Performers of the Week: GH’s Tabyana Ali & B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood!

Congrats to Tabyana Ali & Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who were selected as the performers of the week! Click here to learn more--->>


Tabyana Ali

It’s never easy for recasts to step into a role where the character and former actress were so deeply loved, but Tanyana Ali (Trina Robinson, General Hospital) makes it seem effortless. Ali stepped into the role of Trina in the middle of a major storyline (Trina being arrested for the sex tape that Esme was responsible for) and she hit the ground running. Ali took fans along for the emotional rollercoaster Trina was on this past week as Trina was questioned by Jordan and then arrested.  Fans could hear the fear and frustration in Ali’s voice as Trina fought for her innocence.  Ali has great chemistry with her TV parents and one of the touching scenes this week was between Ali and Brook Kerr (Dr. Portia Robinson) when Portia tells Trina to hold her head high in court during the arraignment.  The pause Ali took when she closed her eyes as Kerr raised her chin up was a beautiful and touching moment.  Ali also showed that she has chemistry with Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer Cassadine).  The scenes where Spencer shows up to the police station and lets Trina know that the evidence against her makes it hard for him to believe her were intense.  Ali showed how deeply hurt and betrayed Trina felt when Trina tells him that if Spencer can’t look her in her eyes and tell her that he believes her that they are through.  It was further emphasized when she yells at Spencer to leave as she gets up from her chair.  Fans also noticed that Ali seems to already have chemistry with Michael Blake Kruse (Officer Rory Cabrera) when Rory offers Trina a soda with a smile after Spencer leaves.  The looks between them alone already have fans buzzing that Rory and Trina could make a nice pairing and put Trina in the center of a love triangle between Rory and Spencer.  Bravo to Ali for doing such an amazing job as Trina!  Fans can’t wait to see what happens next!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

On The Bold & The Beautiful this past week, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was determined to find out what Thomas and Sheila could possibly be in cahoots about.  She finally found out that Thomas knew that Sheila tricked Brooke into drinking which led to the series of events that took place on New Year’s Eve.  Any time that Steffy and Sheila have a showdown is entertaining, but this showdown, in particular, was both entertaining and intense.  After Sheila confesses to everything, Steffy lets her know that she will have nothing to do with their family for good.  Finn happens to show up in time to block Steffy from getting shot by Sheila.  Fans could feel the devastation and pain Steffy was experiencing through Wood’s outstanding performance.  The wails in her voice left fans heartbroken for Steffy and Finn.  Wood then went from crying to wanting Sheila to pay for what she did so quickly.  What a cliffhanger to see Sheila pull a gun on Steffy and threaten to shoot her if she called 911!  It’s safe to assume that Wood earned herself another Daytime Emmy nomination if she submits these scenes and fans can’t wait to see what happens next!


General Hospital

Jordan brings Trina in for questioning regarding Joss & Cam’s sex tape.  Trina agrees to the questioning as she wants to help catch the person who did it: Esme.  Jordan mentions that the anonymous tip line led her to Trina and in an effort to clear herself, Trina hands over what she thinks is her phone, but it is the burner phone with the video on it that Esme planted.  Jordan then has Trina moved to the interrogation room and she calls Curtis to give him the heads up of what is going on.  Curtis alters Portia and Taggert; who are furious that Jordan is acting like Trina is a criminal and are upset with Trina for talking without a lawyer.  Trina is read her rights and led to booking by Dante.  Spencer confides in Victor that Esme might be pregnant. Victor tells him the Cassadines have resources to help Spencer not feel tied down to Esme if she is.  Victor informs Spencer of Trina’s arrest.  Spencer has flashbacks of Esme from the cabin trip and when he accused her of the sex tape.  He visits Trina at the police station and he’s concerned that she did do it, but doesn’t remember and that maybe he unintentionally led her to do it just like Esme has done bad things for him.  Trina is hurt that he doesn’t believe she’s innocent despite the planted evidence and she says she’s through with him then demands he leave.  Officer Rory Cabrera offers a soda and a smile after Spencer leaves.  Sonny informs Ava and Carly about Trina’s arrest and both women know she’s innocent and blame Esme.  Sonny tells Carly he plans on going after Esme.  Ava shows up at the station to see Trina and lets her know she supports her and will help her.  Portia and Curtis hire Scott to be Trina’s lawyer.  He makes them aware that the evidence doesn’t help, but he believes Trina is innocent.  At Trina’s arraignment, Cameron and Joss show up to support her.  Molly and the DA offer Trina a plea deal.  Trina consults with her family and friends and they all think she should plea not guilty.  She does.  The DA sets a high bond, but the judge denies it and lets Trina go free until her trial.  She goes home with Portia and Curtis.  Joss and Cam are questioned by Smoltz, trying to get a story.  He can tell they think Trina is innocent and know who is behind it.  He claims that if they tell him who, he can help.  Before they can answer, Ava, interferes and gets Smoltz to leave.       

