Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Maurice Benard!

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Sonny Corinthos continued to spiral this past week on “General Hospital” since he stopped taking his medication for his bipolar disorder.  Maurice Benard (Sonny) truly captured Sonny’s rollercoaster of emotions as Sonny experienced a manic episode.  The week started off with Sonny meeting up with Carly at Luke’s memorial; he was trying to convince her that they need to physically be together in order to work out their marriage issues.  Sonny is not able to be a compassionate listener while he’s manic and so he was ignoring Carly’s wishes for time and space.  Sonny shows up at The Savoy and tells Curtis that he wants to rent his club for a night so he can make a grand gesture to Carly.  He whips out a roll of cash on impulse.  Benard captures Sonny’s impulsiveness through his fast-paced speech as Sonny is trying to have his words match how quickly the thoughts in his heard are coming.  When Drew shows up and tries to assist Curtis in turning him down and getting him out of the Savoy, Sonny lashes out at Drew.  Sonny says Drew was never his friend and that Jason should have let him die in Greece.  He corrects himself that Drew was only his friend when they thought he was Jason and that he was a terrible Jason.  Benard captures the mix of emotions Sonny is feeling; he is lashing out at Drew not only because of Sonny’s heightened mania, but because he is still deeply hurting over the loss of his best friend.  The pain in his eyes as he discusses Jason is evident.  Nina shows up and is able to convince Sonny to leave with her.  Nina takes him home and is able to tell he’s having a manic episode, but she is not sure what to do.  She offers to call Carly, Michael, Dante; anyone Sonny would want.  However, Sonny doesn’t want anyone to see him like this.  Nina stays the night and notices in the morning that Sonny never went to sleep.  He was shoveling without gloves on and got frost bite, but Sonny doesn’t feel it.  He tells Nina about his grandiose plans to have a picnic for his daughters out in the snow.  Benard takes a moment to slow his speech and soften his facial expression when Sonny questions Nina if she thinks he’d hurt his daughters and if Nina doesn’t trust him.  Nina replies that she trusts Sonny with her life, it’s his bipolar disorder she doesn’t trust.  Nina stands between Sonny and the door to prevent him from leaving and he unintentionally grabs her too hard.  When Nina brings it to Sonny’s attention, he automatically is in shock and feels guilty and remorseful.  Benard captures these feelings by Sonny looking down and away, not able to give Nina eye contact and even covers his face with his hand for a moment.  He also shows how Sonny is scared when he softly asks Nina if she’s scared of Sonny.  She tells him she’s scared for him.  Nina asks Sonny to describe what having bipolar is like.  Benard displays Sonny’s pain and vulnerability when he tries to describe it to Nina.  Sonny ultimately agrees to go to the hospital with Nina to get his medication.  There is a beautiful shot at the end of their scenes when Sonny leans into Nina and rests his head on her shoulder which is similar to the scene when Sonny leaned into Nina after he survived the fire at the Tan-O.  Maurice Benard and Cynthia Watros (Nina) have undeniable chemistry and they are dynamite in all of their scenes.  Fans can’t wait to see what happens next in Sonny’s storyline as they know Benard will always deliver!

General Hospital

Ned and Olivia tell Leo that they plan on renewing their vows and that Ned will legally adopt Leo which he is open to.  Ned invites Austin to their vow renewal and Austin declines.  When Britt asks Austin why he was so invested in Leo’s case, he ultimately confides in her that his brother has autism.

