Performer of the Week: The Young and The Restless’ Sharon Case!

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On this past week of The Young and The Restless, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) died in a car crash.  Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) broke the tragic news to Rey’s wife, Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case). 

When Nick arrived to tell Sharon the news, he first informed her of Victoria’s status as she was in the same car accident. Once Sharon realized that Nick was about to tell her terrible news, Sharon started to keep busy around Crimson Lights and talked about different desserts she made for Rey. Case’s performance of a spouse wanting to stall bad news about their loved one as much as possible gave fans goosebumps and had them in tears right along with her. Sharon admitted to Nick that she knew he was going to give her bad news and she just wanted one more moment before it became a reality. He gave her that brief moment and then broke the news that Rey died. Case’s tears and breakdown into Nick’s arms was gut-wrenching. Later, when Sharon’s family was there to support her, Case displayed Sharon’s rollercoaster of grief. She had moments of tears, anger, frustration, etc. Sharon insisted that she call Rey’s mother to break the news to her. She was upset when she heard that his mother wanted Rey buried in Miami. When Mariah and Tessa mentioned they will postpone their wedding, Sharon insisted that Rey wouldn’t want them to hold it off. There was a moment when Sharon picked up Rey’s jacket and she smelt it so she can recall his scent and give her comfort. While the family was in the room with her, Case was able to make it seem like it was just a moment between her and Rey as she mourned him and was just looking for something of his to comfort her. Mariah urged Sharon to not hold back her emotions, that they can handle her grief and tears. Case had Sharon sternly tell them that she will be strong. Case continued to show just how much of a powerhouse performer she is and while Rey’s death is truly devastating and fans are upset to see Vilasuso gone from the show; fans know that Case will bring it as always in all of her scenes. 


Days Of Our Lives

Nicole & Brady run into each other at the pub and catch up. Eric is still a priest and Nicole fills him in that she broke up with EJ and that her friendship with Rafe turned to romance. Eric lets her know that all he ever wanted was for her to be happy.  They are not thrilled to see that Clyde is working at the pub.

Nancy decides she wants to attend Craig and Leo’s wedding, but doesn’t want to go alone. Bonnie helps her create a dating profile and she matches with someone: it turns out to be Clyde. They meet at the pub and they share their biggest secrets: Clyde is recently out of prison and Nancy is reeling from a recent divorce from her now out of the closet ex-husband. Nancy brings up the wedding and Clyde gently rejects the idea and mentions he’d rather their first date be just the two of them. He convinces her that she is strong and doesn’t need to attend the wedding with a date. She agrees.

Chloe admits that she was the one who had the prenup arranged for Leo to sign. When he initially hesitates to sign it, Chloe points out it would prove that Leo was only after Craig for his money. Leo caves and signs it, which shocks Chloe and Craig.  Chloe tells Craig that she will go to the wedding to support her father. Chloe asks Brady to be her plus one to the wedding and he accepts and decide it’s time to make their relationship public.  Before the wedding begins, Leo admits to Craig that he had a thing for Xander. After Craig meets him, he can see why.  Xander and Jack meet up with Leo and Craig for a toast. 

Gwen learns from Gabi that Ava was arrested. Ava tells Abigail that if she convinces Trask to strike up a deal for her to avoid charges, Ava will give Trask and Abigail information about another criminal with bigger charges.  Ava lets Abigail know it’s about Gwen and that Gwen was behind Abigail’s attack and so much more. Abigail gets Trask to agree to a deal. Gwen shows up to the police station and Abigail catches her. Both women hide the truth from the other about why they’re both really there.  Back home, Jack agrees to walking Gwen down the aisle. Jennifer tells Gwen how proud she is of for with how far she’s come. Abigail tells Jennifer that Gwen was responsible for her attack, but is awaiting for more information from Trask and Ava before confronting Gwen. 

