Performer of the Week: General Hospital's Genie Francis!

Our Performer of the Week is Genie Francis (Laura, GH)! Our Honorable Mentions go to Cait Fairbanks (Tessa, YR) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben, Days). Read more here ---->>>

Photos: ABC

Recaps & Winners

General Hospital 

Valentin and Nina’s wedding came to a screeching halt when Nikolas burst through the door with Ava in his arms. Laura was overwhelmed at the sight of her son, who was back from the dead. Nikolas and Valentin engaged in a war of words as Ava told everyone that Valentin had thrown her over the parapet. Nikolas told Valentin about the codicil and how he was actually not a Cassadine at all...but Helena’s son instead! Laura and Lulu drag Nikolas to another room and confront him about making his family suffer for three years while he planned revenge. Valentin realizes that Nina wasn’t surprised to see him there. He was upset that she played him and she confronted him about lying to her. Peter and Maxie tried to stop Valentin from taking off with Charlotte, but after he punched Peter in the stomach they escaped. Laura gets another shock when Ava announces that she and Nikolas are getting married. She starts to realize that her son has truly embraced his Cassadine roots and tells them that she cannot be a part of the situation.

Joss decides to ring in the new year with Dev after Trina told her that he had feelings for her. Their night turned sour after she kissed him and he pulled away, telling her that he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. Cam was also upset with Trina after he found out that she had tried to set them up. Carly and Sonny talk about what’s next after their blowup. Sonny asked Gladys to leave and gave her car so she could visit Mike whenever she wanted. She gave him some research she had done for an experimental medical trial for Mike, and he is adamant about getting him into the trial. Anna started coming to terms with the fact she is compromising herself by protecting Peter. She calls him over and presents him with the evidence she found and he does his best to talk about how it was just a coincidence and that he was trying to escape his troubled past. A warrant was issued for Valentin’s arrest and Anna, who had found them in the park, had to talk him down to let Charlotte go with Lulu before he was hauled away.

Sonny was informed that one of his trucks had been hijacked and burned. And after Jordan questioned Jason about it, they started to think about who could have it out for them. Nikolas and Ava’s morning after their wedding was dramatic with a gun and arguments about Liesl staying at Wyndemere and the codicil. Ava refuses to give it to him unless she gets a post-nuptial agreement. She informs Julian and Sonny of her plans to bleed Nikolas of his fortune. After Valentin sends Martin to check on Charlotte, Lulu vows to not let Charlotte near him again. Carly comes up with a plan to reunite Jason and Sam at her place. Alexis is upset that they would compromise her freedom like that. They decide to go to Robert with a trade of information about Peter’s dirty deeds in exchange for him helping her get a new Parole Officer. Nikolas reunited with Alexis and Liz. Michael tries to help out a struggling Brad by offering to get Wiley a nanny. When turns him down he asks if he could help watch him. Willow saw that Brad wasn’t comfortable with the idea and she ends up agreeing to help him out instead. 

Maxie isn’t too thrilled with Nina coming back to work and taking over after she has been running Crimson by herself for a while now. She also overhears Nina and Jax talking about how she didn’t listen to him about walking away and was upset Nina didn’t confide in her. Lucy comes in with a partnership deal between Crimson and Deception. Maxie thinks it’s a great idea, but Nina won’t even listen to the pitch after finding out Sasha was involved. Sasha called Nina out on letting her personal business cloud her judgment when it came to business. Maxie decided to take charge of the situation, which caused Nina to reconsider their offer and Lucy to offer a chance at a partnership with Deception. Finn questions Jax about Hayden’s involvement with Nikolas. Sonny confronted Julian about his conversation with Brad. Curtis dug deeper into the death of Jordan’s friend. She was shocked and didn’t believe it when he said it was an overdose leading her to call in a favor from someone out of town. 

Days of Our Lives

Xander threatened Ciara in front of Ben. Ciara and Victor argued about her lying about Ben and still thinking he is behind Jordan’s death, which caused Victor to have a stroke. Gina tried to fire Rafe, but he said that she would have to follow the HR process and they would have no reason to agree to his termination. Stefano advises getting rid of him some other way. Evan tells Sonny that Jordan being out of David’s life might be a good thing. Stevano tells Kayla that he is in love with another woman which leaves Kayla heartbroken. John and Marlena interrupt their fight and Kayla bolts out of the apartment. Marlena chases after her as John questions “Steve” about his cruelty. He thinks that Steve is just pushing her away for another reason. He lies and says that he didn’t want to ruin her relationship with Justin and asks John not to say anything. Sonny and Evan share a steamy kiss, but Sonny stops it after feeling like he is cheating on Will while they are still married. 