Valentin has hung onto Bailey’s sonogram.  It hurts him to see it, but he isn’t ready to let go of it yet.  Victor offers to temporarily hang onto it for him.  Victor later bumps into Maxie who drops her sonogram of Louise.  Victor picks it up and notices it’s identical to Bailey’s.  He has the sonogram verified at the hospital and he figures out that Bailey is really Louise.  Victor shares this information with Peter and theorizes how the plan probably came to be.  Peter is hurt at the idea that Maxie would let him think their daughter was missing or worse, dead.  Victor expects Peter to follow through on their agreement.  Peter tells Victor he won’t give him the information he wants on Drew unless Victor helps him get Louise.  Peter runs into BLQ and Chase with Bailey and Peter makes a comment that the baby looks just like her mother.  BLQ is worried that was his cryptic way of letting them know he knows that Bailey is Louise.  Chase doesn’t think Peter knows.  Meanwhile, Maxie goes back to where she gave birth with Austin, Felicia, and Anna.  Going back there triggers memories for Austin and he remembers hearing Maxie talking to another woman.  Maxie tries to convince him that he must have heard her fighting with the fake nurse, but he’s adamant that he heard Maxie talking calmly about a plan.  He tells Maxie that he knows about her plan to put the baby up to adoption with Britt’s help which stuns Maxie.  He tries to convince her that she can confide in him.  They kiss.

After finding out that Chase has yet to claim Bailey as his legally, it makes Valentin wonder what is going on with BLQ and the baby.  As Valentin is talking to Martin, he tries to put the pieces together as to why both Chase and Maxie would go along with BLQ’s lies unless it somehow benefited Maxie.  He figures out Bailey must be Louise.  Valentin goes to the hospital, asking for Bailey’s medical records.  Victor notices him there and kidnaps him from the parking lot of the hospital.  Laura convinces Martin to drop Peter as his client.

Alexis tells Harmony they should put their friendship on hold until she can figure out how Kristina would feel about it.  Meanwhile, Kristina tells Sam that she’s upset that Sam spoke on her behalf in regard to Alexis and Harmony’s friendship.  She’s empathetic that Harmony is trying to rebuild her life like she is and she doesn’t want their mother to lose a friend because of her.

Spencer and Trina bond over skiing at Kelly’s and he’s able to temporarily forget about his Spring Ridge sentence.  Spencer, Trina, Esme, Joss, and Cam arrive at the cabin and they go skiing.  Esme is jealous when she hears that Spencer is the one who inspired him to want to try it again and she’s disappointed that they weren’t going to spend alone time at the cabin.  They return to the cabin after skiing and Esme is further jealous when she hears Spencer complimenting Trina’s skiing.  Esme makes them all drinks and she puts a drug in Trina’s drink.  They play “never have I ever” and Esme asks questions that would get Trina to drink more.  She also asks questions that drudge up Trina and Cam’s past almost-relationship.  When Joss wonders if Trina was actually hurt or disappointed when Joss and Cam started dating, Trina leaves the room upset and in tears.  Joss lays into Esme for hurting Trina and calls her a manipulative bitch.  Esme is hurt when Spencer doesn’t fully stand up for her and that his first concern was Trina.  Esme threatens to leave the cabin without Spencer.  He ultimately decides to leave with her.  Before they leave, Esme tells the group that Trina is sleeping and they take her at her word.  Joss and Cam recall when they got drunk at prom and how it was best for them to sleep it off.  Joss and Cam wind up having sex for the first time, not knowing that Esme set up a phone to record it all.  On the way back home, Spencer questions Esme if Joss’ suspicions are true: did she intend to use the trip to hurt Trina and his friendships with all of them?  She denies it and states that she’s hurt he would even think that about her.   

Ava runs into Carly as they wait for a yoga class to start and she lets Carly know that she’s more than happy to have Avery spend more time with her as Carly and Sonny work out their issues.  Carly lets slip that Avery spent the night at Bobbie’s and Ava loses it on Carly.  She gets defensive, thinking Carly is trying to keep Avery away from her as she’s going through her rocky relationship with Sonny.  Carly lets her know she let Avery spend the night with Bobbie as a distraction after Luke’s memorial.  Ava apologizes.  BLQ listens to their argument and sticks up for Carly and later asks her if things are really that bad with Sonny considering she moved out.  Sasha shows up to the yoga class, cheerful and bubbly.  Carly thinks Sasha is avoiding grieving Liam.  Sasha fills her in that she and Brando are grieving differently and wants people to stop telling her how she should grieve.