The double wedding begins: Abigail is Gwen’s matron of honor, Jack walks Gwen down the aisle and Xander’s best man, Chloe is Craig’s maid of honor, and Leo has is own grand entrance that steals the show.  Justin is the officiant for both couples.  Chloe and Brady ask Justin to stall the wedding as much as possible to buy Sonny and Chad time to get there to blow up Craig and Leo getting married as they got dirt on Leo.  Justin tried as best as possible: stalling introductions, drawing out the vows, sneezing, etc. Just as he is about to announce Leo and Craig as husband and husband, Chad shows up with Jackie Cox. They reveal that Leo is legally married to Jackie aka Darius.  Leo married him so Darius would have a green card and they planned on Leo marrying Craig just to divorce him and get his money that the two of them would split.  However, Leo fell in love with Craig for real and was going to call the plan with Darius off which upset him as he still wanted the money.  After learning everything, Craig leaves Leo at the altar.  Gwen and Xander planned on still getting married, but Abigail stops it from happening.  She reveals that Gwen was the one who attacked her, that she knew Sarah was kidnapped for months, that she pretended to be Sarah to break up with Xander, and that she switched out the antidote for the same drug that Sarah initially got to make her condition worse.  When Xander learns of everything, he’s deeply hurt and says Gwen is the worst person he’s ever known.  Jack is also furious with her and says he no longer wants anything to do with her.  Gwen is devastated.   Rafe shows up to arrest Gwen.  As she is taken away, she whispers in Abigail’s ear that she killed her grandmother.

Ava is granted full immunity for giving all of the information about Gwen.  She flaunts her freedom in front of Gabi and Rafe who are shocked.  Rafe and Gabi confront Trask, who tells them what happened.  She assigns Rafe to be the one to arrest Gwen at the wedding.  Meanwhile, Ben and Jake catch up at Jake’s apartment.  He fills Ben in on his living arrangements with Ava.  Ava then returns home and fills them in on her freedom.  After Ben leaves, Ava offers to sleep on the air mattress.  Jake suggests they share the bed.  She agrees to it after they both admit they never shared a bed with someone who wasn’t a romantic partner.

Ben & Ciara agree to name their baby Bo after her father. 

Beth is informed by EJ that Johnny left town and don’t know if or when he’ll return.  Beth confronts TR about it.  He is high and admits he didn’t know about Johnny.  He tells Beth he’ll get the money for the movie himself, admitting his plan to charm Paulina so they’ll get married and he’ll take her money.  Beth warns him that will be hard to do.  Paulina and Abe kiss, but he pulls away.  TR later shows up and they kiss. 

Clyde suggests that EJ join him in a drug-running business, but EJ refuses.

A possessed Allie pretends to be Chanel to trick Johnny to think she is there to save him.  The Devil shows Johnny that Chanel and Tripp are bonding over the fact that the twins broke their hearts.  Johnny watches as Chanel and Tripp go out for drinks and they kiss.

The Devil visits Ben and Ciara and says they have a tea that will help Ciara sleep.  She takes it and is automatically tired.  She goes to bed as the Devil poisons Ben’s drink.

The Young and The Restless

Once Victoria gives Ashland reassurance that she’ll stay with him and run away with him, he agrees to sign the annulment and make the deal with Adam and Victor.  Ashland returns with the news and Victoria tells him that she no longer wants to be with him, that she only pretended to do so in order for him to leave the company, town, and her.  He is in disbelief.  She gets him to admit that he faked his cancer and that he intended on seducing her to get the family company.  However, he says he genuinely fell in love with her.  She demands he leave and he does.  She then destroys the portrait of her that Ashland got her and then leaves.   Victoria leaves her office upset and drives.  She calls her mother while on the road and she winds up in a car crash.  Nikki hears it happen and tells Victor.  They are unable to get her back on the phone.  Victor calls his people to track her down and calls the police.  They fill in Nick who offers to track her down too. 

