Performers of the Week: GH's Sydney Mikayla & Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Days’ Sal Stowers!

Congrats to Mikayla(Trina, GH),Chavez(Spencer, GH), and Stowers(Lani, DAYS) who were selected as the performers of the week. Click to learn more--->>


Sydney Mikayla & Nicholas Alexander Chavez

General Hospital fans have patiently been waiting for Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina (Sydney Mikayla) to get together.  Chavez teased on Twitter that this past Thursday’s show was going to be a big day (for Sprina) and it did not disappoint as Sprina almost kissed!  Spencer showed up to Ava’s art gallery to check in on Trina and to say goodbye to her before he has to report to Spring Ridge.  As he enters, Mikayla shows how Trina is still upset at Spencer through her body language (crossed arms).  Trina convinces Ava that she’s okay with talking to Spencer alone.  While Chavez shows that Spencer is delighted that Trina is at least willing to talk to him (by walking closer with a nervous smile), Mikayla aces the snark and sarcastic attitude Trina gives him when she tells Spencer that the night is still young to throw him out.  Mikayla & Chavez have an undeniable chemistry that continues to draw in fans.  Part of their appeal is that Trina can see Spencer’s potential while Spencer notices and admires how amazing Trina already is.  When Spencer tells Trina that not everyone can be like her, Chavez continues to show Spencer’s admiration for Trina as he gives her a smile accompanied with a longing look.  When Trina responds that no one else can be Spencer, Mikayla gives a head nod; a sign of body language that signals she means what she’s saying as she also gives him a longing look.  Trina then tells Spencer that he should probably get going so he can spend some time with his family before he has to go to Spring Ridge, Spencer tells her that he can’t leave yet.  Spencer goes to shoot his shot by taking another step closer to Trina as he reaches for her hands.  He tells her that Kevin advised him to say goodbye to the people who matter most to him and that was what he was there to do.  Mikayla and Chavez have mastered the eye gazing and longing looks as Spencer initiates a kiss and Trina leans in.  The almost kiss is interrupted when Esme shows up.  Spencer looks annoyed that they got interrupted as Trina appears disappointed and startled.  Mikayla shows how quickly Trina’s guard goes back up as Esme enters the room by crossing her arms and giving Esme attitude (rightfully deserved).  Spencer reiterated more than once that he was now ready to leave as he got to say goodbye to everyone who matters to him.  The quick looks Chavez had Spencer give Trina made Sprina fans swoon more.  Before leaving, Spencer turns to Trina and tells her that he’ll see her in a month to which Trina replies, “Not if I don’t see you first”.  Mikayla’s radiant smile as Trina gives Spencer hope gave Chavez the opportunity to play that emotion back to her as Chavez’s facial expression lights up.  Mikayla & Chavez’s scenes on Thursday became so popular that people who don’t watch General Hospital, or don’t watch the show often, were intrigued as Sprina fans shared content on Twitter.  They continue to gain new fans and it goes to show that they are a growing fan favorite couple with the foundation to be a supercouple.  Fans can’t wait to see what happens next for these two and trust that Mikayla and Chavez will continue to deliver in their scenes!

Sal Stowers

This past week on Days Of Our Lives, TR Coates puts the pieces together that Lani (Sal Stowers) is his daughter after Chanel lets it slip that Lani is her half-sister.  TR goes to visit Lani and shares this news with her.  When Lani realizes that TR is Ray, Paulina’s abusive ex-husband, Lani demands that he leave and that she wants nothing to do with him.  Stowers perfectly embodied Lani’s anger through Lani’s closed off body language and her facial expressions (ex: nose flaring, gritted teeth, intense eye contact).  Fans can feel Lani’s anger toward the man who had caused her mother so much pain that she felt the need to give her up at birth in order to keep her safe from him through Stowers’ powerful performance.  Ray tries to convince Lani that he is changed man, to which Lani scoffs at.  Stowers shows this by her shaking her head at him and reiterating that he should leave by showing him the door.  Paulina then shows up and the women tag team to convince him to leave.  After he does, Paulina and Lani have an emotional hug.  Fans look forward to see what will happen next for Lani as this storyline continues and are excited for the material that Stowers will be able to perform to further showcase her talent.  