The Young & The Restless

Chelsea tells Chloe about her plans to relocate their office off of Newman Media’s premises.  Chloe ultimately agrees to the idea.  Sally and Adam run into them at Society and Sally is upset that no one told her about the plans to move or ask for her input.  Chelsea makes sure to remind her that she and Chloe are her superiors.  Sally lets Adam know she’s upset about how Chelsea disrespects her, but Adam doesn’t want to be put in the middle of their drama.  Chelsea gets growingly jealous of them.  Chelsea and Chloe find a spot they agree on to pitch to Adam and he ultimately approves of the move.  Sally is disappointed that she won’t be able to see him every day at the office, but jokes that she’ll just have to find other ways to see him.  Adam admits that he will miss seeing her around at the office.  Chelsea and Sally have words and Chloe is frustrated with both of them.  She lets Chelsea know that Chelsea will have to figure out how to cope and deal with working with Sally on her own as she’s done trying.  Chelsea runs into Rey at Crimson Lights and finds relief in the support of someone who seems to genuinely care about her well-being.  Sharon takes note of their interaction.  

Adam confides in Sally about Victor’s plan to be more involved in the company and how Adam sees it as his father not having confidence in him.  Sally tries to put a positive spin on the situation, but Adam isn’t convinced.  Unbeknownst to Adam; Victor makes a deal with Victoria – she buys Newman Media from Victor and agrees to have Adam to continue working for the company beneath her.  Ashland is upset with Victoria for making the deal official without discussing the details with him first. Victoria is the one to break the news about the company to Adam.

Abby struggles with the idea of Dominic being away while Devon is thrilled with spending more time with the baby.  Devon makes a request through Christine if he could have Dominic spend the night with him and Amanda right away.  Abby and Chance agree, as it would give them the chance to rest and spend some much needed time together.  Devon and Amanda pick up the baby from them and Abby struggles with handing him over to Devon.  Lily, Faith, and Moses spend some time with Dominic while he is with Devon.  Meanwhile, Abby and Chance spend this time to reconnect.  Later, Chance finds and reads a letter from a widow of one of the men who died while working on the assignment with Chance in Spain.  She thanks Chance for paying for her late husband’s services and encourages him to not feel guilty for surviving.  Chance becomes emotional and Abby tries to be supportive and echoes the widow’s words from the letter.

Phyllis tells Amanda that she’s considering moving to Italy to work with Summer.  Amanda recruits Michael to help convince her it wouldn’t be in her best interest to leave Genoa City.  Michael officially resigns as the D.A. to work for Victor.  Jack returns to town and Phyllis tells him about her plans to go to Italy.  She later tells Amanda that she was upset that Jack didn’t try to convince her to stay and therefore she is even more confused about where they stand.

Mariah proposes to Tessa and gives her a ring to which Tessa happily accepts.  Noah happens to witness their special moment.  He suggests that they throw a listening party for Tessa’s new album as the theme for their engagement party.  Worried it would be all about Tessa as opposed to the couple, Tessa and Sharon are hesitant.  Noah sells them on the idea that Tessa’s album is mostly love songs about Mariah and that when they shot the cover for the album, Tessa was thinking about Mariah.  Mariah, Tessa, and Sharon are sold on the idea.  Mariah starts asking Noah for additional input for the party and the wedding, but Noah excuses himself, stating he’s meeting friends for drinks.  Tessa offers to pick up dinner for her and Mariah from Society and runs into Noah there who is alone and buzzed.  Tessa offers to take Noah home, but he declines and states that it wouldn’t be a good idea.  Tessa doesn’t want to leave him in that state, but Noah insists he’s ok.  He almost slips to her that he [still] loves her, but tries to cover it up.  However, Tessa caught on.  Mariah and Tessa attend a seminar about different ways to adopt.  They later discuss all the different people in their loves who will play a vital role in their child’s life.  When Mariah mentions Noah, it makes Tessa slightly uncomfortable and Mariah notices.

