Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case!

Our Performer of the week is The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case (Sharon)! Our Honorable Mentions are Rena Sofer (Bold, Quinn) and Chloe Lanier (GH, Nelle)! Read more here ---->>>

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Recaps & Winners

The Young and the Restless

After Victoria questions Billy about doing something more challenging with his job, he tells her that he is no longer seeing a therapist and snaps at her for always trying to fix him. He leaves to spend time with his confidante Amanda while Victoria brings her concerns to Nikki. Amanda tells Billy that he needs to talk with his wife about the issues he is having. Victoria later finds a receipt in Billy’s jacket, he lies to her saying that he had drinks with a client. After researching the bar on the receipt, she confronts him again. This time he confesses that he has been talking to Amanda about his problems. Victoria was hurt to know that he had turned to someone else for support when all she has done was be supportive. Mariah’s loved ones made sure to check in on her as she deals with Tessa being away on tour. Lily stopped by Genoa City to visit with Jill. She told her that she has begun to date again. She drops by to see Devon and wonders what he intends to do with Cane if it turns out to be true he was behind the scam. 

Devon finally admitted to Elena that she was right about his obsession with Amanda. It had stemmed from the fact that she looked so much like Hilary. And after running into Amanda at Society, the two started to clear the air. BUT as soon as he asked her one last time if she was working with Collin she got up and left. Chelsea and Adam realized Connor wasn’t completely cured when he freaked out about her going back to the hotel. They worked to bring him back to the Grand Phoenix to show him that there was no reason to be afraid. Nick questioned Chance about his relationship with Adam before asking him to put in the security system for his New Hope buildings. Lola seemed a little jealous when she thought Theo was on a date with a client. A fact that Kyle picked up on when he and Summer arrived to set up plans for their business trip together. Kyle pulled Lola aside to question her about it which made her mad. Abby starts to grow concerned when she keeps Chance chatting with Phyllis and warns him to steer clear of her. 

Adam told Victor that he is considering starting up Dark Horse again as a business rival to Newman. Sharon received her official diagnosis of breast cancer and told Rey. Faith came in on them during their conversation and was worried when it became clear she had interrupted something big. And after Sharon had snapped at her earlier, she knew something was wrong. She snooped through Sharon’s papers on her desk and found the number for a doctor at the Breast Cancer Center. She was upset and called Nick to tell him what she had found. Rey accompanied Sharon to her appointment where she learned that she was in stage 2 and would require chemo and possibly surgery. Nick stopped by to comfort her and advised that she not keep this to herself. She called Faith and Mariah over to share the news, and the family gathered around her. 

Days of Our Lives

Stefano was finally able to convince Kristen that he was indeed who he said he was and how he became Steve. Kate tells Roman that she wants to save Will’s marriage, and to do it, she needs to get rid of Evan. Clyde worked to convince Ben to escape from prison with him. Justin delivered Sonny’s divorce papers. He went to the prison to see if there was anything they could do to save their marriage, but Will was adamant that there was no way they could move past what happened. They signed the papers. Victor and Xander tell Ciara the truth about them framing Will for Adrienne’s death and not Ben. Despite Victor’s pleas and threats from Xander, she goes to Will with the news that he is innocent. Abby begins to wonder if Ben was innocent as well. She also has been worried about Stefano helping to hide Rolf and decides to see if he really went to visit with Kristen. She is surprised to see Steve there instead. Kristen covers by saying he was there looking for Stefano too, but they had both just missed him on his way to Europe. She also told her that she had turned down his request for her shares. On his way out, Stefano tells Kristen that if he wants the shares he will get them one way or another. 

