Performers of The Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang!

Our Performer of the Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). And our honorable mentions go to Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Greg Vaughan (Eric) from Days of Our Lives and General Hospital's Rebecca Budig (Hayden). Read more here--->>

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Recaps & Winners

General Hospital
Cam, Joss, Trina, and Dev spent the day in detention in punishment for the school dance incident. Dev slips up and Cam and Trina start to question his story about being Sonny’s cousin.  He and Joss come clean about his situation and the group makes a pact to protect his secret and each other. Stella, Carly, and Sonny stop by to visit with Mike, who has had a significant cognitive decline. Stella informs them that Mike had asked her to help him say goodbye when this time came. Sonny has been in denial about just how far gone his father has gotten, but the truth hits him hard after Mike has an episode at Thanksgiving. TJ asked Alexis for permission to propose to Molly, and she informed him that even though she loved that he asked...he shouldn’t have. Molly has never been one to follow old societal rules and she makes her own decisions. TJ also told Stella about his plans and the two had an important chat about life. The right for a black man to marry a white woman hasn’t always been protected, and she wants him to live his life and be safe at the same time. Charlotte got a surprise when she discovers a picture of her newly confessed bodyguard, Nikolas, on Lulu’s phone. 

“Frew” got invited by Monica to spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines before he starts his memory mapping reversal procedure. He also informed Julian of his decision and got laid into about abandoning Kim. Hayden and Nik had a conversation about what he overheard at Valentin’s. He tells her that he got her into this mess so he will help her out of it. He wants her to leave town to be safe away from Valentin. Hayden is unwilling to leave town not that Violet has found a family in Port Charles. So, for her own protection, Nikolas hires a guy to try and attack her on the pier. Worried about Valentin finding out about Violet and for her own safety she decides to leave town. She packs extra clothes and toys for Violet’s sleepover with Finn and slips a goodbye letter in her backpack. She has a tearful goodbye with her daughter before taking off. The next day when Hayden never shows up to pick up Violet Finn discovers the note and shares the news with Anna. Sasha and Michael wonder where Valentin got the DNA samples from that show she is related to Nina. Willow begins to feel ill and confesses to Sasha that she might be pregnant. 

Laura comes to Jax with the idea that Valentin might have been the one trying to implement him in Cassandra’s escape with the hopes of getting rid of two enemies at once. The two get an unwelcomed visitor in Martin Gray. He claimed to have an anonymous client who acquired Helena’s portrait from the Jerome gallery. And that client would be willing to sell it to them for a price. Laura and Jax question his story after he leaves, but unfortunately for them, Martin left his tablet on the table recording their conversation. He stops by to retrieve it and then heads straight to Valentin to deliver the news. At Thanksgiving, Anna invites Andre to join them. While there Peter is shaken to find out from him that Franco is going to have the memory procedure reversed. Lucas is avoiding the inevitable fighting with Brad by spending as much time at the hospital as possible, but after a conversation with Brook Lynn about working on his family he decides to come home. He asks Brad for the whole truth claiming that if he tells him that they can work through it together. What the boys don’t know is that Julian has his own plan to end the fighting. He checked on Lucas’ work schedule earlier in the week. Thinking that he would be gone and knowing that Michael took Wiley for Thanksgiving at the Corinthos’, Julian cuts a wire (the brake line?) on Brad’s car. Neil comes to Alexis with his suspicions about Kendra. Alexis is skeptical of the fact that her life coach could be poisoning her. But after Kendra acts sketchy when Alexis said that she could order her protein supplement on her own she follows her out of the hospital. She watches as Kendra talks to a headstone vowing to get revenge. Alexis goes to see whose grave she was talking to after she leaves and is shocked to see it is Kiefer’s. She doesn’t get much time to worry about it before Kendra knocks her out with a rock!

