Y&R Recap August 31, 2023: Adam Declares War

Today (Recap) on The Young and the Restless: Adam declares war and more...

Nikki Adam Victor The Young and the Restless spoilers news recap August 31, 2023

The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, August 31, 2023:

Today on The Young and the RestlessVictor makes a game-changing decision at Newman Enterprises, while Adam prepares for revenge.

Y&R Recap Today

Sharon, Nick, and Adam arrive at the ranch, and Sharon asks Nick if he knows why Victor called all of them there. Nick said he doesn't know but is sure it has something to do with Newman Media. Sharon tells Nick she has been thinking since their talk and Adam jokes about her not wanting to share. Nick accuses him of trying to screw them over but Adam says it was business. 

Adam says that he made a play and it didn't work so on to the next. Sharon says there might not be a next. Nick adds that they may not stay a part of any of it and Adam says that some of them will be and it will probably be the ones who know how to run a media company which will narrow the field. Adam says that Victor is mad right now but will realize that he is the only one who can turn Newman Media into the powerhouse it should be.

Nick asks if he thinks that is why Victor called them there and Adam says that he does not. He thinks Victor wants to mark his territory and rally them as a team first. Nick warns him against trying to predict what Victor will do because he usually does what you least expect. Victor comes in and thanks them all for coming.

Y&R Recap Today

Victor asks them all to sit down and tells them that he gave them an opportunity to work together, and they made a mess of things, so he has to step in. He promises that he is going to make some drastic changes. Nick says it's not surprising after Adam's power play and they all start arguing until Victor cuts it off and says this is what he is talking about. All they do is bicker, not solve business problems. 

Victor tells them that he wants to hear each of their visions for how the company should look and doesn't want them to hold anything back. Nick asks if it will have any impact on what he plans to do and Victor says probably not before angrily telling them to begin.

Y&R Recap Today

Adam's vision has Victor naming him CEO with Sally as his COO. Nick asks Victor if Adam forced him into it and Victor tells him no one forces him into anything. Nick doesn't believe it. Victor tells him to accept it. Nick asks about Newman Enterprises and Victor tells him that Nate is out and Nicki is the new director of research and development. He goes on to say that Victoria will be COO and that he is taking back the reigns of the company he owns.

Nick says that Adam has done nothing but bring pain and deception and asks why Victor is doing this. Victor says that Adam is his son and he's earned it. Nick asks what that makes him and Victor says he is just not as capable. Victor tells Adam that he's proud of him and Adam thanks him. 

Sharon wants to know what this means for her and Nick and Adam says that he assumes they will report to him. Victor says that they will. Nick reminds them that he and Sharon are part of Newman Media as well but Adam doesn't think they will be happy there. Sharon wants to know if that means that they're out but Adam doesn't think he can do that contractually. Victor tells him that they can talk to their lawyers to find out.

Adam tells Sharon that she could open her own therapy practice to help kids or go back to Crimson Lights because working with people is what she is better at. Sharon tells him that he is showing his true colors. Adam says that she is with him or against him and he wishes she were with him. Sharon calls him self-serving and tells him that she was the one who brought him in on the deal. 

Adam tells her that she always sees Nick as the hero and him as the one to fix but he is just fine. Nick says he won't work for Adam and Adam tells him that no one expected him to. He tells Nick that without the Newman name, he would be struggling to pay his rent and it was fortunate that their father saw through his limitations. Nick calls him a smug, arrogant, son-of-a-bitch and Adam admits that he is all of those things. 

He tells Nick you get what you want by taking it and tells him that nice guys finish last. Nick punches him and Adam comes out of his vision to hear Victor ask if he's boring him. Adam tells him that he was just thinking about his answer to Victor's question. 

Y&R Recap Today

Victor moves on to Sharon and asks her for her vision. He says that the last time they spoke she was reticent. Sharon admits that she has concerns about moving forward with them. Victor asks why and she thinks it's obvious. She tells Victor that he has said it himself that the three of them do not work well together. She says that every time she thinks they are making progress forward, something happens to blow it all up. 