Chad goes to Kate for help to get the upper hand on Gabi. He asks to buy her shares of DiMera stock, but she turned him down stating that they had sentimental value since they came from Andre. However, Chad doesn’t believe her and starts to think she really does have her own agenda. Jack was afraid to post Jennifer’s article about her accident and Dr. Rolf’s involvement. 
Eli comes by to check on JJ while Lani is there getting settled in. She hides as the two talks about her. JJ suggests that she might have done what she did to protect him and that he believes that he is still in love with her. After talking with Julie, Eli decides to propose to Gabi and she says yes. Lani tells JJ the full truth about what Gabi did to her and Julie. Abe told Rafe about the cigar found in the loft and how Hope lied and said it was overlooked the first time. Rafe found Gina’s cigarettes in her desk drawer and asked Kayla if she knew about her smoking. Once filled in on her recent behavior, Kayla remembered when the cigarettes had gone missing with only her in the room. John asked Marlena to put aside her problems with Hope so they could fix their friendship. 

Stefano and Gina came up with the plan to make John and Marlena each think the other is dead. “Steve,” asks John to come to Europe with him to track down a lead on Stefano and “Hope,” says she is ready to protect Marlena back in Salem. Kayla saw that Julie’s pacemaker battery was already low, which normally wouldn’t happen, and made an appointment for her to get it checked. Brady and Nicole did their best to upset Kristen with their “relationship.” She asks Brady if they can finally talk about the day they lost their baby. Abe calls Lani after learning from Eli about her being back in Salem and breaking Gabi’s window. She hung up on him but later called him back to apologize. JJ was determined to take down Gabi and went to the DiMera mansion to delete the app from her phone. Lani was scared he would get caught and got Kristen to use a distraction to help. She quickly ushered Gabi out of the house - without her phone - to sign some contracts. Once back at Basic Black, she told her she actually wanted to make her a deal. If she helped her get back with Brady she could have her shares. JJ was able to get into Gabi’s phone but was unsuccessful in removing the app. Sarah and Eric arrived back in town with Mickey after her first round of treatment. Kayla was sad to inform them that the treatment wasn’t working and that their next step would be a bone marrow transplant. 

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope told Brooke about Liam kissing Steffy as she packed his things in the cabin. Brooke tried to get her to see Liam’s side of things when it came to Thomas and told her that maybe it was time she took a step back from Thomas. Steffy tried to ease Liam’s conscience, but he admits that he kissed her back. Steffy began to feel guilty and started to tell Liam the truth, but Thomas stopped her. Thomas makes a plea for Steffy to join him in breaking up Liam and Hope. Flo returned to town and was met with her mother trying to play matchmaker with her and Wyatt. Quinn was also doing the same with Wyatt. The two reunited and discussed the problems he has been having with Sally, and then shared a kiss. Katie asked her loved ones to forgive Flo for her transgressions. Sally tried to make up for lost time with Wyatt after he admitted to Flo that he was having second thoughts. 

Steffy and Ridge were not happy with the quality of work that Sally had been turning in. Sally, who was seen struggling to sketch through shaky hands, had a breakdown at the prospect of losing her job at Forrester. Ridge tells Brooke that he had kissed Shauna. She was angry and went to Eric’s to tell him that he needed to not only kick out Shauna but divorce Quinn as well for orchestrating the demise of her marriage. Eric did his best to calm her before heading to work. Quinn, who had been listening in, told Shauna before confronting Brooke. The two wind up in an argument and Brooke slaps Shauna when she comes in. In retaliation, Quinn slaps the heck out of her and delivered the line of the week! Eric comes in mid-fight and told them that he was disappointed they had taken their problems to violence. 

General Hospital

Alexis wasn’t happy when she overheard Sam making plans to meet up with Jason. Sam told her that they were working on a plan to fix their problem. Maxie is considering leaving Crimson. 
Robert stops by Anna’s to get the hitman’s file that she has had for weeks and warns her about Peter. Spinelli returns to town with Georgie and the news that he might be staying permanently is Ellie gets the new job she is up for. Brook Lynn decided to change her last name to Quartermaine in the hopes that it would break her contract, which it does not as Ned and Michael pointed out. She set up a gig at the Floating Rib with her new name which her manager shows up. Lulu and Dustin’s date goes bad when they have to interfere to help Brook Lynn after the guy grabs her. The four ends up in a barroom brawl and Chase has to arrest all of them. While at the police station Lulu asks Dustin how he knows Brook Lynn after she called him Dusty in the bar. They apparently dated briefly a while ago, but she dumped him and he started teaching. 

