Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Wally Kurth and Chandler Massey!

Our performers of the week are Days of Our Lives' Wally Kurth (Justin) and Chandler Massey (Will)! Our honorable mention goes to Genera Hospital's Max Gail (Mike)! Read more here --->>>

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Recaps & WInners!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Oh, boy! More and more people are becoming concerned about Thomas’ actions. Steffy confronts him about using Douglas to get to her. She’s tried to appeal to his conscience, but when that doesn’t work she pulls out my favorite line of the week “you know she doesn’t like you, right?!” Noting that Hope is only playing nice because of Douglas. Liam, who has a run-in with Thomas of his own, comes to Steffy wanting them to work together against Thomas. He wants them to work together to figure out if Thomas’ plea of being a changed man is true or not. Shauna even becomes a little worried about Thomas’ obsession when he talks with her about Hope. Quinn and Shauna talk about how she shouldn’t give up on RIdge just yet.

Brooke tells Ridge that she can’t forgive Thomas and that she doesn’t think she ever will. He needs professional help and how “poor misguided” Thomas never gets blamed for anything - including killing Emma. Ridge comes to realize that she will never bend on the issue and signs the papers. She signs them too but asks him not to file them as he heads out the door. Thomas later brings up the idea of relaunching the Hope For The Future line. Ridge informs him that they only have room for one line at the moment. So, Thomas comes up with the idea of a fashion showdown where the line with the most orders stays. Zoe is getting antsy waiting around for her job. She calls Thomas, who had pretty much forgotten about helping her come back to Forrester. Eric stops by Brooke’s to comfort her after hearing about the divorce papers from Quinn. 

Liam was shocked to hear that Hope was even considering working with Thomas on her line. He pleads with her that this is just a ploy to get close to her again. She tells him that she can handle Thomas. When Hope returns to Forrester, Thomas shares the news about the fashion showdown and asks again for them to work together. He does his best to make her agree, but Hope is defiant. She tells him that their relationship will strictly be about Douglas and that is it. She cannot forgive him for his betrayal. Ridge and Steffy get filled in by Hope on her decision. Steffy attempts to talk her out of the competition, but game on! Hope is ready to come back and face off with Steffy over the line. Wyatt and Liam had a talk about Sally saying his name. Liam tried to play it off like it was nothing, but Wyatt tells him that it caused a lot of damage. Thomas and Shauna talk about Ridge. He tells her that he’s always wanted someone like her for his father. Thomas is also reeling from his failed plan of working with Hope and begins to imagine what life would be like for them together sans Brooke. “Goodbye, Brooke. Hello, happiness!”

General Hospital

Anna and Peter have a heart to heart about moving on from their past mistakes. Anna tells him that she should’ve fought for what matters to her...and so should he. The conversation makes Peter reconsider the hitman he hired to take out Andre and Franco. Unfortunately for him, the hired gun has already dumped his phone on his way into the OR. The man makes his way into the operating room as Franco’s loved ones sit outside. Andre does his best to fight off the man but gets knocked out in the process. Peter rushes to the hospital and bust in on the altercation and shoots the hitman just as Anna comes out of the elevator. She goes into action and finds where the shot came from. Peter claimed that he saw a suspicious man lurking and followed him. He interrupted the fight and shot the man in self-defense when he came at him. Anna and Liz called him a hero, while Jason grew more skeptical of his actions when he overhears Peter checking in on the condition of the man he shot. Jason notes his findings to Anna making the claim that he is the reason that Sam is in prison. Anna is in denial about the situation and refuses to believe him. She tells him that she understands that Peter took a lot from him, but he’s changed. Ava checked herself out of Shadybrooke and is ready to take back charge of her life. She and Trina work to make sure nothing was stolen during the gallery break-in, and visits with Avery. Carly is instantly suspicious of her attitude and words on how some visions are more based in reality than they first appear. Nina comes by the gallery after hearing about Valentin’s failed heist the masked mystery man. She tells her that she believes it was Nikolas who was under the mask. Ava doesn’t think she can trust Nina until she lets her in on the fact Valentin was behind Sasha’s scam. Ava, who has disguised Helena’s portrait, starts her plan to take down her enemies when she sets up an auction at the gallery for the painting. Griffin made a stop by to see Ava. The two talk about Kiki and forgiveness. 