Phyllis confronts Diane at the Grand Phoenix.  Diane claims she’s only in town so that she is closer in case Kyle decides he wants to meet with her.  Phyllis warns Jack that she is in town.

Adam fills in Sally that Victoria was in a crash and admits a part of him selfishly wonders if he’d be able to run the family business if she was hurt after confronting Sally of thinking the same.  Sally says he hurt her feelings by thinking she would think that.  They clear the air and admit they are falling in love with each other.

Rey gets ready to leave for the hockey game with Chelsea and Connor until he realizes he left the tickets to the game at home.  He goes back home by himself despite the bad weather while they wait at Crimson Lights.  Sharon confronts Chelsea about having feelings for her husband.  Chelsea denies it, though admits their bond got closer recently.  Though she acknowledges how deeply Rey loves Sharon. 

Ashland is in the same crash as Victoria.  Even though he is injured, he is able to get out of his car and get to Victoria’s car which is on fire.  He burns in his hand as he saves her from the car.  He finds a shed with a cot and puts her there.  She finally comes to and is shocked to see him and wonders what happened.  She wants to leave, but her leg is injured.  He goes to look for help and comes back.  He mentions another car was involved in the crash.  That he had followed her and saw it happen.  She crashed into Rey and he tells her that Rey died.  She is in denial that she accidentally caused his death.  Nick arrives at the scene of the crash and runs into Chance.  They learn of Rey’s death.  Nick decides to be the one to inform Sharon.  Nikki and Victor find Victoria and Ashland.

Nick fills in Sharon about Rey’s death.  She is devastated.  Her family is there to support her: Faith, Noah, Mariah, Tessa, and Nick.  They notice she’s trying to be strong for her and encourage her to be open with her grief with them.  But she insists on being strong.  She calls Rey’s mother to fill her in and Celeste wants Rey buried in Miami.  Mariah and Tessa mention they will postpone their wedding and she doesn’t want them to do so.

Adam fills in Chelsea about Rey and they fill in Connor together.  They are devastated over Rey’s death.

Victor orders Ashland to leave town, but he says he isn’t going anywhere.  Victor tells Victoria that Adam should remain CEO until she’s completely healed and she hates the idea.  

The Bold and The Beautiful

Sheila and Taylor fill in Ridge about the chain of events that happened on the roof.  Ridge is still not convinced that Sheila has changed for the better.  Deacon catches up with Sheila to offer support.  She confides in him that she almost jumped off the roof. 

Carter is adamant that he and Paris should call things off between them.  She is confused considering they both admitted they have feelings for each other.  He says she’d be better off with Zende.  He tells Zende he should propose to Paris and he encourages Paris to accept his proposal.  Quinn overhears Carter and Paris’ conversation.  Quinn is there to return the key to his loft.  She gently teases him about being with Paris.  Carter tells Quinn that he misses her and she admits that she misses him too.  Quinn alludes that she still has marriage trouble with Eric and he feels bad for her.

Brooke arrives at the hospital and gets the latest about Steffy waking up.  She tells Hope that she is worried about Liam being so involved with Steffy considering their history.  When Liam enters Steffy’s room, she is thrilled to see him and thinks they are still married.  Liam, Ridge, and Bridget are concerned about Steffy’s amnesia, memory, and confusion.  They fill in Taylor, Brooke, and Hope about what happened.  Taylor and Bridget agree that they should play along with it for now considering the trauma she went through until she heals.  Brooke and Hope are not thrilled with the idea and Brooke advocates for her daughter.  Liam ultimately agrees to go along with it for now.  Liam goes back in to see Steffy and she says she wants to see Kelly.  Liam goes to pick her up.  Meanwhile, Hope visits Steffy who is confused to see her there.  Hope tries to see if Steffy at all recalls Finn or Hayes.  Liam shows up with Kelly and Steffy is shocked to see how big she got, but is happy to see her.  She asks for Hope to leave and she’s happy she has her family.  She has Liam promise that he won’t leave her.  Hope is distraught seeing them play house.  Brooke continues to fight the idea of keeping Steffy in the dark about reality.  Ridge and Taylor shoot her down again though Taylor wonders if Steffy’s repressed memories are showing that she feels like her true love was Liam all along.  Brooke accuses Taylor of using Steffy to put a wedge between Liam and Hope. 