Adam asks if he is the something she is referring to and Victor tells him to let her speak. Sharon says he is the one she was referring to and says that she is the one who suggested they work together and he has done nothing but make her regret it ever since. He tries to tell her that it was just business but she says that she and Nick and people too so it wasn't just business. Sharon tells him that their history was always going to make things more complicated but he made it impossible. 

Sharon asks Victor if she can ask a question and he tells her that she can. She asks what they are really doing there and asks if he really cares what she thinks. He tells her that he does care and he needs new perspectives. Nick says that means he is asking them what they want so he can turn around and not let them have it. Victor says it means he is asking for their opinions on where they should go in the future.

Y&R Recap Today

Sharon envisions Adam standing up and saying that she and Nick are right and have been right the entire time. Adam says he has made a complete mess of everything and is very sorry. Nick asks if they are supposed to believe that after everything he did. Adam says he doesn't expect him to believe or accept his apology since he has done nothing to earn his trust or forgiveness. Adam says that all he can do is try to take accountability.

Adam tells Sharon that she's right, that she brought the idea to him and all he's done is try to sabotage her. He tells her that since he came to town she was one of the only people who saw the best of him and every time she let him in he betrayed her and punished her for her kindness and generosity and this time was no different. He says that he let anger cloud his judgment and made decisions out of fear and desperation. Adam says they all deserve better.

Sharon is impressed, She thanks him for saying all of that and acknowledging the truth. Adam admits that it hasn't been easy but he got there. He tells Nick that he was brought in to keep an eye on him and after all the mistakes he made he knows they thought he needed that. Adam tells Nick that no matter how many times he tried to make it work he spit on his good will and optimism. Adam says that he tried to grab power as though it was his right but it isn't and he finally sees that. 

Nick asks if the nice speech is supposed to make everything disappear and Adam says no but he has to start somewhere. Adam tells Victor that he kept trying and he kept letting him down. He says Victor never gave up on him when most people would. He says Victor tried to teach him and he fought him. Adam tells Victor that he tried to love him but he just pushed him away and for all of that, he is sorry. 

Adam tells them all that he is truly sorry and offers his brother his hand and asks if they can make it right. He asks if they can start over. He says that he wants to work with him and Sharon and thinks they can make something remarkable. Nick stands up and shakes his hand. Adam asks if they can try and Nick says "Let's do it." 

Y&R Recap Today

Sharon comes out of her vision and Victor tells her that her hesitancy doesn't inspire confidence. Sharon tells him that it shouldn't. Nick asks if she is ok and what's she thinking. Sharon looks at Adam and says that she wants out. Victor asks if she is going to renege on the contract. Sharon tells him that she doesn't trust Adam and she's not sure if she can trust him. 

She says she wants to take Kirsten and turn it around on her own. She thinks she can create something positive after all the pain Cameron caused and she is convinced she needs to do it on her own. She reminds Victor that he never really wanted it anyway and that his plan was to strip it down and just use it as a support platform for Newman Media. Victor tells her that it's business, not some charity, and that they are talking about the real world. Sharon says he means the Newman world. 

Victor agrees and she tells him that he made her point for her, that SNA would become a cog in the Newman family machine which is about success and wealth at all costs. Sharon says that's not what she signed up for. She thinks you can be compassionate and turn a profit at the same time and that's all been lost there. She asks him to please let her take Kirsten and go. She thinks Newman Media will be fine without it and without her. 

Victor says that Kirsten is staying with him and his company. Nick asks why and Victor says it has assets he can use. He offers to buy Sharon out but she says that's not what she wants. Nick tells Victor that he got the company for free and he won't let it go because he hates to lose. Adam says that buying Sharon out is the right move and says that Victor is right about Kirsten having things they can use. He says he knows what ones Victor is referring to. 

Nick accuses Adam of sucking up to Victor in the hopes he will make him CEO. Adam tells Nick that he is just giving Sharon practical advice because they all know Victor isn't going to just give her the company back. Victor tells Sharon that Adam is giving her good advice but she says she doesn't want to be bought out. Nick says that she shouldn't have to despite what Adam thinks. 