The Bold & The Beautiful

Steffy and Thomas are thrilled to see that it appears that their parents are getting closer.  Steffy pushes for them to have a family dinner that evening.  However, Taylor isn’t able to make it. 

Brooke tells Hope everything about the kiss she shared with Deacon and that he spent the night.  Brooke doesn’t want Hope to tell anyone, including Liam.  However, Hope tells her she has to tell her husband as he is already aware of the situation since Douglas is the one who told him about seeing “grandma kissing Santa Clause”.  Hope returns to the cabin and tells Liam about Brooke and Deacon.  Brooke is petrified that Douglas will tell another family member and that they will be able to uncover the truth.  Steffy picks up Ridge for their family dinner though he is reluctant to leave Brooke.  Thomas brings Douglas over for the family dinner and Douglas tells Thomas, Steffy, and Ridge about seeing “grandma kissing Santa Clause”.  They are initially confused though their interest is peaked.  When Hope realizes Douglas is with Thomas, she makes up a reason for Thomas to bring him home.  Brooke is eager to talk to Douglas to try to persuade him to not tell anyone else about what he saw, but it’s too late.  He admits he already told the Forrester’s.  When Thomas sees Douglas again, he asks him about what Douglas saw.  He encourages his son to try to remember if he saw Santa’s face and if he looked like anyone he knew.  Douglas remembers and tells Thomas that he saw “mommy’s daddy”.  Thomas clarifies by asking Douglas if he saw Deacon and he nods.     

Paris wants to have sex with Carter, but he tells her that they shouldn’t now due to her still dating Zende.  She tries to convince Carter that it is okay considering she’s in an open relationship with Zende.  Carter still turns her down with the reason being that he knows it’s much deeper for Zende considering he was going to propose to Paris.  He doesn’t want to hurt him like how the situation with Zoey turned out as well as what happened with Quinn.  Meanwhile, Grace shows up at Forrester Creations looking for Partis, but runs into Zende.  She finds out that Zende is about to go on a date with one of the models and it upsets Grace – who calls Paris to come and see her.  Paris tries to explain her modern relationship with Zende.  Grace later catches Paris and Carter kissing.  Katie visits Carter and asks him about his personal life.  He tells her that he’s interested in someone who isn’t totally available. 

Sheila visits Deacon at his job and tries to get more information out of him regarding Brooke.  When Hope shows up, Deacon convinces Sheila to leave so Hope doesn’t see them talking.  She stays out of sight, but eavesdrops on their conversation.  Hope confronts Deacon about drinking with Brooke and wonders if he plans on interfering in Brooke and Ridge’s relationship.  Deacon tells Hope he won’t do anything to hurt Brooke.

Days Of Our Lives

Chanel tells Allie that Paulina caught them in bed together.  Allie tells Chanel that she saw Johnny kissing Gabi.  Paulina requests that Tripp not be her doctor anymore [as she’s afraid she’ll slip and tell him about Allie and Chanel].  When he is confused by her request, she ultimately agrees to let him to continue to treat her.  Chanel later tells Paulina that she plans on filing for a divorce settlement to get money from Johnny in reaction to him hurting her.  Johnny continues to make advances toward Gabi, which angers Jake.  Gabi tries to convince Jake that she has the situation under control. 