Esme plays Nikolas and asks him for help with getting a place to stay.  He gets her a room above Kelly’s.  Esme tells Nikolas that she is concerned that Sonny may go after her.  Nikolas tries to put her fears at bay, but Esme is later kidnapped by one of Sonny’s men and he brings her to Sonny.  Sonny lets her know that he thinks Esme is behind the sex tape and he tries to scare her into confessing.  He lets her know he has not forgotten how Esme used Avery to get to Ava and Nikolas.  Victor tells Nikolas that Esme might be pregnant.  When Victor mentions he saw Esme get into someone’s car, Nik is worried that Sonny got her.  They rush to Sonny’s restaurant and save Esme from him.  Victor puts Sonny on notice; Sonny does the same.  Spencer asks Nik if he and Esme can move back home and Nik agrees to help keep Esme safe from Sonny.  Spencer is concerned about how Ava will take the news.  Nik thinks that if Esme is pregnant, Ava will grow to understand.  Spencer asks Esme to take the pregnancy test and wonders if she’s more scared if she is or isn’t pregnant.  Esme makes it clear she wants Spencer and wonders if he wants her too.  She reminds him that having her around will help put a wedge between Nik and Ava.  Ava arrives home, shocked and upset to see Esme there. Sonny recruits Brick to help him with the mob business now that Jason is gone and he asks him to help find proof that Esme is responsible for the sex tape.  


Scott tries to make amends with Nina, but his constant trash-talking of Sonny and his warning her that she shouldn’t get involved with Sonny romantically makes this difficult for Nina.

Alexis tells TJ and Molly that Harmony will be living with her, and they are not thrilled.  They let her know that Sean warned them about Harmony and asked that they keep an eye out which upsets Alexis.  Later on, when Harmony seems to be a little bit too familiar with Alexis’ house, Alexis grows concerned.  Sam isn’t thrilled to see Harmony living with Alexis.  Harmony has a flashback of being in Alexis’ home before and killing Neil by injecting him with drugs. 

BLQ asks Chase to sing the duet at the IPO party, but he declines.  He’s worried about how it’ll look for him as he’s trying to get back on the force.  BLQ is hurt and Chase can sense it. 

Brando and Sasha are back in Port Charles.  Maxie, Lucy, and Gladys want to celebrate their marriage which Sasha is initially opposed to, but caves.  When she’s reminded of Liam, she excuses herself and calls her dealer for more drugs.

Neil’s brother, Brendan returns and wants Alexis to give him a job at the Invader as he still finds her responsible for Neil’s death.  She turns him down.  When Harmony shows up, Brendan mentions that her name is familiar to him.  Later on, it’s revealed that he has a file on her.

Nina and Carly clash at a yoga class when Nina tries to get Carly to agree to Nina seeing Wiley.  Harmony tries to convince Willow and Michael to let Nina see Wiley and they are upset to hear that Nina got Harmony involved.  Nina reaches out to Scott to help her legally when it comes to Wiley.  He warns her that she can’t have both Wiley and Sonny.  Nina is determined to have it all. Diane tells Michael and Willow that maybe they can give Smoltz a juicy story in an attempt to get him to drop the charges against Michael. Diane tries to recruit Alexis to help, but Alexis doesn’t think she can where Smoltz is concerned.

The Bold & The Beautiful

Steffy is concerned as to what Thomas could be involved with where Sheila is concerned.  Finn thinks it’s to help protect the family, but they don’t know-how. Steffy confronts Sheila to stay away from her family.

Eric visits Brooke and she tells him that she still wants to be with Ridge.  Eric encourages her to fight for Ridge and their marriage.  Brooke visits Ridge at work and tells him she’s not giving up.  Brooke tells Ridge that she feels like an outside source is causing the friction between them.  Brooke fills in Liam and Hope about her wanting to fight for Ridge.  They wonder if Ridge will take Brooke back.  Bridget calls Brooke to let her know she’s back in town and working at the hospital for now.  Taylor makes it known she wants to be with Ridge, but she wants him to take his time with everything that is going on.  Taylor and Ridge are proud of their children and how far they have come.  They also talk about if Sheila has really changed for the better.     

Thomas is struggling to tell Ridge the truth about Sheila and Brooke.  Sheila calls Thomas to warn him about Steffy, but Steffy happens to overhear the call.  She hears that Thomas knows that Sheila tricked Brooke into drinking real alcohol which led to the series of events that took place on New Year’s Eve.  Steffy rushes to Finn to tell him everything.  Finn is not convinced entirely that Sheila could have done what Steffy is saying.  Steffy confronts Sheila again and Sheila tries to run away, but Steffy chases after her.  Sheila confesses that she did what Steffy is accusing her of.  When Steffy tells her that she is going to tell Finn everything and that she wants Sheila away from her family for good, Sheila attacks her.  Finn grows concerned that he hasn’t heard from Steffy so he tracks her down.  He sees Sheila pulling out a gun and he jumps in front of Steffy as Sheila pulls the trigger.  Both women are devastated that Finn got shot.  Finn tells Steffy how much he loves her and their children before passing away.  Steffy goes to call the police, but Sheila pulls the gun on her and threatens to shoot her if she does.  