Adam thinks Nick just opposes all of his ideas because he has no faith in his judgment. Nick tells him that everything he touches turns into a disaster. Adam asks if he wants to compare notes. Nick says that at least he is man enough to admit when he makes mistakes. Adam tells him to admit that he doesn't care about the new company and that the only reason he is there is to protect Sharon. 

Nick says that Sharon doesn't need his protection and she agrees. She tells Victor that there is no way for the three of them to work together which is why she needs to get out with her company intact. Victor tells her that they have a contract and she tells him that she is not just going to roll over and let him decide what the company should be. Victor tells her that he has made his decision. 

Sharon says that the only good thing to come out of the nightmare she went through with Cameron was the chance to use his company to do something good but now it's become another Newman turf war. She says she wants nothing to do with that because this is too important to her. She says she will get an attorney and fight for what is hers. "You do you, as they say," Victor replies and Sharon tells him to count on it before leaving. 

Y&R Recap Today

After Sharon leaves, Nick asks Victor what is wrong with him. He reminds his father that Sharon protected his granddaughter with her own life and that is the only reason she even got the company and then Victor turns around and does this. Victor tells him that it's business. Nick tells him that it's always business with him. He says it's not about what's best for the company, it's just about what Victor wants. 

Victor says that if he had gotten what he wanted then the three of them would have gotten along and worked together harmoniously and productively but they're not. He tells Nick that it's business and asks him how he thinks the company should look. Adam tells him not to be shy and Nick tells him to shut up. Victor says that Sharon is gone which leaves Adam and Nick. He wants to know where Nick sees the future of the company going. 

In Nick's vision, Adam asks if Nick wants him out but Nick tells him that all he cares about is making sure Sharon gets what she deserves. Adam says he knew Nick was only there to protect Sharon. Nick wants to know what kind of people they are, that people feel like they need protection from them. He says that is what they should be looking at, not how much more money and power they can build. 

Victor says that Sharon's naivete has rubbed off on Nick. Nick replies that he just thinks giving his father his vision is a waste of time because he's already made up his mind. He says he doesn't feel the need to participate. Nick comes out of his vision and says that Sharon is right, SNA will be just another cog in the Newman machine which is focused only on wealth and success. He says it's no wonder Sharon wants out and he's starting to think he does too. 

Y&R Recap Today

Victor tells Nick that he always has one foot out the door. Nick tells him that he keeps clinging to the idea that he and Adam can work together. Victor agrees that he does and Nick tells him that they can't. He says it will never happen and that they will never be one happy family business because of the way things are. Adam tells him it sounds like he is doubting actual business and maybe he is better off in the non-profit world. Nick tells him that he is proud of what he did at New Hope and that Sharon's vision for Kirsten was very similar and a far cry from the vision Adam has for Newman Media. 

Nick tells Victor that the visions don't mesh and can't because they are too different. Victor asks if Nick thinks he should give Kirsten back to Sharon and Nick says he is damn right he does. Victor says it isn't going to happen and Adam says they aren't speaking the same language. Nick says that's on brand for them and says they should just get to it. He asks Victor what he wants and tells him to tell them his plan.

Adam agrees and tells Victor that he should tell them what his decision is. Victor tells them that he is waiting for the person whose opinion he values most and then Nikki walks in. Victor tells her about asking them for their visions for the company and then asks her for her opinion on the two brothers working together. Nikki doesn't think anyone will appreciate what he has to say but Nick tells her to go for it.

Nikki tells Nick and Adam that they have both caused their father a lot of pain. She tells Adam he is one of the most ungrateful people she has ever known. She says his sense of entitlement is staggering and that nothing is ever good enough for him. She says he wears the chip on his shoulder like a badge. She mocks him and tells him to grow the hell up. Nikki says she knows he has had heartache and hardships but so has everyone else but they don't use it as a constant excuse.