Gabi calls and threatens to hurt Julie if Lani doesn’t leave town. Eli comes by to confront her about breaking the store window and she tells him she did it because Gabi made her beg on her knees for Stefan’s heart. After Kristen refuses to use her shares to help Lani with Gabi, Lani enlists the help of JJ. She convinces him that Gabi is holding the threat of someone’s life over her and that she needs to stay at his place on the down-low. Xander blames Ciara for Victor’s stroke as word about it starts to spread to the family. Nicole asks Brady not to lie about his true feelings for Kristen. Kristen tells Gabi that she is still weighing her options when it comes to her stock, but she would like a become co-CEO of Basic Black to be closer to Brady. She goes to spread the good news to Nicole, and the two get into a war of words about who Brady really loves. Nicole lies to her and says she and Brady are back together. Nicole fills Brady in on the situation and he thinks they should let her believe it for a while. 

Kate called out Will for being stubborn and pushing Sonny away. Rafe tells Evan that his adoption process required him to have a background check since he lived in the house. Jack confronted “Steve” about his treatment of Kayla and not showing up for Adrienne’s funeral. They get into a heated fight about sordid details from their past, but Stefano may have slipped up when he says that he and Kayla had 3 children. He tried to cover quickly by saying he was talking about Tripp, but Jack felt like he was covering. Chad goes to Kristen about stringing him along with the shares. She tells him that if Stefano wants her to do something then he needs to meet with her face to face. Kayla told Victor’s family that he had made it through surgery. She also told Justin about her talk with Steve and was upset with herself by not being able to let Steve go.

Justin asked Victor and Xander if they had anything to do with Ben being framed for murder which they denied. Gina and John talk about Steve’s weird behavior. Ciara and Ben share a heartbreaking moment when she has to tell him that his conviction was not overturned. He told her that he needed her to go and move on. She goes straight to the hospital and Victor finally tells Xander that they need to tell her the truth. Clyde offered Ben assistance in breaking out of prison. Jack fills Jennifer and Kayla in on his fight with Steve and tells them that he isn’t the man they once knew and would be better off without him. Stevano went to meet with Kristen and used his situation to test her by asking her as Steve to help track down Stefano. When she refused, he revealed his true identity to her. Gina realized that the only way she would get John would be to kill Marlena. 

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy told Hope that she was cautiously optimistic about Thomas moving on. Zoe was told by Steffy that she had held up her end of the deal and could keep her job at Forrester. Liam spills to Hope about Thomas threatening him and she goes to confront him. He manipulates the situation once again and Hope ends up thanking him for being honest with her about his feelings. Liam also tells Steffy about his run-in with Thomas. Steffy calls Thomas out about it in front of Ridge, and he covers by saying he was just defending himself against Liam. Liam decides to propose to Hope, but with the condition that they exile Thomas from their lives completely. She was upset that he wanted her to cut legal ties to Douglas. They are interrupted by Thomas and Douglas. While alone in the room, the men get into yet another argument and Thomas begs Hope not to go along with the ultimatum. 

Steffy tells Ridge that Zoe is good for Thomas, however, she believes Hope is still on his mind. Liam tells Hope that they can still watch out for Douglas but he needs him gone. She asks him to reconsider, but he can’t and leaves. The next day, Hope fills Brooke in on the proposal. She advises her to not let Thomas interfere in her relationship. Thomas, who was listening in decides to take action. Brooke tells Ridge that she wants him to come home. He tells her that if she loves him she has to love his son too. Liam stayed on Steffy’s couch and told her about what happened. They were having a nice moment outside when Thomas calls her and tells her he is following Hope, who is on her way there to talk about getting engaged to Liam. He tells her that this is her opportunity to do something if she wants Liam. She goes against better judgment and kisses him just in time for Hope to walk up and see them. She yells at Liam for kissing Steffy the morning after he had proposed to her. Steffy tries to tell her that she had been the one to kiss him, but she wasn’t interested. Liam tells Hope that he understands her side of things, but she isn’t considering his feelings. Hope counters with the fact that it was clear to her that he was still in love with Steffy and tells him she can’t do this anymore and leaves. 