Days Of Our Lives

Abigail finds Steve and Kayla’s driver licenses in addition to Steve’s eye patch and so she questions Kristen as to where they are and what happened to them.  Kristen tells Abigail that she didn’t hurt them, but Abigail doesn’t believe her.  Steve was locked away in a trunk in a room with Kayla.  They realize they’re in a storm shelter and try to come up with a plan to escape.  Meanwhile, Kate helps Chad realize there’s a strong chance that Kristen is behind Abigail and Sarah’s disappearances.  Kristen tends to Sarah in a locked bedroom where Sarah is under the impression that Kristen is keeping her safe and she can’t wait to return to Xander. 

Xander proposes to Gwen and she initially says no.  She’s feeling guilty in her role to keeping Sarah’s true whereabouts a secret, but she projects that she fears Xander is only proposing to her because “Sarah” turned him down for good.  He tries to convince her otherwise by proposing with a ring, but it was the engagement ring he had given Sarah.  Gwen is initially insulted, but ultimately accepts his proposal. 

Chloe convinces Craig to tell Nancy the truth about his affair; that he’s been cheating on Nancy with a man.  Chloe fills in Brady while her parents talk.  Craig tells Nancy that he has been cheating on her.  She gets so emotional that he doesn’t get to tell her the full story.  When Chloe realizes her mother doesn’t know the full story, she convinces Nancy to talk to Craig in private.  They do and Craig tells her he has been with another man and that he’s always been interested in men.  However, he decided he didn’t want to be with a man at the time he got together with Nancy.  Nancy asks if he’s bisexual, but Craig confirms he’s gay and that he’s in love with his lover.  Nancy kicks him out of their hotel room.

Ben surprises Ciara with their brand-new apartment.  Johnny, possessed by the Devil, stops by to visit Julie and claims he’s there to interview Doug for his movie.  He also asks for Ben and Ciara’s new address and offers to drop off Julie’s housewarming present, which is a crucifix.  He stops by to see Ben and Ciara, and Ben puts up the crucifix.  After Ben walks away, the Devil turns the cross upside down. JoDevil continues to pursue Gabi which makes Jake jealous and concerned.  Gabi reassures Jake she has the situation handled.  In an attempt to draw Gabi away from Jake, JoDevil pretends to be Jake while talking to Maggie, which Gabi overhears.  In their conversation, “Jake” tells Maggie he’s only concerned about being CEO at DiMera Enterprises and doesn’t care if Gabi gets to run Titan.  This infuriates Gabi and she tells JoDevil about it.  When Gabi mentions she wants to confront Jake about it, JoDevil convinces her to not let Jake know that she knows about his conversation with Maggie.  While “Jake” was talking to Maggie, real Jake visited with Ben and expressed his concerns about Johnny being interested in Gabi, especially after he quickly broke up with Chanel after getting married.  He also had a brief conversation with Ava at Rafe’s place.  So when Jake runs into Gabi in the park, he’s confused as to where she has been when he has tried looking for her. 

TR Coates runs into Allie and Chanel at Sweet Bits and reminds them that they are contractually obligated to be in Johnny’s movie.  Chanel lets slip that Lani is her sister, not her cousin, which TR is able to put the pieces together that Lani is his biological daughter.  Meanwhile, Paulina convinces Lani that she, the twins, and Chanel should go to Miami for a few weeks to visit Paulina’s mother.  Paulina is hopeful this will give time for TR Coates to get out of town before they return.  When she goes to visit Chanel to tell her about the trip, Chanel tells her that she told TR about Lani (unaware he’s Lani’s father).  Chanel also tells Paulina that she delivered the divorce papers to Johnny. TR shows up at Lani’s and tells her that he’s her father and wants to be a part of her life, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him.  Paulina shows up and reiterates that he should leave and he does. 

Tripp tells Roman that he plans on proposing to Allie, but was hopeful to talk to Lucas and Sami first.  Roman gives his blessing, but wants to make sure Allie is on the same page as him.  Chanel fills in Allie that she delivered the divorce papers to Johnny and that Paulina wanted her to go on a trip with the family.  She talks about it would be nice to get away from everything for a bit.  When they discuss their one night stand, JoDevil happens to overhear it.

Nicole tells Allie that she had a one night stand with Rafe and that she thinks Ava is behind setting up Rafe on false charges.  Meanwhile, Tripp tells Ava he plans on proposing to Allie and Ava gives him a family heirloom ring to give to Allie as an engagement ring.

General Hospital

Michael surprises Willow with a trip to Paris.  Willow is thrilled, but panics when she can’t find her birth certificate in order to get her passport.  She asks Harmony for assistance.  Harmony visits Alexis at work, after Kristina gives Alexis her blessing for them to be friends, to help her with Willow’s birth certificate.  She confides in Alexis that the one she provided in the past was fake.  Harmony gave birth to Willow on a commune and a fake birth certificate was produced to not give away any information related to the commune. 

