Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Finola Hughes!

Congrats to Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, General Hospital) who was selected as the performer of the week. Click here to learn more--->>


On General Hospital this past week, Peter August is finally gone thanks to Felicia.  Anna (Finola Hughes) pretended to make a phone call for an ambulance for Peter after Felicia hit him with a tire iron.  Anna did not call an ambulance as she believed he should die in order for Peter’s reign of terror to finally be over.  Anna stayed with Peter in his final moments: 1) to make sure he died and 2) she didn’t think he deserved to die alone.  Hughes was phenomenal in these scenes as she captured Anna’s complex feelings where Peter is concerned.  Hughes crouched over Peter at his side and spoke in a stern voice as Anna explained to Peter that Maxie and Louise will never feel safe as long as Peter is alive.  When Peter asks if she called the ambulance, Hughes broke eye contact as Anna softly admits, “No, there’s no ambulance coming”.  A subtle acting choice that conveyed Anna’s guilt for not doing so was perfect for that moment.  Peter reaches out for Anna’s hand as he’s dying; Hughes choice of brief hesitation before grabbing onto his hand was also a spot-on choice.  After Peter dies, Anna whispers, “I’m sorry”.  This apology can cover so many things: sorry for not calling for help, sorry for letting him down (as Anna feels guilty that she couldn’t save Peter from himself), sorry for not stopping his reign of terror sooner.  She tries to convince herself what she did was okay by repeating, “It’s over, it’s over” as she knows deep down this was the only way to officially stop Peter.  Hughes captures Anna’s struggle of being a professional spy while having a personal connection to Peter.  When Anna gets ready to go up the stairs to meet up with Maxie, Felicia, and Drew; she stops to break down in tears and then composes herself before telling them what happened.  Peter had killed so many people and hurt countless others which was a huge part of why fans wanted Peter gone for quite some time.  Anna is one of the people who was closely effected as Peter preyed on their connection and duped her into thinking he was a changed man.  It seems only fitting that Anna got to be there in Peter’s final moments and let him know that she wasn’t going to do anything to help him, but in very Anna fashion wasn’t going to leave him alone.  Hughes has been stellar throughout this entire storyline and fans can’t wait to see what’s next for Anna as she will come to terms with her role in Peter’s death. 

General Hospital

Maxie lets Peter know that she has no intentions of staying with him.  She plans on leaving the first chance she gets or die trying.  She blames Peter for his role in Nathan’s death and she blames herself for letting Peter prey on her vulnerability.  Peter makes another attempt to get close to her, but she knees him and runs away.  Dante, Drew, and Anna show up at the cabin that they have been staying in and there is a shootout.  They think Peter is shooting at them and that Maxie is inside.  They go in to find the double agent [working for Victor] shooting at them.  He has been shot and Dante stays with him to watch over him while Drew and Anna go looking for Peter and Maxie.  Maxie makes it to the main road and flags down the first car she sees, which happens to be Felicia.  They ride off, but Peter catches up to them and runs their car off the road.  Maxie runs out of the car to have Peter chase her and be away from Felicia.  Peter catches up to Maxie and shoots at her.  He makes one final plea for her to go off with him otherwise he’d shoot her.  Maxie says she’d rather die than go with Peter. She tries to guilt him into not shooting her; saying if he was ever good, he wouldn’t.  Peter blames Maxie for not saving him and so he feels like she’s responsible for how things turned out.  He goes to shoot her, but Felicia hits him with a tire iron and he falls down.  Maxie grabs his gun away from him.  Drew and Anna show up and they assess Peter.  Drew notes he has a weak pulse and tells Anna to call an ambulance.  She walks off to do so and comes back.  Drew, Maxie, and Felicia leave Anna alone with Peter.  Anna admits she didn’t call an ambulance but stays with Peter as he dies.  Once he does, she notified the others.  They then go back home.  Felicia reunites with Mac and Anna has a reunion with Robert.  Anna feels guilty about what happened with Peter.  Maxie goes to visit BLQ to get her baby back; Chase and Ned are present.  Maxie lets BLQ know that she plans on having the baby’s name be Bailey Louise.  She also lets BLQ know that since Maxie will be mommy, she wants BLQ to be momma.  After Maxie leaves with the baby, BLQ breaks down in tears in Ned’s arms.  Prior to Maxie returning home, BLQ and Chase shared their first kiss at the hospital when they were waiting on word about Maxie.

Laura tries to get through to Esme while Nikolas tries to make amends with Spencer.  Spencer still feels like Nikolas constantly chooses Ava over him and is furious that his father got away with shooting Hayden.  Sam catches Victor talking to his henchman about Peter and is able to snap a picture and running away before she is caught.  Sam fills in Laura and Robert about what she saw, but they are briefly overheard by a double agent who reports back to Victor that Sam is on his trail.