The Young and the Restless

Mariah was upset with Tessa for not telling her about her marriage to Tanner. She apologized and told her that she never loved him...she only loves her. Mariah went to Sharon for support and advice on how to handle the situation. Tanner dropped by the apartment to tell Tessa that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Nick tells the family about his break up with Chelsea. Connor was ecstatic after hearing that Chelsea would be staying with them. She informed Adam that she was nervous about the pressure of their situation. And he told her that he wasn’t going to mess up his one last chance to have his family together. Sharon had a mammogram that came back inconclusive and had to schedule a biopsy. Chloe told Billy about her pregnancy and they reminisced about Deliah. 

Lola and Kyle had a quiet and romantic dinner for his birthday. While Summer and Theo continue to talk about their feelings about the pairing. Billy wasted little time after Victoria left for a business trip to reach out to Amanda. Their time get together takes a turn for the awkward when Billy lies about their friendship to Sharon. He later offers her an apology and they hang out again. This time Amanda fills him in on her troubled past with her ex, and he starts to think that he is crossing a line with her. Jack, Summer, and Lola throw a little surprise party for Kyle at the office. Jack feels bad about not inviting Theo when he shows up to give a report on his project. Devon and Elena have a nice evening together and she comes to him with the idea of starting a New Hope clinic.

Adam stops by the ranch to tell Victor that he bested the golden boy and was back with Chelsea. He tells Victor that he wants Connor to have his family in his life and wants to make sure he and Chelsea will be welcomed at all family get-togethers from now on. After learning from Abby about Chance’s new security job, he hires him to watch over Amanda. Chloe tells Chelsea about the baby, and Chelsea tells her about wanting to get back with Adam. Chloe thinks she is insane and making a mistake. She pulls Billy into the argument hoping he would deter her from making a bad decision, but he tells her that it is her life and she gets to choose how she lives it. 

Rey tells Sharon that he has been worried about her and she tells him she is fine. Chelsea tells Adam that she has missed him, but can’t go through the pain of losing him again. Then they make love. Tessa set up a romantic evening for Mariah’s birthday and then told her that she was going on tour with Tanner. Mariah told her that she wanted this chance for her and Tessa knew their love would be strong enough to beat the distance. Phyllis and Amanda have lunch. Amanda was surprised to learn that Phyllis had been in a relationship with Billy. Devon, Elena, and Nick ask Nate to oversee the medical protocol at the new clinic and he agreed. Nick and Sharon reminisced about Cassie on her birthday. 

Our Performer of the Week is General Hospital’s Genie Francis (Laura)!

Genie Francis is such a powerhouse performer! We didn’t dare breathe as she confronted Nikolas for the first time after seeing him alive. Her hand shaking as she touched her son’s face for the first time in three years broke our hearts. And when she confronted him about letting his son and the rest of the family grieve for him while he plotted revenge on Valentin...OMG!! That slap was truly deserved! 

Our Honorable Mentions are:

The Young and the Restless’ Cait Fairbanks (Tessa)

Tessa’s emotional plea to Mariah after she told her about her marriage to Tanner was just heart-wrenching. I’m not ashamed to say I cried when she told her that she never loved him and that the only person she ever loved was her. Cait and Camryn turned out a beautifully emotional performance as they said their goodbyes before Tessa went on tour. Teriah are just so good and I can’t wait to see more!

Days of Our Lives’ Robert Scott Wilson (Ben)

Between Xander threatening Ciara and finding out his conviction wasn’t going to be overturned...Ben certainly had a rough week! Robert did a wonderful job in the scene where he found out that his death sentence wouldn’t be changed to life in prison. He and Victoria were both phenomenal, but the pain he showed in his eyes as Ben told Ciara that he needed her to go was so believable! I love it when he gets good emotional material to work with because he turns it out every single time! 



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: General Hospital's Genie Francis!
Performer of the Week: General Hospital's Genie Francis!
Our Performer of the Week is Genie Francis (Laura, GH)! Our Honorable Mentions go to Cait Fairbanks (Tessa, YR) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben, Days). Read more here ---->>>
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