The Young and the Restless

The week started off with a celebration for the life of Jack Abbott and his portrayer Peter Bergman as the Abbotts came together to read Traci’s finished family memoir. Chance and Cane showed up in the Maldives to track down Jill and Collin. After Chance calls out the obvious scam, Collin confesses that the money was never supposed to go to Cane. He also implicates his son in the scam, which Cane adamantly denies. However, Jill starts to think that Cane’s involvement could be possible. He could have done it in retaliation for Lily going to jail for Hilary’s death. While the group is distracted, Collin tries to take off after telling the group he has already drained Cane’s bank account of the money. Chance catches him and turns him over to the transport agents. Unfortunately, Collin was able to escape the agents and gives his latest adversary a call before taking off. Back in Genoa City, Devon is filled in on the drama and Elena calls out Amanda for her part in the drama. Nate defends Amanda against her accusations. And Cane vows to clear his name by leaving town to track down the missing money. 

Connor is still struggling and after another session with Sharon, she determines that he is suffering from PTSD. Adam decides that it’s time to put all of their efforts into helping Connor and asks Chelsea to move in with him to help their son. With her already pushing Nick aside to spend time with Connor and Adam, I think we are in for a Chick break up very soon. The Grand Phoenix is not going so well! Abby is struggling to keep the business afloat amidst their recent scandals. And the fact that they had two rooms that were robbed this week doesn’t look good for her! She does get some help when Chance offers to stay in town and try to find out what is going on. Billy’s therapist hit a nerve when she tells him that there is no quick fix for his problems and asks him if he even likes himself. Sharon and Rey have a sweet moment alone after spending the holiday feeding the homeless. Phyllis continues to taunt Chance with what she knows about Vegas. Chance tells Adam that he owes him one for what happened in vegas. Adam brushes it off and tells him that they helped each other and that they need to stop talking about it. Theo started his first day at Jabot and made quite the first impression. Kyle keeps telling himself to give Theo a chance and keep an open mind, but he can’t help but feel like this will all blow up in their faces. And Summer has had to put some rules and boundaries on how Theo acts towards her at the office. The woman doesn’t seem too excited about mixing business and pleasure. 

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke got a shock when she discovers a not-dead Thomas alone with Hope. Thomas doesn’t believe that she is sincere about being happy he is alive. He tells her that she should go tell Ridge the full truth about the last 24 hours...or he will. She leaves Hope and Thomas to talk. He apologizes again and asks her for forgiveness. Stating that Douglas needs her as much as he does and they can work together to raise him. The two of them tell Douglas that Hope is officially his mom and they are a family now. Brooke makes it to Ridge’s and tries to calmly tell him that she thought his son was dead at the hands of her daughter and lied to him about it. He is understandably upset by the confession. He calls her out on the hypocrisy of the situation. She has asked him for forgiveness so many times but is unwilling to forgive it. She has condemned him for sticking by his son while she has just done the same for her daughter. He tells her that he believes that she was happy thinking that Thomas was dead and that he no longer recognized the woman standing in front of him. He claims that her hatred for Thomas is not only affecting them but everyone around them as well. Brooke is shocked when Ridge tells her that it is over. The two share a heartbreaking moment before he walks out the door. 

Liam and Steffy both get filled in on the Thomas situation. And Brooke tells Hope about her breakup with Ridge. Ridge seeks advice about the adoption from Carter but nothing can be done. Shauna finds out that Ridge split from Brooke. She tells him that she doesn’t want to cause any more tension in his relationship, but she doesn’t think she can just be his friend anymore. She starts to leave and Ridge asks her to stay. He tells her that he believes she came into his life at the right time and kisses her. 

Days of Our Lives

Chad got an un-welcomed surprise when he found Dr. Rolf waiting for him instead of Stefano. Rolf warns Chad that Stefano doesn’t want Abby involved in their business anymore. Abby caught Eli trying to go through Chad’s laptop. He claimed it was for a security update, but she knows better than that. She tells Chad what happened and Eli listens into their conversation. He informs Gabi of their suspicious behavior. Clyde discovered that Ben tipped off Ciara about baby Mickey when he slipped up during their conversation. Ciara was able to knock out Ray and save Mickey. She left an anonymous tip about where she was and Rafe and Xander quickly rescue her. “Hope” gave Sarah the unread confession that Xander gave her, which Xander covers by saying he had set up an offshore account to pay ransom if need be. Sarah is soon reunited with her baby, and her and Xander enjoy some time with their little family before all hell breaks loose! Nicole was devastated to have to turn down Eric’s proposal. She told him that she had been keeping a secret from him and finally decided to tell him that he was Mickey’s father. She tries her best to explain her and Sarah’s reasoning behind the betrayal, but all Eric saw was red. He stormed out of the apartment, leaving her and the engagement ring behind.  