Liz and Finn agree to go on a second date as Liz is going through Franco’s art in his art studio.  After Finn leaves, Liz is temporarily locked in the art studio.  When she opens the door, she doesn’t see anyone outside of the room. 

Sonny tells Ned his plans to try to win Carly back.  Ned tries to convince him to not do a grand gesture, as that idea backfired for him with Olivia, and that he should give Carly the space and time she needs.  Sonny ignores Ned’s warning and calls Carly; she ultimately agrees to meet up with him, thinking it’s just to talk.  At Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal, Drew tells Carly that Sonny planned on renting out the Savoy for her.  Meanwhile, Ned tells Olivia about Sonny’s plan for a grand gesture. Olivia decides to tell Carly, who already knows from Drew, and Carly confronts Sonny about it.  Sonny tells her about his plan to recreate one of their weddings on the Haunted Star.  Carly is touched by the grand gesture idea, but still reiterates her frustration that Sonny is not granting her time and space.  Sonny thinks if she’s not ready to work things out now, she might not ever be able to.  Kristina helps Sonny plan out the wedding recreations on the Haunted Star and then calls Carly to make sure she’s going to show up.  Carly told her it's not Kristina’s business.  Kristina assumes Carly won’t show up and tells Sonny that she won’t be coming.  Kristina then goes to Charlie’s and fills in Alexis on the phone.  Obrecht overhears and lets Nina know that Sonny is alone on the Haunted Star.  Nina goes to see Sonny. Meanwhile, Carly runs into Drew on the bridge who convinces her she should go see Sonny in an attempt to let him know and reassure that she does still love him and wants to work things out. They are interrupted by a phone call that Peter has escaped police custody during the transfer.

Trina, Joss, and Cam make reassure that they are fine with the status of their friendships and that it’s Esme who was just trying to cause trouble for everyone.  Meanwhile, Spencer confronts Esme about her intentions with the trip to the cabin.  Esme is insulted and tries to turn it around that Spencer didn’t defend her to his friends.  As Esme falls asleep on his shoulder, Spencer texts Trina to see if she’s ok, but she ignores his text.

The WSB show up at Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal to arrest Tracy; claiming that the diamond she tried to sell was a fraudulent version of the Ice Princess.  Tracy identifies one of the men as someone who has been after Luke.  Drew comes to Tracy’s defense, threatening to tell his story to the public.  They back off temporarily for them to call in Anna to help them out.  Tracy is able to leave Port Charles back to Amsterdam.  Laura is convinced Victor played a part in this.

Britt fills in Brad that Peter is being transferred to prison and they wonder if Brad’s aunt will want another hit out on Peter.  Dante and Mac are a part of Peter’s transfer to prison.  The roads are icy and the van skids a few times and eventually they crash.  The tires were punctured to cause the crash.  As Dante and Mac assess the scene, they realize they were set up for an ambush.  Dante is knocked over the head and Mac is shot while Peter is able to escape.  Anna and Felicia have a bad feeling that the transfer is taking too long, so they set out to see where Mac and Dante are.  They find them and have them sent to the hospital; Mac is not looking good.  Spinelli talks to Sam about how she was concerned for Jason while he worked for the mob and is now concerned for Dante who is a cop.  They also talk about residual feelings she has for Drew.  Drew talks to Britt about his feelings for Sam, but that he respects she is currently with Dante.  Austin is able to put the pieces together that Bailey is Louise and he confronts Maxie about it; why she would lie about the baby and not clue him in to the truth.  He tries to understand after she explains her side of the story.  He questions if Maxie kissed him to distract him from the truth.  Maxie reassures him that her feelings are genuine, but that they can’t get together until she gets her daughter back.  Maxie goes back home and runs into Spinelli and Sam when she gets the call about Peter, Mac, and Dante.

BLQ puts Bailey down to sleep and then has a conversation with Chase about where they stand.  Chase confirms that he is interested in BLQ [romantically] but that they shouldn’t get together as it could make the Bailey situation complicated.  BLQ agrees, but they almost kiss.  They are interrupted with news about Peter’s escape and when they check on the baby, Bailey is gone.  Peter ran off with her.