Ridge tells Sheila that she should go home and that if they hear anything about the identity of the shooter that he’d call her.  Deputy Chief Baker arrives to interview Steffy while Ridge and Sheila are in the room.  She starts to remember bits and pieces from the night she was shot.  

General Hospital

Harmony breaks into Brendan’s hotel room to retrieve the files he had on her.  Alexis sees a dead body in the water at the pier on her way to Spoon Island.  She calls the police.  It turns out to be Brendan.  Rory and Jordan question Alexis and realize she was one of the last people to see him, they were on bad terms, and that he seemed desperate for money.  Jordan wonders if his death was suicide or murder.  Jordan and Rory notice fingernail markings around his neck. 

Willow and Harmony run into each other at the Metro Court.  Willow praises Harmony which causes her to feel guilty.  After Willow leaves, Harmony continues to drink and gets really drunk.  Alexis finds her and Harmony tries to get Alexis to drink with her.  Alexis tries to get her to leave.  Carly and Sam find them too.  Carly offers for Harmony to stay at the hotel, but she refuses.  Carly mentions she cares about Harmony since Willow is family and Harmony makes a comment that she wishes Willow was her family too.  Alexis takes Harmony home, which Sam and Carly aren’t happy about.  At home, Alexis tries to get Harmony to admit what’s bothering her.  She claims it’s just the guilt about Willow.  Alexis tells Harmony about Brendan.  Harmony is paranoid she’s going to get caught. 

Portia and Elizabeth get into a heated argument at work, but calm down long enough to check in with each other.  Liz fills in Portia about the strange happenings.  Liz is upset that the police aren’t any closer to catching the stalker.  Portia confronts Jordan of railroading Trina considering Porta is now with Curtis.  Curtis intervenes.  Jordan denies Portia’s accusations and Curtis reassures Portia that Jordan always puts her job first.  Portia thinks Jordan still has feelings for Curtis.    

Ms. Wu fills in Curtis that Marshall was never in witness protection.  She promises to give him Marshall’s file if she can start her high-stakes poker games at the Savoy, and he agrees.  Britt and Brad discuss Britt’s matches on the dating app.  He convinces her to go on a date.  He tries to get Britt to talk about him potentially working at General Hospital and she tries to convince him to keep his options open for work elsewhere.  

Laura and Robert don’t believe that Jennifer Smith was responsible for killing Luke despite being caught with the Ice Princess.  They both think that Victor was responsible. 

Marshall and TJ run into Drew and Michael at the gym.  Marshall approaches Drew about the job offer and Drew tells him that the position has been filled.  Marshall accuses Drew of offering a fake job just so he would do a background check.  After he leaves, Drew tells Michael that he was right.  Drew calls Curtis to warn him that Marshall knows and is upset. 

Valentin catches up with Anna.  She fills him in about Peter’s final moments.  He assures her that he did the right thing and wishes he could have been there to support her.  Anna says they started it together and she wanted to end it together.  She is happy she had support from others but wanted him there.  She asks Valentin about his recent suntan and he dodges.  Before leaving, he kisses her.