Sister Lani and Sister Kristen continue to bond over their shared struggles. Lani doesn’t think that she can take her final vows with so much hatred in her heart for Gabi. Abby tries to connect with JJ, who is not doing well at all. She is concerned about how adamant he is to find Kristen as she recalls having to be the one to tell him that Haley had died. Eric storms into the Kiriakis mansion demanding to see his child. Maggie does her best to stop him, but that wasn’t enough. He busts in on Sarah and Xander having a moment. Xander and Eric go toe to toe as Sarah goes to get Mickey. It was an emotional moment as Eric held his child for the first time. Brady had stopped by Eric’s to find a devastated Nicole. She tells him all the sordid details of her lies  and he comforts her. Telling her that she was the first person to comfort him after his baby had died. 

Jack and Jennifer spent Thanksgiving in the hospital with Abby and Chad. Abby told Chad that she believed Eve when she said she wasn’t the one who pushed Jennifer off of the balcony. Jennifer made a point to apologize to Kayla for the way that she had reacted to her relationship with Justin. While on a pre-dinner run, Justin and Sonny talk about how much they are missing Adrienne during the holiday. They run into Evan and Sonny promptly invites him to have dinner at their house. Marlena got a surprise bouquet of flowers from a mysterious “S.” They thought that they might have been from Sami, but later found out they weren’t. Gina interrupts the two during a romantic moment. Marlena tells John that she believes Hope is up to something because she has been nothing but rude and hostile towards her since she got back into town.

Hattie shows Eve the ropes around a prison Thanksgiving. Abby tells Jack and Jennifer about her visit with Eve. Jack is upset, but Jennifer tells her that something doesn’t feel right about her being in prison. Kayla nervously shows up for her first Thanksgiving at the Kiriakis household. Justin tells her that she has nothing to worry about and that everyone there loves her. (Minus Victor of course. Lol) Sonny eases her mind when they get a moment alone. He tells her that she is good for his father and that they both deserve to be happy. Gina is curious about how she and Stefano will finish out their plans. She finishes her portrait just in time for a grand reveal. IT WAS STEVE! That’s right, folks! Steve “Patch” Johnson has both eyes, an accent, and believes that he is Stefano DiMera! CRAZY! Welcome back, Stephen Nichols! You were missed!

Our Performers of the Week are The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)!

Brooke and Ridge had a rough week! Brooke finally came clean to Ridge about Thomas. Brooke assumed that if she just simply asked for forgiveness from Ridge that everything could go back to normal for the two. Unfortunately for her, the knowledge that she thought his son was dead for over 24 hours and lied to him about it was too much for Ridge to forgive this time around. It doesn't matter how much they still love each other...and they still do...there are just too many obstacles in the way. Ridge told Brooke that this was goodbye and the two reminisced about the good times before he walked out of the door. Thorsten and Kelly's heartbreaking portrayal of a couple still deeply in love being torn apart was devastating to watch. It had me crying!

Our Honorable Mentions:

Days of Our Lives’ Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Greg Vaughan (Eric)

My poor Ericole babies! They can never be happy, but Arianne and Greg together are just magic together! Nicole knew that she had to turn down Eric’s proposal. She finally told him the truth about him being baby Mickey’s father. Nicole tried her best to explain why she lied to him, but Eric was in complete shock by the admission. The devastating conversation had us all emotional as he stormed out leaving her and the ring behind! 

General Hospital’s Rebecca Budig (Hayden)

Sadly, we had to say goodbye again to Hayden! In fear for her life and the safety of her daughter, she had made the heartbreaking decision to leave Port Charles and Violet behind. She dropped off extra supplies for Violet and had a tearful goodbye with her little girl before slipping in a note for Finn to find. Budig’s emotional farewell was just heart wrenching to watch! Come back soon, Rebecca! 



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Soap Opera News: Performers of The Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang!
Performers of The Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang!
Our Performer of the Week: The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). And our honorable mentions go to Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Greg Vaughan (Eric) from Days of Our Lives and General Hospital's Rebecca Budig (Hayden). Read more here--->>
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