The Young & The Restless

Victor lets Adam know he either agrees to work for Victoria or he’ll have to step away from the company.  Adam fills in Chelsea and Sally about Victoria now running Newman Media.  Chelsea and Chloe pay Victoria a visit to see where Newman Fashion stands and Victoria tells them she’s decided to drop their division.  They scramble for what their next move should be.  They fill in Sally about Victoria’s decision and that they should walk their separate ways.  Sally lays into them for dropping her.  Chelsea and Chloe reach out to Lauren about merging with Fenmore’s.  Chelsea is upset when Adam offers Sally a job in front of her.  Sally thinks Adam was just playing it up in front of Chelsea, but he assures her that his job offer was genuine.   

Chance wants to return to the police force, but Abby and Rey don’t think he’s ready.  Abby thinks he should use this time to recover and seek counseling.  Abby and Chance officially sign the legal documents to make the shared custody of Dominic with Devon official.    

Ashland offers Nate a job at Newman-Locke, but Victoria is upset that Ashland didn’t consult her first.  Nate discusses the possible job to Elena and that he’s partially considered it.  Victoria is convinced that Adam is going to back down as he will not want to work for her.  Adam stuns Victoria and Ashland by telling them he’s going to continue working for the family company.  Victoria thinks they should have a formal meeting to discuss his stance in the company and she’s equally concerned about what role Ashland thinks he has in the company. Michael fills in Victor that the clinic Ashland went to in Peru for treatment is questionable when it comes to if it was legit.  They question Ashland’s miraculous recovery.  

Faith tells Nick that she plans on going to college that has a business program as she may want to get into fashion or cosmetics like Summer and Victoria have.  He’s visibly concerned.

Phyllis is hopeful that Jack will attempt to talk her out of going to Italy, but she’s sad and disappointed that he doesn’t do so.  

Tessa confides in Mariah that she thinks Noah still has feelings for her.  When Noah sees them, it can tell something is off and he asks Tessa why she would tell Mariah.  Faith, Moses, Sharon, Rey, and Nick throw an engagement party for Tessa and Mariah at Crimson Lights.  Noah, Amanda, Devon, Chance, and Abby are also in attendance.  Noah struggles to be happy for the couple and Sharon and Nick notice.  Nick ultimately offers to get Noah out of there.  Kevin and Chloe have a unique gift sent for the couple in their absence.  Mariah and Tessa dance to one of Tessa’s songs.  When Abby and Chance return home, they notice something is wrong with Dominic.

The Bold & The Beautiful

Brooke is worried that Douglas is going to tell people about her kissing Santa.  Hope tries to reassure Brooke that everything will be okay and that even if Douglas told people, he didn’t realize Santa was Deacon.  Meanwhile, Douglas tells Thomas that he remembers he saw Deacon wearing a Santa hat when kissing Brooke.  Thomas confides in Steffy about what Douglas saw.  Steffy recruits Charlie to assist in getting security footage to prove that Deacon was there.  While they don’t have footage of inside the home, they have footage of outside of the home.  Charlie sees on the camera that Deacon left around the time Hope and Liam did, but that he went back later and didn’t leave until the next morning.  They see that Deacon snuck out a back way while Ridge entered the main way.  Steffy asks for a copy of the footage.  Steffy and Thomas decide to tell Taylor about it first.

Ridge, not knowing the full story of what went down on New Year’s Eve, shows up to Deacon’s job and warns him to stay away from Brooke.  Deacon is tempted to tell Ridge everything, but ultimately decides not to.  Brooke worries that she will lose Ridge if he were to ever find out the truth.  Ridge tells Brooke that he warned Deacon to stay away. 

Carter convinces Paris that they shouldn’t act on their feelings while she’s still with Zende.  Grace happens to catch them kissing and later confronts Carter.  She warns him to stay away from Paris as she thinks Paris deserves better than Carter, particularly Zende.  She threatens to tell the Forrester’s if Carter doesn’t back off of Paris.  Grace later talks to Zende and tries to get him to remain hopeful about having a future with Paris.  Meanwhile, Carter plans a romantic dinner for him and Paris.  Carter tells Paris he thinks he should end their relationship which shocks her.  He doesn’t mention his conversation with Grace.


(Article written by Adriana Grecco)



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Soap Opera News: Performers of the Week: GH's Sydney Mikayla & Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Days’ Sal Stowers!
Performers of the Week: GH's Sydney Mikayla & Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Days’ Sal Stowers!
Congrats to Mikayla(Trina, GH),Chavez(Spencer, GH), and Stowers(Lani, DAYS) who were selected as the performers of the week. Click to learn more--->>
Soap Opera News
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