Jax fed up with Nikolas’ actions, packs up his things in trash bags and tells him he wants out of their agreement. He won’t let Nikolas drag him down and makes a vow to bring Hayden back. As Nik gets ready to leave he realizes that his ring is missing. Jax later has a run-in with Valentin. Valentin had just learned from Martin, who is having Spencer followed, that it doesn’t seem like Spencer is behind their interest in the painting. He questions Jax on why he would be involved and chalks it up to messing with him because he wants Nina for himself. Jax is then introduced to Griffin by Laura and Maxie. The conversation turns to Charlotte’s parentage. He is interested to learn about Claudette and the mystery surrounding her death. He brings it up when he chats with Nina. She tells him that according to Valentin they faked her death and she’s off living life elsewhere. Jax tells her that she can keep up her routine with Valentin, but in the end, she will be the one hurt. Ned has a talk with Brook Lynn. She has fired Lois and hired some new flashy manager. Unfortunately, the new manager hasn’t done much for her career so far. Ned is upset to find out that she signed a five-year deal without having anyone look over it. Harmony is out of prison due to overcrowding and stops to talk with Willow. She is ready to move on from Shiloh but recognizes that she was able to do a lot of good things through dawn of day. Alexis comforts Julian as he awaits news on Lucas. Olivia tells Lulu about Dante’s returned letters when she runs into her at the hospital. She also tells Alexis that she wants to drop the lawsuit against Julian to try and ease some of his load. Brook Lynn stops by the hospital to check in on Lucas and gets introduced to Julian...the man she flirted with...and her step-brother’s father. 

After an unsuccessful meeting with Martin, Nelle hatches a plan of her own. She goes to Ryan with the idea that if he helps her get out that she can be his bridge to Ava on the outside. Chase shows up just in time to hear Nelle scream. He finds her on the ground bleeding with Ryan standing over her with a scalpel. She is rushed out of the prison and to the hospital. During her statement, she spins the story of how Ryan wanted her to help him escape. And how he kept talking on and on about Ava and Laura.  Monica lets Lucas’ family know that they are working to bring him out of the coma and he is now off of the ventilator breathing on his own. Carly and Sonny continue to argue over Sonny’s denial of Mike’s condition. Trying to avoid the subject he snaps at her for lying to him for Jax. She tells him that it is better for everyone if he doesn’t know and he’ll understand eventually. She leaves to meet Jax on the pier when Nikolas shows up. When Carly hears about Nikolas’ latest actions and the missing ring she pieces together Ava’s words from before. She knows that Nikolas is really alive. Alexis visits Sam in prison. She is upset and blaming herself for the mess she is in.

Curtis and Laura talk about bringing Nina in on their plan. Laura isn’t sold on the idea, but Curtis assures her that can sway her if they can get hard proof of Valentin’s involvement with Sasha.Joss and Dev visit with Mike. Everything was going fine until Sonny showed up. Mike freaked out, thinking he was Joe Scully and yelled at him to get out. Joss and Dev were able to talk him down and convince him otherwise. Michael is being pulled in a hundred different directions at the moment. He is taking care of Wiley, playing mediator for his Carly and Sonny at the plea of Joss, and trying to run ELQ. Ned offers his help on the business front. He also brings up the issue with Oscar’s shares of the company stock. There are some probate issues and they are waiting on the determination whether the stock belongs to Shiloh or Oscar. Michael says if they are deemed Shiloh’s then they would go to Wiley. Ned wants to purchase them to give to Olivia and Leo. Charlotte sees Nik on the pier while Valentin is distracted on the phone. She tells him that she isn’t sure about his bodyguard story because he wasn’t around when she called after she got hurt on the playground. Later on, while having lunch with Laura she tells her about her bodyguard. Laura grows concerned that Charlotte is suffering from PTSD and imaging the man. 