Nikki turns her attention to Nick and tells him that Victor is right, that he does have one foot out the door when it comes to their family. She tells him that if he doesn't like the way something is going then stop complaining and do something about it, try to make it work. She says that if he can't then walk away but don't leave everyone hanging waiting for him to make a decision. She tells him to be committed to something. 

Nikki tells Victor that she can't fault him for wanting to create the family that he's always wanted but this is the one he got and it's time for him to recognize that. She says that she doesn't know his plan for Newman Media but that if he puts Adam in charge she will be angrier than he has ever seen her. She says that he keeps giving Adam chances and he keeps disappointing him and it has to stop now. 

Victor tells her that he hears her loud and clear. She asks what he is thinking and Victor says that he does not intend to place Adam in a position of power. Adam says that the golden boy wins again and Nick shoots back but Victor stops them. He says he gave them both a chance to work together and they couldn't. He thought they could but he was wrong. 

Victor tells them that once the merger is complete, Nikki will be CEO of Newman Media. Nick thinks she will be great at it. Victor says that Audra will be her COO and Nick will return to Newman Enterprises as Co-COO. Adam is furious and Victor tells him that he brought it on himself. He says he gave him a chance to work with Nick and he let his sense of entitlement get in the way. He tells him to grow up. Adam applauds him for humiliating him with an audience. He congratulates him on his world-class cruelty. 

Victor tells him that was not his intention and Nick tells him to grow up like their father said. Adam tells Nick to back off. Victor tells Adam that all he asked of him was to show an ounce of humility but he is incapable of it. Adam asks if that is why he is leaving him with nothing. Victor tells him that he left him no choice and Adam says he will regret this. Victor warns him not to make idle threats with him and Adam promises that they are real before he leaves. 

After Adam leaves Nikki tells Victor that he could have run it by her first. She clarifies that she doesn't mean the part about Adam because she is fine with that. Victor thought she would be happy that he named her CEO of Newman Media. She tells him that she's flattered but she wasn't expecting it. Victor says that the company needs her and Nick agrees that it's the right thing to do. Nikki wonders what Victoria will have to say and Victor says that her position is secure, for now. 

Nikki doesn't like the sounds of that. She tells Victor that she doesn't want one family war to end and another to start. Victor asks if she is turning him down and Nikki says she needs to think about it. Victor asks Nick about his plans and he tells him that he needs to talk to Victoria before he makes a decision. His father asks if he can't just close his eyes and take a leap and Nick says he has done it before and it doesn't always serve him well. 

Nick thinks he made the right choice with Nikki and thinks it's a great opportunity that he hopes she takes. He says that Victor has made some questionable decisions about Adam until today but thinks this is a great one. After Nick leaves Victor asks if Nikki is upset with him and she says she is more conflicted. She wishes Katherine were still there so she could consult with her about it. Victor says he knows the advice she would give. Nikki tells him not to be so sure before kissing him and leaving the room.

Y&R Recap Today

Sharon is on the phone at Crimson Lights, leaving a voicemail for Michael asking for his help. Nick comes in and overhears her and asks if she is really going to take it to court. She tells him that she doesn't want to but will if she has to. She wants to be ready if he forces her hand. Nick tells her that he made the same case to Victor as well and she thanks him. He tells her that Victor is wrong to do this to her. He thinks he is trying to make a point but doesn't know what it is yet. Sharon asks what she missed after she left and Nick tells her that Victor kicked Adam out of Newman Media.

Y&R Recap Today

At the ranch, Victor stares sadly at a picture of Adam on the desk. Adam gets home and pours himself a drink, vowing that if his father wants a war he will give him one. Victor goes into his gym and looks at the heavy bag for a moment before taking his jacket off and saying, "No one defeats me". He furiously punches the bag and yells, "No one!

TomorrowBilly pushes Adam’s buttons and more on Y&R. Get the full spoilers for this week here. Watch The Young and the Restless on weekdays on CBS! 

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Soap Opera News: Y&R Recap August 31, 2023: Adam Declares War
Y&R Recap August 31, 2023: Adam Declares War
Today (Recap) on The Young and the Restless: Adam declares war and more...
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