Spencer and Cameron run into Joss and Trina at Kelly’s.  When things get heated, Britt convinces Spencer to leave with her.  She asks Spencer if he thinks Trina is behind the revenge porn video and he dodges.  Joss is mad at Cameron for appearing to be on Spencer’s side.  He almost tells them the truth until Spencer shows up and gives a fake story, claiming Spencer thinks Joss could have been behind the video all along.  Cameron gets mad and punches Spencer.  Rory sees it happen and arrests Cameron.  Spencer tries to talk him out of it, but accidentally hits Rory and so Rory arrests Spencer too.  Trina tries to convince Rory to let them both go, but he doesn’t.  Spencer tries to convince Cameron to stick to their plan.  Cameron called Finn and Spencer called Laura.  Rory is stunned to learn that Cameron and Spencer are Laura’s grandsons.  Cameron is released since Spencer won’t press charges.  Spencer’s fate is in Rory’s hands.  Laura convinces Spencer to apologize to Rory.  Rory lets him go.  Jordan and Laura warn Spencer he got off easy.   

Nina fills in Ava about her pursuing visitation of Wiley in court.  Ava is curious where Sonny will pledge his loyalty – his family or Nina. Nina informs her that she told Sonny she doesn’t want him to be put in that position nor does she want Scott to call him up as a witness.  Ava comments that she must really have feelings for him. Nina fills her in about the hold-up at Charlie’s. Ava realizes that Nina likes Sonny the mobster just as much as Mike the bartender. Nina gets a call from Phyllis that the men from the hold-up got out on bail.

Laura confronts Sonny about what he did to Esme.  He says he won’t go near her but makes it clear that she should pay for what she did to Joss, Cam, and Trina.  Nina informs him about the men being let go.  He assures her that everything will be ok.  Sonny got one of his men to track down one of the guys from the hold up and he’s tied up and put in the trunk of a car.  Nina has a feeling about what Sonny means by handling the situation and she wants him to know she doesn’t need protection, that he can confide in her.   

Aiden convinces Chase to use the Ouija Board to summon Franco’s ghost.  When Franco’s name is mentioned, the lights go out and Chase calls it off.  When alone, Chase is knocked out unconscious. 

Spinelli and Maxie run into each other at the Savoy when Austin is unable to make his date with Maxie.  Spinelli mentions he’s trying to date again.  They both go to spy on Britt on her date.  However, Britt was stood up and she invites Drew to join her so Maxie mistakes Drew as Britt’s date.  Britt and Drew bond over not having their lives figured out.  When Britt bashes the dating app and the no show date, Spinelli gets defensive which confuses them all.

The poker game begins at the Savoy and Ms. Wu got Brad to work for her.  The next day, Ms. Wu gives Curtis the file he wanted and Jordan shows up.  Jordan warns Curtis about associating with Ms. Wu. 

Marshall informs Epiphany that he’s going to leave town.  She tries to convince him to stay for his family.  Trina runs into Marshall at the pier and notices he’s leaving.  Trina calls Curtis to warn him. Curtis appears in time to confront his father. 

Leo’s adoption is official and his last name is changed to Quartermaine.  Olivia fills in the family that Leo has been taking drama therapy classes to help with his speech and connecting with others.  She urges Leo to share a poem he will recite.  He winds up bailing.  BLQ is upset that Chase hasn’t shown up to the party.  Drew mentions the idea of merging ELQ with Aurora so they have enough shares to boot Valentin out of the company.  Ned worries where his place in the company would be if that were to happen considering Drew would have the majority of the shares.

Dante forgives Sam.  Finn and Liz worry that Liz’s stalker grew violent.  Even though her home had cameras, the footage of Chase’s attack was deleted.  Chase shows up at the ELQ’s with flowers for BLQ. 

Carly is still suspicious of the comment Harmony made about Willow and stops by Alexis’ house.  Alexis left for work and Harmony is at the house, about to burn the files on her that she took from Brendan.  Carly walks in and catches Harmony.   


(Article written by Adriana Grecco)



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Soap Opera News: Performer of the Week: The Young and The Restless’ Sharon Case!
Performer of the Week: The Young and The Restless’ Sharon Case!
Congrats to Sharon Case (Sharon, Y&R) who was selected as the performer of the week! Learn more here--->>
Soap Opera News
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