The Young and the Restless

Mariah decided to insert herself into everyone’s business. LOL. After she finds out from Summer that she broke up with Theo she is concerned that Summer will turn her sights on Kyle. Summer tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Mariah goes to Lola with her concerns and tells her to watch out for Summer. Mariah also tried to give Devon advice about his relationship with Elena after they have another fight about his obsession with Amanda. Abby, who we last saw in a pretty awkward predicament, makes her case to Chance. She isn’t really a thief because she is the one who set up the fake robberies to oust Phyllis. Chance informs her that he had already figured out that she was the one behind the drama. The two share a laugh before she offers him a job as head of security for the Grand Phoenix. He would go on to turn her down but said that he is sticking around town and wants to take her on a date. Amanda continues to track her mystery person. She had a meeting with Phyllis, who wanted to hire her to help with a wrongful termination suit. Amanda turns her down noting that she is looking for an easier time around with her next case...and Phyllis is not that. Phyllis’ got her feelings hurt by a stranger judging her and turned to her daughter for a pep talk. Elena realizes that maybe she was wrong in judging Amanda and goes to apologize. The two decide to start fresh with each other much to Devon’s disdain. Elena tells Nate that he doesn’t think that Devon is over Hilary and that is causing his obsession with Amanda. Nate stops by to talk with Devon and gets him to open up a little bit about how much he has been struggling with everything. He starts to think that he should let up on Amanda until Victor stops by. He had someone look into Amanda. He discovered that she had hired someone to erase her online history around the same time that Collin started his scheme. 

Connor is upset when Sharon stops by for a visit after he told her not to. He is standoffish throughout their talk, but things start getting crazy after she leaves. He tells Adam that Sharon was mean to him and told him that if he wasn’t good he would get send away. Adam, of course, knew better and talked with Sharon. She offered the advice to sit down with Chelsea and set down some ground rules about lying. Chelsea, who just had another argument with Nick about living with Adam, is less than happy to hear the latest news about Connor. She starts to wonder if she is doing the right thing. Billy continues to struggle with his need to be perfect and keep everyone happy. After a disagreement with Victoria over where to spend the holidays, he makes his way to the bar for some alone time..and some poker! BILLY! Summer caught Theo going through papers on Jack’s desk. He tells her was just looking for some notes that Jack had left him, but she wasn’t convinced. She went to Kyle with her concerns. Kyle gave Jack somewhat of an ultimatum when he asked to be appointed CEO with him or he would walk away from Jabot. Jack agreed and Kyle celebrated with Summer at the office before heading home to his wife. Phyllis confronts Chance about Vegas again. This time mentioning she knows something about a duffle bag, a gun, and a sleazy looking guy. Billy spends some time chatting with Amanda at the bar. Making the comment that he wasn’t sure if he could trust himself. Nick pulled another guilt trip on Chelsea using Christian this time. He tells her that he isn’t sure if he can keep doing this. 

Days of Our Lives

Lani asked for a sign from God that she was doing the right thing..and she sure got one! Eli comes into the church looking for Kristen and finds her. Eli tells her why he is there and all about his relationship - professional and personal - with Gabi. The two find Kristen being held at gunpoint by JJ in the garden. Kristen does her best to talk JJ down. She apologizes and tells him that she is there to atone for her sins, but tells him to do what he needs to do to find peace. Lani even brings up how Abe forgave him for shooting Theo. The best part of the whole situation was Kristen completely forgetting that gun to her face when she finds out that Eli is with Gabi now. A girl has her sister’s back! She is literally saved by the bell when the church bell goes off and she tells JJ that if he is going to shoot her he will have to do it in the back. She leaves with Lani and asks her to team up to take back their lives away from the church. Julie and Gabi have a chat about forgiveness. Gabi vs Chad! She tries to kick him out of the house. Abby takes Jennifer back to the balcony to retrace her steps the night of her accident. She doesn’t remember taking the flash drive out of the computer, and tries to remember more about the accident but is interrupted when “Hope” and Jack show up. Jack takes her back to the hospital while Hope chastises Abby for putting her mother through too much while she is still fragile. Abby continues to probe and poke holes in Hope’s story. Gina gets smart though, and tells Abby that she will finally reopen Jennifer’s case...which means that she won’t have access to the evidence anymore. 