Trina tells Joss that Spencer got her a thoughtful gift and Joss tells Trina that she and Cam slept together for the first time at the cabin.  Esme shows up and says she wants to make amends with them.  Joss doesn’t believe her and tries to provoke Esme to show her true feelings.  In doing so, Joss tells Esme that Spencer got Trina a gift and Esme lies that she knew about it, so Joss tries to call her bluff.  Esme eventually excuses herself and Trina is mad at Joss for interfering.  Esme plans on framing Trina for recording/sharing a video of Cam and Joss sleeping together at the cabin as revenge.

Olivia updates Ava about Ned’s plans on adopting Leo and about Leo’s autism diagnosis. 

Sonny and Carly have a meeting with their divorce lawyers.  While initially disagreeing on living arrangements and custody of the children; they ultimately agree on Carly living on the main house with Donna while Sonny will live in the penthouse with Avery.  Carly later meets with Ava and they agree to make sure that they both get to see Avery and be in her life, despite whatever potential tricks Sonny may try.  Sonny later goes to Charlie’s where he runs into Brando and talks Brando into taking Sasha on a romantic getaway.  After Brando leaves, Sonny drunk dials Nina.  Before Sonny could drive home drunk, Nina shows up and takes him home.  The next morning, Nina confronts Sonny about him drinking and the danger it causes with his medication.  They also talk about their complicated feelings for each other.  Drew and Carly go to Sonny’s penthouse to fill him in about Peter and see he’s there with Nina.

Sasha admits to Nina that seeing Brando reminds her of the son they lost.  Brando asks Sasha to go away with him and she can see it means a lot to him, so she agrees.  Before leaving, Sasha runs into her former drug dealer and asks for enough drugs to get her through the next few days.

Elizabeth confides in Finn about what has been going on and he thinks maybe its Liz’s sons doing these things.  Liz thinks Betsy is still a possibility and she calls her to ask to meet up.    

Shawn tells Alexis he plans on relocating to San Francisco, but wonders if Alexis is interested in pursuing their relationship that would make him stay.

Harmony pays someone to forge a fake birth certificate that she can provide for Willow to avoid telling her the truth.   

The Bold & The Beautiful

Brooke pleads with Liam to go to Steffy’s to ask to see their daughter in an attempt to find Ridge and talk to him.  Ridge tells Taylor that he wants to be with her and they kiss.  Steffy and Thomas catch them in an intimate moment and Ridge tells them that they are his home.  In an attempt to get more privacy, they go off to Taylor’s bedroom.  Liam shows up and Steffy and Thomas inform him of their parents’ reunion.  Ridge spends the night there.  Brooke calls Eric to see if he has heard from Ridge and she fills him in on her relapse.  The next morning, Ridge goes to see Brooke.  Brooke wants to fight for their marriage and she notices that he took off his wedding ring.  Ridge blames Brooke for letting Deacon back into their lives for getting in the way of their marriage and he lets her know that it is over between them and kisses her goodbye.  Brooke grieves the end of their marriage.  Ridge tells Thomas and Steffy that he officially broke up with Brooke.   

Steffy rubs it in Hope’s face that Brooke and Ridge broke up.  Hope calls her out for never wanting the marriage to work out. 

Sheila visits Taylor at her office again to let her know that she is still an ally. 

Paris visited Carter at his apartment and thinks he made the wrong decision to call off their relationship.  Carter has flashbacks of his conversations with Grace about staying away from Paris otherwise she’d tell the Forrester family.  Carter tries to convince Paris that it’s best they stay apart, but she is adamant that he’s wrong and she kisses him.

The Young & The Restless

Mariah and Tessa are torn on wedding themes: getting married at a museum, getting married during a music festival, or a murder mystery dinner.  They call in Sharon, Nick, Noah, Moses, and Faith to help them decide and they are torn with Noah being the deciding vote.  Noah thinks they should do a combination of them all to capture their personalities.  Nick and Sharon wonder if Moses and Faith have discussed how their relationship might be affected by college.  Sharon isn’t worried since Faith applied to many out-of-town schools.  Moses tells Faith he might remain local and Faith tells him she might do the same.  

Phyllis tells Summer that she is going to stay in Genoa City.  She tracks down the address that Jack got in a text and the owner has the same name as Jack’s former father-in-law.  Jack tells Phyllis and Tracy that he and Keemo haven’t spoken in decades; that Keemo wanted nothing to do with Jack after he found out that Jack hid his mother’s diagnosis from him.  They wonder then if it’s Keemo texting Jack in an attempt to reconnect, but Jack is skeptical.  Phyllis and Jack dig deeper and find out that Keemo passed away three weeks prior to the texts.

Dominic has the bone marrow transplant.  Devon and Amanda spend the night with Chance and Abby as they wait to see how he’s recovering.  Chance asks Sharon to provide him a list of therapists for him. 

Nate asks Victor for his opinion on joining Newman-Locke.  Victor supports the idea, but is weary that Ashland is the one who proposed it.  Lily offers Nate a job at Chancellor and Devon offers Nate a job as well.  Michael updates Victor that he met with the doctor who worked at the clinic in Peru that Ashland donated money toward.  The doctor told Michael that Ashland gave money if the clinic would provide fake medical records about his cancer and that Ashland was fine all along.  Victor worries Ashland is playing Victoria to get to the company and he shares his concerns with Nikki.  Victor wants Adam to help spy on Ashland and Adam initially refuses as he feels like he’s being tested.  Though Adam ultimately agrees to help after talking it out with Sally.