Franco thanked Jason and Peter for helping save his life. Jason watched on with interest as Peter freaked out about being called a hero. Neal told Alexis that he had broken an ethical rule about dating her so soon after she stopped being a patient. Someone, presumably from Dawn of Day, went to the board about them and now he is at risk of losing his license. He told her that he was ready to give it up for her, but she would not allow it. Laura wants to revitalize the waterfront and went to Ned for support and backing from ELQ. Ned wasn’t sure that Michael would go for it because Sonny did some business through the waterfront. Curtis talked with Stella about how to get Jordan to open up to him about whatever has been bothering her. Ava made a show of her marriage in public with Nik and then presented him with a post-nuptial agreement. 

Michael and Willow got a shock when it was revealed that Nelle had been the one to set up Shiloh’s memorial...oh, and that they had been married. She now has a claim on the shares of ELQ stock that Oscar left Shiloh in his original will. Tracy is worried about ELQ because someone is trying to make a play for the company. Some “potential investors” came to her, but after she turned them down they started pulling dirty tactics against Luke. Carly called Stella back to Port Charles to talk with Sonny about what’s best for Mike, but he was determined to take Mike for the testing for the trial in Brooklynn. He sets up for him and Jason to take Mike on a road trip. Nik tells Laura that he is going to fly to see Spencer and Ava says she will go with him. Chase was concerned that Willow wouldn’t be able to walk away from Wiley once her nanny duties were no longer needed. Nik stopped by to see Lulu before leaving town and she let him have it. 

Julian warned Brad that he needed to get it together after his talk with Sonny. Brad was upset and told him that he wasn’t going to lie for him anymore. After Nelle shows up at the ELQ meeting, Michael offered to pay her to go away. She didn’t accept the check and went head to head with Brook Lynn, who stood up for her family. Brad got a shock when Nelle then showed up on his doorstep ready to crash at his place. Things were tense between Dev and Joss, and Carly picked up on it. Taggert is back in town thanks to Jordan and his first stop was to speak with Mike, which did not please Sonny. Michael fills Sasha in on Nelle and how he is working to get rid of her. He asks her to move in with him for protection, but she turned him down not wanting to ruin what they have. Jordan warned Chase to not let his vendetta against Nelle ruin his career. Willow dropped by Brad’s to pick up Wiley and was angry to see Nelle was staying there. She and Nelle have a tense standoff before she leaves and tells Michael and Chase what she saw. Nelle told Brad that if he didn’t get rid of her...she would. 

Our Performer of the Week is The Young and the Restless’ Sharon Case!

Sharon Case is AMAZING! She is one of those actresses that when she cries, we all cry! Case did a beautiful job of portraying the roller coaster of emotions Sharon felt as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It broke our hearts to watch her tell her loved ones what she has been dealing with over the last couple of weeks, but seeing her family gather around her pieced them back together again! This is just the beginning of this storyline and Sharon is already knocking it out of the park!

Our Honorable Mentions are:

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rena Sofer (Quinn)

Rena Sofer got to say the line of the week when told Brooke “B****, you should have learned that from me!” And that slap! We were HOWLING! Quinn vs Brooke was just so good to watch, and we have a feeling this fight is just beginning! 

General Hospital’s Chloe Lanier (Nelle)

Whether you love or hate Nelle, there is no denying that Chloe Lanier plays a fantastic villain! She provided us with probably the soapiest moment of the week when she stood up from the crowd at Shiloh’s memorial and removed the big veil to reveal herself. Add in the fact that she was married to Shiloh, now has a claim to ELQ stock, is delusional enough to think she will be able to have the life she wants, and we’ve got the set up for an epic battle!



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case!
Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case!
Our Performer of the week is The Young and the Restless' Sharon Case (Sharon)! Our Honorable Mentions are Rena Sofer (Bold, Quinn) and Chloe Lanier (GH, Nelle)! Read more here ---->>>
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