The Young & The Restless

The Newmans are shocked to hear that Victoria seems to have taken Ashland back after everything she has learned about her lying husband.  She tries to convince her family to let her handle Ashland in her own way, but they are concerned that Ashland will trick her again or hurt her.  Victoria tells Ashland that they should go on a trip to Italy.  When Victor finds out, he makes Adam temporary CEO of the company.  Billy fills in Lily on everything regarding Ashland.  Nick asks Billy to talk to Victoria to see where her head is at with everything.   

Michael returns from Peru with Kevin.  Lauren is thrilled to have him back but wants to know everything that happened.  She’s upset when Michael prioritizes seeing Victor to fill him in on what happened.  Lauren follows Michael to Victor’s office as she wants to know everything too.


Chance recently had another PTSD panic attack but tells Abby he wants to go back to work in the police force.  Though concerned, Abby agrees to support her husband.  Ashley is also concerned about Chance returning to work.  Ashley is also worried that Allie is playing Jack.  Phyllis disagrees and says she didn’t get bad vibes from Allie and that Jack should navigate a relationship with her on his own. 

Jack and Allie have an awkward meet-up but are able to get to know each other a bit more.  Diane uses Allie to meet Jack in person and Jack is shocked to see she is still alive.  Allie is furious that she was used.  Jack is hurt that Diane would use Allie and that she would let Kyle think she was dead all this time.  Jack reveals some of Diane’s past to a stunned Allie.  Diane asks Jack to hear her out.  Diane tries to reminiscence about their happier times, but it’s tainted for Jack for all of the terrible things she’s done.  She wants to reconnect with Kyle and Jack doesn’t think she should.  


Days Of Our Lives

Chloe is upset that Craig took Kayla’s job from her.  Chad tries to convince Leo that he’s interested in him.  Leo suggests that they go to bed together and Chad agrees though tries to stall.  Craig walks in on them before they can do anything, but he finds them physically in bed together.  Leo lets them know that he knows he was being played.  Craig proposes to Leo and he accepts.  Brady and Chloe make love.  Leo walks in on Brady and Chloe in bed and fills them in that he knows he was being conned and he also tells them that he and Craig are engaged.  Craig tries to fire Marlena, but Nancy blackmails him.  She tells him she will drag out their divorce which will prevent him from marrying Leo in order to save Marlena’s job. 

Ciara and Ben agree that Clyde can stay with them temporarily.  Orpheus calls Clyde and tells him that he thinks EJ needs to be silenced.  Clyde convinces Roman to give him a job at the pub as a short-order cook.    

Anna is upset that Tony is living with Sarah who thinks she’s Renee.  Tony dodges Sarah’s advances and lets her know that they will be sleeping in separate beds.   

TR tries to support Lani and Paulina.  Abe doesn’t like TR being around.  Beth meets with Johnny about the movie and Johnny is skeptical that Beth got the movie role from TR.  He wonders what she has on him.   

Kate makes sure that Belle finds the evidence that EJ is innocent. Belle rushes to see EJ to let him know that the evidence was planted and that she can get him out.  Chad was about to confess that he knew EJ was innocent before Belle interrupts. 

Johnny lets Tripp know that Allie and Chanel are now in a relationship.  Allie and Chanel let Nicole know that they are, but that it isn’t public knowledge as they don’t want to hurt Tripp.  Chanel runs into Tripp at the hospital who is upset that she is with Allie.  Allie confronts Johnny for blowing up her life.  She tries to reach him, but the Devil and Johnny have an inner conflict.  The Devil tries to convince her to leave and when she persists, he reveals himself as the Devil to Allie.   

Rafe isn’t convinced that Eli was shot by the drug dealer that was found overdosed at the scene of the crime.  He tries questioning Beth and then he lets Paulina know his theory which TR overhears.  TR asks to see Beth and Beth claims she hasn’t tattled on TR.  She realizes that TR wants to play Paulina so he can get with her and get her money.  She doesn’t think TR has money of his own to produce the movie.

Jake officially breaks up with Gabi and moves out.  He accuses Gabi of wanting him to be exactly like his brother and that he’s hurt that she still wears her wedding band as a necklace.  Gabi tries to convince him that she loves him for who he is, but he still walks out.  She pours her heart out to Sonny.  Jake runs into Ava and Nicole having a confrontation over Rafe and stops them.  Jake and Gabi talk about their broken-up relationships and moving out.  Jake mentions he’s back to living above the garage and offers for Ava to live with him and she accepts.   


(Article written by Adriana Grecco)



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Soap Opera News: Performers of the Week: GH’s Tabyana Ali & B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood!
Performers of the Week: GH’s Tabyana Ali & B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood!
Congrats to Tabyana Ali & Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who were selected as the performers of the week! Click here to learn more--->>
Soap Opera News
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