followed Eli to Rome where he steals his gun. Haley’s spirit tries to stop him but he tracks down Kristen anyway. An unsuspecting Eli makes his way into the church to find Lani. Jennifer goes to look at some news highlights that Jack made for her and has the first flash of a memory. She remembers putting Rolf’s flash drive into the computer the night of her fall. 

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Logan girls gather to fill each other in on their lives. They are shocked to find out that Brooke and Ridge are getting a divorce. And Brooke gets a surprise of her own when Donna lets her know that Shauna is living at Eric’s with Ridge. Bill celebrates having both Wyatt and Liam back working at Spencer. Liam tells Bill that he doesn’t want to be pitted against his brother when it comes to duties at the company. But lord have mercy...they might be pitted against each other in another way. Wyatt and Sally talked about how something just didn’t feel right in their relationship at the moment. She tries to reassure him that she wants to marry him and then ruins the moment when she calls him Liam. I CANNOT! Sally tells him it was just a simple mistake because she just spoke to Liam, but he isn’t so sure. Sally tells him that there is no reason to worry and that he is just scared. She offers to fly out to Vegas that day and marry him, but he doesn’t want them to get married just to try and prove something. 

Shauna and Ridge grow closer as she tells him that she is in love with him. They decide to slow down know since it has been like a day since he split from his wife. Lol. However, Quinn tells Shauna to go get her man while Eric calls Ridge out on neglecting his marriage. Ridge tells Shauna that he is taking the divorce papers over to Brooke, but hopes to give her one last chance to fix things. While there he gives Brooke an ultimatum. Either she forgives Thomas or they get divorced. Steffy drops by Hope’s to talk about Thomas. She tells her that even though she appreciates how much she cares for her nephew, she believes Hope is manipulating Thomas to get to Douglas. Hope asks Steffy is she can forgive her brother and she says she wants to. Liam and Thomas have a chat of their own about him using Hope’s love for Douglas to get to her. Liam warns him to stay away from his family and Thomas reminds him that he and Hope share a child now too. Steffy grows concerned after finding out that Thomas used Douglas to try and guilt trip Hope into coming back and working with him on the Hope For The Future line. Hope initially had turned him down, but tells Liam that she is considering going back to work with Thomas as her designer. Let’s just say that doesn’t sit well with Liam.

Our Performer of the Week is General Hospital's Maura West!

Maura West proving what a powerhouse actress she is once again! Nikolas worked his way into Ava’s room after she was given the wrong medication thanks to an employee at Shadybrooke. Nik proceeded to torture a mentally unstable Ava to gain the location of Helena Cassadine’s portrait. Maura’s portrayal of Ava’s anguish was profound and heartbreaking. It was difficult to watch at times...which goes to show just how fantastic an actress she is. But things are looking up for Ava. Nina found Nik’s ring with the Cassadine crest engraved in it and realizes that the ghost Ava has been seeing might not be a ghost at all. I can’t wait to see these two team up!

Our Honorable Mention is The Young and the Restless' Mark Grossman!

Adam spent the week with Chelsea as they worked hard to help their son through his rough patch. Adam began to think that the monster that Connor is afraid of is him. In an emotionally raw moment, he was honest with Chelsea about the darkness that lies within him. He wonders if that darkness could be what is affecting his son. Mark did a wonderful job in these scenes making us feel Adam’s pain at the thought he could be the one hurting his child. I love seeing fantastic actors get such depth in their material! It makes me a happy soaper! 



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Soap Opera News: Performer of The Week: General Hospital's Maura West!
Performer of The Week: General Hospital's Maura West!
Our Performer of the Week is General Hospital's Maura West (Ava). The Honorable Mention goes to The Young and the Restless' Mark Grossman (Adam).
Soap Opera News
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