Billy accuses of Ashland of playing Victoria and Ashland deflects.  Victoria defends Ashland and Billy warns her that Ashland is going to hurt her.  Ashland tells Victoria that he wants to be co-CEO and though she’s weary at first, she agrees and says she’ll go about having his title changed. 

Days Of Our Lives

Abigail drugs Kristen so she can buy herself time to look for Sarah.  Abigail finds the room that Sarah was in, but Sarah is not there.  Instead, Sarah makes it to the cellar and finds Steve and Kayla.  Sarah tells Steve and Kayla that she is Renee DuMonde and that she’s in love with Tony which shocks them.  They try to help Sarah remember who she really is; that Sarah was at their most recent wedding, that she’s a Horton, and that she was engaged to Xander – nothing rings a bell and Sarah is adamant that she is Renee.  She’s upset when she hears that Tony is married to Anna.  Kayla tells Steve they should humor her and find a way home together.  Kristen catches up with Abigail and tells her what happened with Sarah.  Abigail blames herself for Sarah’s current state because Kristen injected Sarah with the drug that Abigail left behind when she intended on drugging Gwen.  Kristen gives Abigail the diary that belonged to Renee that Sarah read which led her to think she is Renee.   

Kate feels guilty for EJ being sent to prison and Chad reminds her that if EJ goes free that Lucas would have to go to jail.  Chad no longer feels guilty about EJ since he thinks EJ kissed Abigail.  Tony and Chad plan on talking to the pilot who Shawn suspects is the one who took Abigail and Sarah out of town.  Anna meets TR Coates and tries to convince him to cast her in his movie.  She then decides to try to write a screen story based on her love story with Tony, starting with Tony finding out that Anna slept with Andre who she thought was Tony at the time.

Lani fills in Eli about what happened when she met her father.  TR tries to talk to Paulina and tries to convince her that he’s a changed man, but she’s not having any of it and throws him out.  He warns that they will meet again.  Paulina recruits Abe to help her.  Eli later pays TR a visit and introduces himself as a detective and Lani’s husband.   

Xander pawns the engagement ring he had gotten for Sarah so that he can get a new ring for Gwen.  Gwen tells Maggie that she will be marrying Xander.  Xander gives Gwen her new ring and their happy celebration is temporarily interrupted when Jack arrives to question Gwen if she knows what happened to Abigail.  She’s able to talk herself out of the situation and Jack congratulates them on their engagement.   

EJ arrives in prison and meets his cellmate, Clyde.  Clyde is thrilled when he realizes EJ doesn’t remember that Clyde is responsible for EJ being shot. 

Nancy pays Marlena a visit and confides in her that Craig is gay.  She blames herself and wonders if there’s anything she can do or change to fix their marriage.  Marlena reassures her that nothing is wrong with either of them and that sexual orientation is not a choice.  Nancy runs into Craig later and tells him she wants a divorce.  Chloe sees Craig “flirting” with Johnny, but Craig sets the record straight.  He does however ask her if she’d be willing to meet the man he fell in love with as he’s coming to town.  Chloe asks Brady to join her in meeting him. 

John plans a surprise for Marlena on Valentine’s Day.  Jake tries to do the same with Gabi, but she is not receptive.  She lies and says she has to meet up with Rafe, but she goes to see Johnny and vent.  Johnny tries to calm her down and that they will take down Jake together.  He goes to kiss her, but Jake interrupts.  When Jake tries to make amends with Gabi, they kiss, which angers Johnny.  Johnny as the Devil forces them apart and orchestrates a text from Maggie to Jake.  Gabi is back to thinking Jake is getting ready to double cross her.

Nicole spills the beans to Ava that she slept with Rafe on Halloween and that they think she already knew and is responsible for framing Rafe.  Ava denies and pretends this is news to her and storms off hurt.  Nicole tries to get Trask to see Ava is responsible but there’s no evidence.  Nicole pretends to be Jennifer to interview one of the witnesses in an attempt to get the truth, but Trask catches her.

Ava spills to Allie that Tripp plans on proposing to her.  Chanel asks Tripp if he would be willing to stand up for her in court to testify that Johnny was in love with Chanel.  He agrees to and lets her know he plans on proposing to Allie.  Allie and Chanel run into each other and Allie tells her she found out from Ava about the proposal.  Chanel asks her what her answer will be.

Julie visits Ben and Ciara and is hurt to see that the cross she gave as a gift is not hung up.  They fill her in that it kept turning upside down.  That on top of the fire that happened at Julie’s, Julie is convinced the Devil is still in Salem.  After Julie leaves, Ben and Ciara try to figure out who it could be and they deduce it could be Johnny.

(Article written by Adriana Grecco)



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Finola Hughes!
Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Finola Hughes!
Congrats to Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, General Hospital) who was selected as the performer of the week. Click here to learn more--->>
Soap Opera News
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