When Abigail sees Sarah, she’s convinced it’s Gwen wearing a mask.  However, when Gwen shows up, she doubts herself.  She later tells Chad she’s not convinced it was really Sarah and that she plans on confronting her at the airfield.  Gwen convinces Ava to pretend to be Sarah one more time so people are convinced Sarah is leaving town on her own accord.  Ava ultimately agrees to do so, even though she had made dinner plans with Rafe and Nicole.  When Ava shows up to the airfield in the Sarah mask, Abagail shows up and attacks her to take the mask off.  Abigail is stunned to see that it’s Ava, as she was expecting Kristen or Gwen.  She threatens to call Rafe when she is attacked from behind by Gwen.  As Abagail is unconscious, Ava and Gwen debate on what they should do next.  The pilot shows up and offers to take Abagail for a price.  They agree and Abigail winds up on a deserted island with Kristen.  Kristen holds her at gunpoint when Abigail tries to escape.  Abigail is trying to figure out how they are all connected. Chad shows up at Xander’s looking for Abigail and fills him in on Abigail’s suspicions; that she thought it was possible Gwen was pretending to be Sarah to dump Xander officially so that Xander wouldn’t leave Gwen.  Gwen later texts Chad from Abigail’s phone, convincing him that she’s in Boston.  Gwen and Xander later have sex and Xander proposes to Gwen.  The real Sarah is shown alone in a room looking out a window.  

While Nicole and Rafe are waiting on Ava, they wonder what Ava’s motives are: did she leave them alone on purpose to see what they would do?  Rafe kisses Nicole and tells her that he plans on ending his relationship with Ava so he and Nicole can officially be together.  As Ava shows up with dessert, Shawn is there to arrest Rafe for the charges Ava set him up for that make him look like a corrupt cop.

Chad tells Belle that he decided to testify against EJ after he caught “EJ” kissing Abigail.  Belle tells EJ and he is confused; stating that he never left the courtroom and that he was with Johnny at the time the alleged kiss happened.  EJ is sentenced to 10 years in prison.  EJ is furious.  He tells Belle that he is thankful for her being the only person who has believed him and is on his side.  He tries to convince her to leave and she figures out he must be planning to escape.  She convinces him not to so it doesn’t make the situation worse.  Chad fills in Johnny about EJ’s sentencing and Chad feels bad about it.  He’s shocked to see that Johnny doesn’t feel bad.

Craig convinces Nancy that he is still in love with her and that their marriage is fine.  He lets her know that if she feels like he doesn’t still find her attractive, that he takes accountability for it and is in no way her fault.  They meet up with Chloe and Brady for breakfast.  Craig excuses himself for what he claims is a work call.  When he is gone for a while, Nancy notices he didn’t take his coat with him and that he must be cold.  Chloe offers to take it to him and when he does, she overhears Craig telling someone on the phone that he misses them and he calls them honey.  Chloe accuses Craig of cheating.  He admits that he is cheating.  When Chloe mentions another woman, Craig corrects her that he’s cheating on Nancy with another man.  Chloe asks if Craig is gay. Meanwhile, Nancy tells Brady that she would love to see him and Chloe together and that she will  stay in town to make that happen.

TR Coates, a film producer, pays Johnny a visit and lets him know that he still wants the Marlena-Devil story to happen.  Johnny lets him know that Marlena doesn’t approve of the film, but TR doesn’t care and convinces Johnny that he needs to get Marlena on board.  Paulina runs into TR – who is her ex and Lani’s biological father, Ray.  Paulina is clearly still afraid of him and is confused why he’s in town if he wasn’t tracking her down.  He lets her know about the film with Johnny DiMera.  She lets slip that Johnny is her son-in-law.  Ray is shocked to hear that Paulina has a daughter and she lies that Chanel is her only daughter.  Lani later appears and Paulina introduces her as her niece which confuses Lani.  Paulina warns Ray to stay away from her and her family.  Lani later confronts her as to why Paulina lied.  Paulina gives her a fake excuse and Lani questions if there’s more to the story. 



(Article written by Adriana Grecco)



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Maurice Benard!
Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Maurice Benard!
Congrats to Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) who was selected as the performer of the week! Click here to learn more--->>
Soap Opera News
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