Chad fills Kate in on Stefano’s return, but little does he know she is more in the know than he is. Ten months ago Stefano reached out to her and she has been working with him the whole time. She runs to Stevano about her talk with Chad and the fact that he lied to him. Kayla and Marlena talk about her hesitancy to move in with Justin. Kayla clears out some space for Justin in her apartment while thinking about Steve. Ciara secures Justin as Ben’s new lawyer after filling him on her suspicions about Victor and Xander. Marlena gives the bad news to Sarah and Eric that baby Mickey has neuroblastoma that has metastasized. Abby tells Chad about her talk with Hope and how she thinks that she is hiding something. Chad offers the help of the DiMera tech team to have someone look at the security footage to see if it was doctored. Gina is worried when Rafe offers the footage up to Chad to aid in the investigation. She calls Stefano for help to get out of the situation, but it may be too late. Will asks Justin, who was on his way out of the prison from seeing Ben if they could talk. The two have a heartbreaking conversation as Will apologizes for the accident. He tells him he understands if he hates him, and Justin tells him that he could never hate his son. MY HEART! Sonny was needing someone to talk to and Evan was ready and willing! Their conversation was interrupted by Kate when she overhears them talking about their kiss. She lays into Sonny about abandoning Will, and Sonny doesn’t want to hear it. Kate then goes to Will with the information and he tells her that he is letting Sonny go. 

Maggie confronts Sarah about letting Eric dictate who can be in her life. Xander, who has been left of the conversation surrounding Mickey, goes to Kayla begging for info. Nicole tries to apologize to Eric. He tells her that he can’t deal with their issues at the moment. His focus has to be on Mickey. She tells him that she understands but she is not giving up on him. Sarah tells Xander that she and Eric have to take the baby to Boston for treatment. The two share an emotional goodbye after she tells him that he cannot go with them. Jack springs Jennifer from the hospital and the two spend some quality time at home. Ciara visits with Ben again. She tells him her new plan is to buddy up with a vulnerable Xander to try and get something out of him about killing Jordan. Ben isn’t too keen on the plan but has no choice. He also has to tell her about his fight with Clyde. And when he returns to his cell he finds a dead rat in his bed. Xander goes to open his lockbox in the office, and his key isn’t working. He realizes that the case has been switched out. 

Our Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives’ Wally Kurth (Justin) and Chandler Massey (Will)!

I saw a tweet recently that said: “it’s a good time to be a Wally Kurth fan!” And we 1000% agree! It’s great to see him getting so much screen time between Days of Our Lives and General Hospital! We’ve been extremely excited by his Days storyline because we’re getting the chance to see his emotional range on full display. This week we got some beautiful and heartbreaking scenes alongside Chandler Massey. Will asked Justin if they could talk before he left the prison after talking to his new client, Ben. Will did the only thing he could do and apologized to Justin for his part in Adrienne’s death. He told him how much he loved Adrienne and he understands if he hates him. AND HE RESPONDED THAT A DAD COULD NEVER HATE HIS SON! *grabs the kleenex* Oh, my heart! The depth of emotion that both men brought to their performance had everyone talking on social media. 

Honorable Mention:

Max Gail (Mike, General Hospital)

It’s no secret how amazing of an actor Max Gail is! This Daytime Emmy winner has been slaying his current storyline since it began. Sadly, Mike has suffered a significant cognitive decline with his illness. His episodes have become difficult for his loved ones to watch especially over the holidays. Sonny’s denial of his father’s decline tugs at the heartstrings as well. This week, Mike had a visit from Joss and Dev. When Sonny came by to join in on the fun Mike freaked out believing that he was Joe Scully and not his son. It was heartbreaking to watch his reaction to his father screaming in anger for him to leave. Max has portrayed the difficult storyline with the grace and dignity that is warranted along with making it powerful. 



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Soap Opera News: Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Wally Kurth and Chandler Massey!
Performers of the Week: Days of Our Lives' Wally Kurth and Chandler Massey!
Our performers of the week are Days of Our Lives' Wally Kurth (Justin) and Chandler Massey (Will)! Our honorable mention goes to Genera Hospital's Max Gail (Mike)! Read more here --->>>
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